Saturday, December 13, 2014

United Nations Troops Fire on Protestors in Haiti

Report from Revolutionary Frontlines :

Haiti has seen many anti-government protests in recent months calling for President Michael Martelly to step down, amid a growing anger over the high levels of government corruption. Elections have been delayed now for years.
People took to the streets again today. As the video above shows, the protest march approaching the Presidential Palace faced a barrage of gunfire and tear gas.  While major media outlets have the audacity to falsely claim that Haitian police and UN peacekeepers fired only into the air to disperse the protest while on the same page show a photo of the man seen below taking aim at head height. It is profoundly clear that shots to kill were taken.


President Michel Martelly said Friday night that he accepted all the findings of a report this week from a government-appointed commission, including its recommendation that the prime minister resign.

Martelly said during a brief televised speech that Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe was prepared to resign, but an actual date for that to happen was not given.

Democracy and Class Struggle Says United Nations Get out of Haiti - Martelly resign NOW ! -

Power to the People of Haiti down with Compradors and Imperialist Collaborators -

Remember the Haitian Revolution the most important revolution in the 19th Century which freed Haiti from Slavery, unlike the  so called US Revolution with a constitution written by 18th Century slave owners.

Free Haiti from US Imperialism and The United Nations interference and dominance - Haiti will rise again.


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