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HR McMaster Publically Corrects Trump : Military Civilian Conflict in US Administration over cost of THADD Deployment in South Korea

Democracy and Class Struggle says the THADD Deployment in South Korea is bringing tensions all around necessitating H R Master of the US National Security Council to publically correct Trump.

China is also very angry over THADD Deployment which Chinese Diplomats failed to stop angering the Chinese Military.

Civil Miliary Tensions all around

The May 9th Elections in South Korea may Elect a Peace President who would not agree with THADD Deployment.

Watch this space - THADD

Red, Revolutionary, Internationalist May Day! : 2017 Statement from Marxist Leninist Maoist Parties and Organisations

“The flag of the October Revolution is invincible!”- Mao Zedong

This year marks the Centenary of the October Revolution.

Imperialists, reactionaries, reformists, and all kinds of opportunists are making efforts to delete, obscure, denigrate and sully this event, as they did last year with the 50th anniversary of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

They do so because they know that the great message coming from these events for the proletarians and the masses is more and more present.

To get rid of imperialism, capitalism, war, exploitation of the proletariat and oppression of peoples we must make the proletarian revolution!

The working class must tear off the political power from the ruling classes, establish its power, its state─the dictatorship of the proletariat─and construct socialism; it must develop and continue the revolution in each country and in the world to get rid of all the chains of imperialism and march towards communism world-wide.

The imperialist system shows to be what Lenin analysed and described in his great work “Imperialism highest stage of capitalism”: a rotten and decadent system.

Imperialism and its governments, at all latitudes, continue crossing a deep economic and financial, political and social crisis, and unload their crisis on the proletarians and the masses internally, and on the oppressed people and nations internationally.

Imperialism is economic war, war of aggression and looting for a new division of the world.

Imperialism is reaction and fascism. Imperialism is the last stage of capitalism and shows every day more the need to overthrow it.

That is why the message of Lenin and the October Revolution is more alive than ever!

In the US, under the strongest imperialism, Trump’s victory reflects the crisis of Yankee imperialism and its attempt to get out of that accentuating the economic war, the military rule, the control on geopolitical strategic regions, redefining the alliances in the different theatres of war in the world.

Trump’s victory shows the barbarity of the so-called “American democracy”: a fascist billionaire in power, waging war against the poor masses internally and the oppressed peoples internationally.

Trump’s victory feeds, in all imperialist countries, the reaction, the police State, militarization, permanent emergency state and internal war against proletarians, women’s rights, against Afro American people, against immigrants with walls and expulsions, against Muslims and Arabs, against any progressive idea in schools, universities, mass medias, culture, art.

The new aggressive phase of US imperialism sharpens the inter-imperialist contradictions, with Russian imperialism, atomic superpower; with China, new social-imperialist power; and with the countries of imperialist Europe, currently under the German hegemony.

The global contest between the imperialist countries for the division of markets and the fight to control the energy resources originates and feeds wars of aggression and reactionary wars, sowing death, massacres and destruction all over the world.

It is the imperialist wars of aggression in every corner of the world that give rise to the great wave of immigration!

It is the barbarism of imperialist wars and the “homecoming” of these wars even in the heart of the imperialist citadels that blood the streets of the imperialist countries themselves!

In all the imperialist countries, the states and the governments of the masters of the world develop an internal war against the proletarians and the masses, who are driven by the crisis, oppression and repression to fight and to rebel more and more.

In the countries oppressed by imperialism, proletarians and oppressed people intensify the anti-imperialist and national liberation struggles; in particularly we need to support the Palestinian and Arab people struggle against Zionist state and imperialism, and the people’s wars.

From India to Philippines, from Turkey to Peru, the people’s war, guided by Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties, is the reference for the way to get free from imperialism, the reactionary regimes and to build states of New Democracy, marching towards socialism.

The People’s War in India, today celebrating the 50th Anniversary of “Naxalbari uprising” that has opened this way, fights against massacres, Green Hunt Operation, repression against Maoists, Adivasi people, democratic and revolutionary intellectuals and students, against workers, peasants, women struggles, against national minorities; it shows that nothing can stop the people’s war and the liberation struggle of the people as nothing can stop international support.

The October Revolution and the great Lenin showed that we cannot fight and win against imperialism and its states without fighting revisionism and opportunism.

The objective conditions are favourable for revolution, because it is the principal tendency in the world .All the forces of social-democracy, the ex “communist” parties became revisionists and reformists; they lose credit among the masses and proved to be useless tools to defend the living and working conditions of the masses, to oppose imperialism, war, fascism and the police state.

Beside the crisis of these forces, we are witnessing the rise of reactionary populist tendencies and fundamentalist reactionary movements that divide the masses to tie them to the car of this or that imperialism and, ultimately, to the most reactionary fractions of imperialism, bourgeoisie and the regimes serving them.

Proletarians and masses must firmly reject the illusions of the parliamentary and peaceful paths, aimed to disarm them, and boldly undertake the revolutionary path.People’s War is the most advanced form to accomplish the revolution; that is why we must support it in all countries where it already begun and prepare it in all other countries, applying it to the concrete conditions of each country.

It needs to build genuine communist parties that will be the vanguard of the working class and leading core of all the people.The Communist Parties, based on the revolutionary science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism are built into the fire of the class struggle in close connection with the masses, for the beginning and development of the people’s war, applied to reality.

The Communist Parties must build the United Front of the exploited masses, of all sections oppressed by imperialism and develop the necessary tactics, according to the form that the political and military domination takes.

In the imperialist countries, the Communist Parties must integrate in their ranks the new migrant proletarians,by playing a vanguard role in their fight against over-exploitation, slavery, racism.

The Communist Parties must gather and organize the rebellion of the youth and the struggle of women as a powerful force for the revolution.

They must fight their own imperialism as the main enemy of the proletariat and the oppressed peoples, taking side resolutely with the masses of the nations attacked.

Today in particularly we must fight against thei mperialist occupation of Afghanistan, the imperialist aggression on Syria and nuclear menaces against NorthKorea.

The imperialist war and the reactionary dictatorship of bourgeoisie bring the need for the communist parties to equip themselves for opposing to imperialist war with people’s war and build their fighting force as nucleus of the red army.

The people’s wars, beside the policies of genocide, also face the pitfalls of peace negotiations, which, far from allowing people’s wars to grow in strength and consolidation in the view of the strategic offensive, are aimed to divert, suffocate and split them, to lead them to surrender.

Internationalism is unity between the proletariat and the oppressed peoples in the world against the common enemy.

Internationalism is “working whole-heartedly for the development of the revolutionary movement and the revolutionary struggle in one’s own country, and supporting (by propaganda, sympathy, and material aid) this struggle, this, and only this, line, in every country without exception.” - Lenin

Internationalism is the construction of a new international organization, which, addressing the current problems of the Communists, will be able to move towards a general line of ICM and a new Communist International.

Long Live the 100th Anniversary of the Great October Revolution!

Death to Imperialism! On the way to protracted people’s war in all the world!

Long Live the Struggles of Proletarians and Oppressed Peoples in the World!

Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!

For a Red and Socialist Future,

Marching to Communism!


Collective of Iranian Maoists
Committee for Building the Maoist Communist Party, Galicia, Spanish State
Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan
Communist Movement of Serbia
Communist Nucleus Nepal
Communist Party of Brazil Red Fraction – CPB (RF)
Communist Party of India (Maoist)*
Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist)
Democracy and Class Struggle, British State
Klassenstandpunkt, Class Position, Editorial Sta-, Germany
Maoist Communist Movement Tunisia
Maoist Communist Party – France
Maoist Communist Party – Italy
Maoist Communist Party Manipur
Maoist Revolutionary League – Sri Lanka
Organisation de Travail Communiste – Tunisie
Parti des Khadéhines – Tunisie
Revolutionary Communist Party (Québec District)
Revolutionary Praxis – Great Britain
Union Obrera Comunista (MLM) – Colombia
Workers Voice – Malaysia

Last Journey of Comrade Narayan Sanyal - A Red Flame that Illuminated the struggle


No To Trumps' War Against People of Korea : May 25th - 5.0 to 6.30pm Protest Outside US Embassy in London

UK KFA will do all it can to increase our solidarity with Peoples Korea , we have a meeting planned and two pickets .

No to THAAD , independence and reunification for south Korea! May 25th  3.30pm to 4.30pm outside south Korean puppet embassy 60 Buckingham Gate , London

No to Trumps War against Peoples Korea! May 25th  5.00pm  to 6.30 pm outside US Embassy Grosvenor Square London

Organised by the UK Korean Friendship Association . email or uk or

The Capitalist Unconscious: From Korean Unification to Transnational Korea by Hyun Ok Park

Democracy and Class Struggle says looking at Labour Migration between North Korea and China and Korean Chinese migration to South Korea  as a Transnational Korean framework  is quite productive - some may even say provocative. 

We do not agree with all  the views of Hyun Ok Park but find her approach from migrant point of view an innovative thinking approach to Korean Reality.

Hyun Ok Park explains the sorts of narratives that have been generated in South Korea about North Korea and their contradictions and how South Korean activists who call themselves Leftists end up supporting "free market" ideology.

We are reminded of Trojan Horse Strategy of Kim Dae Jung :

Kim Dae Jung’s strategy is to help Pyongyang with aid and development, tap its cheap labor and build goodwill and infrastructure that are also in South Korea’s interest 

Everyone has to keep up the pretense that nothing will happen to the North Korean regime, that you can open up and keep your power and we’ll help you make deals with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank… But ultimately, we hope it does undermine them. It’s the Trojan horse

The unification of North and South Korea is widely considered an unresolved and volatile matter for the global order, but this book argues capital has already unified Korea in a transnational form.

As Hyun Ok Park demonstrates, rather than territorial integration and family union, the capitalist unconscious drives the current unification, imagining the capitalist integration of the Korean peninsula and the Korean diaspora as a new democratic moment.

Based on extensive archival and ethnographic research in South Korea and China,

The Capitalist Unconscious shows how the hegemonic democratic politics of the post-Cold War era—reparation, peace, and human rights—have consigned the rights of migrant laborers—protagonists of transnational Korea—to identity politics, constitutionalism, and cosmopolitanism. (not to Class Struggle )

Park reveals the riveting capitalist logic of these politics, which underpins legal and policy debates, social activism, and media spectacle.

While rethinking the historical trajectory of Cold War industrialism and its subsequent liberal path, this book also probes memories of such key events as the North Korean and Chinese revolutions, which are integral to migrants’ reckoning with capitalist allures and communal possibilities.

Casting capitalist democracy within an innovative framework of historical repetition, Park elucidates the form and content of the capitalist unconscious at different historical moments and dissolves the modern opposition among socialism, democracy, and dictatorship.

The Capitalist Unconscious astutely explores the neoliberal present’s past and introduces a compelling approach to the question of history and contemporaneity.


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Who’s Lying About that Aircraft Carrier? Peter Lee

Civil and Military Conflicts in USA and China - both getting annoyed with political masters

Most of Brazil Paralyzed as Unions Implement One Day General Strike

Korea is One - For Re- Unification of the Korean People - Smash US Imperialism

The Day of the Sun break of the Unification of Korea is not far ahead;

The Korean people must take their future into their own hands and OUT of the hands of US Imperialism.

Democracy and Class Struggle Says:

Out of the great tension and struggle of the moment - the ingenuity of the Korean People will arise and save their motherland - believe in the People


Trump's Hundred Days a Gift to Comedy in USA

France : Neither Le Pen, nor Macron ! Boycott the elections ! OCML VP : “fear won’t make danger go away”

Against Le Pen !

Le Pen likes to style herself as the people’s candidate, claiming to stand against closures and the labour reform ! Who in their right mind would swallow that ?

Le Pen frightens people everywhere. And while no committed activist would fall for her rants about representing the ‘people’, her heated national chauvinism, racism and homophobia spread fear, together with her entourage, the Manif pour Tous organisation opposed to same-sex marriage, which has called to vote for her, etc. Le Pen’s National Front is the basest and hardest wing of the reaction, whipping up the vilest and most reactionary elements of society.

But as the French saying goes : “fear won’t make danger go away”.

And we know full well that a simple vote won’t be enough to combat her. 

And it is worth reminding those with a short memory that voting for Chirac in the second round in 2002 (WE, the militants of VP-OCML did not vote for him !) did nothing to halt the advance of the National Front.

So, whether she’s elected or not, the fight against Le Pen, the National Front & Co. must go on : fighting racism in the workplace and in our neighbourhoods ; fighting fascism and all of the fascist groups ; fighting for equal rights and combatting sexism, racism and LBGTIphobias ; fighting national chauvinism and jingoism in favour of international solidarity and welcoming migrants.

Against Macron !

Macron is backed by everything the employers and the grande bourgeoisie push for though the State. He was the one behind all of the reforms carried out by Hollande and he has already announced his intentions for the future. A candidate who dares to say that he dislikes the word ‘drudgery’ because it gives work a bad name… Sad words indeed, and ones words the workers in the factories, hospitals, transport and public works sectors will not take kindly to !

The list of people who have pledged him their support speaks for itself, from Sarkozy and Pierre Gattaz, head of France’s largest employers’ organisation, to Valls, Hollande and Merkel : all of the people we have been fighting for decades, representatives of those who exploit us. And they have already promised the worst for the years to come !

Macron is young, dynamic and modern : the ideal representative of the bourgeoisie, the social class made up of employers, MPs, the police force and the criminal justice system and the media that condemn us to exploitation and repression in all aspects of our lives, both inside and outside the workplace.

They won’t trick is into voting for the lesser of two evils !

The media steam-roller has shifted into top gear to convince everyone to vote for Macron in order to “keep Le Pen at bay”. And all of us who call for a boycott, abstention or a blank ballot are gagged.
But we will not waver and we will make our voices heard because we know that neither of the two candidates even comes close to representing our interests.
They are both nothing less than candidates who uphold the same old ‘system’.

But unlike Mélenchon or the leadership of the General Confederation of Labour (CGT) who beat around the bush with empty mantras such as “keep Le Pen at bay” in order to avoid criticising those who vote for Macron, we do not mince our words, calling for a BOYCOTT of the second round, refusing to play the filthy game of tactical voting to make our votes ‘count’ (Count for whom and for what ?).

The abstention at the first round rate was considerably lower than expected with only a minority swayed by the call for a BOYCOTT which we supported along with others, thanks to the media onslaught which succeeded in making people initially in two minds about tactical voting feel guilty enough to make their vote ‘count’ in the end. Not much of a surprise there, and the result is there for all to see and for everyone to draw their own conclusions… But isn’t it about time we said no to dancing to their tune ?

We don’t want their rancid democracy !

Many of the people around us were surprised by Fillon’s score in the first round despite all of the skeletons that had fallen out of his cupboard. So much for their rancid democracy !

We witnessed an electoral campaign with littered with dirty tricks, with the farce of the primaries and betrayals, all served up with more or less loaded polls in an attempt to manipulate us.
And no sooner was the first round was over than we saw them start to tear each other to pieces, squabbling over seats in Parliament at the next general elections : in-fighting in the Socialist Party, and the Republicans, scuffles between the Communist Party and the Mélenchon, etc.

It’s time to break out from this system that they want to confine us in, telling us that if you don’t vote, you’re just standing by and letting it happen. But boycotting the elections doesn’t mean sitting around with your arms crossed : it’s the exact opposite of standing by and letting it happen ! We want to take full control over our own affairs and put an end to all of these self-styled political experts who claim to speak on our behalf.

Organise against exploitation and repression !

The militants of Proletarian Way boycotted the first round of the elections and we will do the same again come 7 May, and we call upon all committed militants to follow suit and reject the masquerade of bourgeois democracy.

We have put up with enough hardship, unemployment, job insecurity and drudgery for the sake of capitalist exploitation. We are tired of repression and violence in our neighbourhoods and during demonstrations.

It is a whole ‘system’ that we are fighting, the Capitalist system, where a bourgeois minority exploits and inflicts suffering on the working majority.

- We don’t want to put the system to rights with a new Republic and Capitalism with a human face. We want a different ‘system’, one built by us and for us.
- We want work for all, working less and differently instead of Capitalist exploitation !
- Housing is a right, healthcare is a right, education is a right !
- We want equal rights for nationals and migrants, with or without permits, straight and LGBTI people, men and women !
- We want freedom of movement and residence, international solidarity !
- We want an end to French imperialist attacks, the withdrawal of the troops and international solidarity with the peoples fighting for their rights !
- We want an end to repression and racism ! No more police violence ! No more racist crimes !

Today we need to come together and organise to build an organisation of our own to bring this system down and to build the revolution that we need. Today, the militants of Proletarian Way say to all of our comrades willing to listen that now, more than ever, the time has come to organise ! Join us !


India: Illuminate the Red Flame - Homage to Narayan Sanyal by Harsh Thakor


On 27th April a condolence meeting was held for late C.P.I.(Maoist) leader Narayan Sanyal or Bijoyda .Around 100 people attended the meeting form all walks of life which was heartening.I almost got the overtones that the bourgeois press boycotted this meeting as slandering Maoism is part of it's agenda.

However around 100 people participated from a great number of streams.

Attendants included Vinayak sen of Chattisgarh PUCL who was imprisoned being framed a maoist ,Vara vara Rao from Virasam ,Darshan Pal ,Vernon Gonzalves from Maharashtra ,Jha from New democracy group,Jubi Saha from Radicals students and youth group, Banerjee from Jamshedpur,kartik pal from C.P.I.(M.L.) Liberation,Subhashis from journal 'Aneek',Apurba afrom U.D.S.F.,Subroto Das of Setu Prakashani.,Anatha Archarya of Chetona Lahar group.

The meeting was chaired by Purnendu Mukherjee aided by Tilak Das Gupta and Gour Chakravarty who also spoke.Tilka Das gupta was formal associated with Sanyal in the Party Unity group from 1978-91 and thus his talk had great significance.Purnendu Mukherje is an ailing C.P.I(Maoist) leader released on bail and now convening joint revolutionary fronts playing the principal role.Gour chakravarty is a veteran maoist revolutinary.

At the beginning all the participants observed few minutes of silence paying homage and later everyone placed a garland over the phopto of comrade Sanyal raising fists with red salutes.

I was particularly touched by the speeches of Varavara Rao ,Darshan Pal and Vernon Gonzalves.Varavara Rao ,leaderr of Virasam and Revolutionary democratic front elaborated that throughout his life Narayan Sanyal stood up for the unity of the revolutionary party and displayed qualties of humility as well as affection.

He never hesitated to share his experiences Comrade Varavara recounted the history of the Virasma,which was founded in the era when the C.P.I.(M.L.) led by Charu Mazumdar disallowed forming of mass organizations and later the work of the Radical youth league and students Union in building agrarian revolutionary struggles to facilitate peoples war..

V.V.spoke about India being fascist just like countries were in the 1930's and how the maoist led adivasi mass organization had more strength than even any bourgeois mass organization incorporating over one lakh members.

Varavara Rao touched upon the aspect of Hindutva fascsim which is similar to nazi tyranny and how it is trampling movements all over like in Kashmir

He spoke about how thousands of maoist sympathiser were still languishing in prisons but still how Dandkaranya was a historic landmark.

In the dark hour of fascism a leader like Bijoy was like a light extinguishing the forces of darkness.V.V.also stated that Bijoy's work was a testimony of howt he unity of a the Maoist party of 3 factions was not unprincipled.Vernon Gonzalves,is a former revolutionary political prisoners who was framed as aterrorist and jailed for 4 years from 2007-11.Vernon spoke about how much he shared with Bijoyda ..

He gave an example of the time of the seminar on the nationality question where Sanyal's initiated had great significance.Vernon spoke about how transparent Bijoyda was inspite of having important differences at different junctures he would with great patience listen to the point of view of another comrade .He was also very meticulous in writing notes till his last days.

What was above all his greatest quality was that even after suffering from illness he persisted with his work like a boulder resisting a gale.Darshan Pal spoke about his impact on the movement in Punjab in terms of socioeconomic analysis and his great contribution in fostering the unity of C.P.I.(M.L.) in 1998 and C.P.I..Maoist) in 2004,inspite of having important differences..Darshan Pal also spoke about the progessive movements of the

All India Peoples Resistance Forum and how Narayan Sanyal influenced them.He praised Sanyal;'s support of nationality struggles.Darshan Pal also spoke about how Bijoyda till 1992 felt that the principal contradiction was between the comprador bureaucratic bourgeoisie and the masses and not feudalism.

At the conclusion I gave a brief speech on how comrade Bijoy da till his last breadth upheld the cutting edge of the party and protracted peoples war .I summed up  his role  in upholding the practice or contribution of the erstwhile C.P.I.(M.L.) Peoples War group and later  erstwhile Maoist Commuist Centre n the unity conferences of 1998 and 2004.which was the turning point in the history of Indian Communist Movement .

Historically it would be worthwhile to produce a polemic on the various 2 line struggles waged within the C.P.I.(M.L.) Party Unity in theory and practice ,particularly on practice of armed struggle and peasant mass organizations.Quite a few left PU after 1987 on difference pf question of principal contraction and practice of armed squad resistance.

As they spoke in Bengali I could not understand what Tilak Raj Gupta said but I was impressed that this ex-party Unity comrade emerged on the scene to pay a tribute.Till 1991 he was with the Party Unity but left because of differences.Still he upheld the great role of Bijoy and the work of the Maoist party.

The leader of Liberation paid Sanyal a complement and of New Democracy avoiding criticisms which was progressive for general unity.Inspite of important differences so many comrades coming together had great significance proving a revolutionary camp still exists to sow the seeds of a revolutionary uprising,

Friday, April 28, 2017

Trumps 100 days minus one : Washington’s actions and rhetoric are pushing the region to the “brink of war,” North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho wrote in a letter to ASEAN’s chief Le Luong Minh from Vietnam.

“[Trump’s] not someone who fills me with confidence,” Sawers told the BBC.

“He doesn’t have the background and the experience and the instincts of being an effective US president, but it is in our interests that we have a US administration that upholds the international system, that supports its allies and supports international norms,” he said.

The more serious figures in the US administration have been stepping in to make up for Trumps’ rashness and inexperience after the US missile strike on a Syrian airbase, said Sawers.

“We see the sensible grown-ups within the administration taking charge and the rather ideological figures around Trump himself being marginalized, and that’s to be welcomed,” he added.

The former intelligence chief said the Korean peninsula is by far the most serious potential flashpoint at the moment.

“If you are looking for a world crisis which could bring about the dangers of a clash between great powers then North Korea is a bigger concern than Syria,” he said.

John Sawers was Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) a position he held from November 2009 until November 2014

North Korea is seeking support from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to prevent a potential “nuclear holocaust,” as US President Donald Trump warns of the possibility of a “major conflict” in the Korean Peninsula if diplomacy fails.

Washington’s actions and rhetoric are pushing the region to the “brink of war,” North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho wrote in a letter to ASEAN’s chief Le Luong Minh from Vietnam.

“As you know, due to the annual war games in South Korea conducted by the United States and South Korea, the situation in the Korean Peninsula is out of control,” the letter, seen by AFP and dated April 23 reads.
“It is a fact clear to everyone that when they deploy the means of nuclear strike that can drive the Korean Peninsula into a nuclear holocaust in just seconds... the nature of such exercises can in no way be defensive

Democracy and Class Struggle says the War Rattle from Trump is escalating with his talk of major major conflict - if there is nobody in the White House that can control him disaster stares us in the face.

Any attack on North Korea by the United States will see the end of US relations with China and the US will be expelled from Asia Pacific - it will be the biggest home goal in US History and hasten it Geo-political demise.

Brazilian Workers Hold Biggest Strike for Decades


Molotov Club Moscow section statement about the terror attack on the car with OSCE monitoring mission personnel

Borotba Union sources in the Lugansk Peoples’ Republic (LPR) report:

In April 23, 2017, on the territory not controlled by forces of Lugansk Peoples’ Republic (LPR), the car with OSCE monitoring mission personnel was exploaded.

The OSCE personnel were in the process of check in the bordering area.

As the result of this terror attack, one OSCE personnel member, a UK citizen has died.

It was actually reported earlier by the LPR State security Ministry representatives, that from the beginning of April 2017, on the territory bordering the LPR, under control of Ukrainian troops, the 8th regiment of Ukrainian special forces is very active.

Also, as it is known from the open sources, the Ukrainian artillery have started severe shelling of the area there the OSCE car explosion has occurred straight after the explosion. That is another evidence that Ukrainian side does not want anyone to investigate in that area, especially the LPR investigators, to find the details about the terror act.

By the opinion of the Eastern Ukraine peace solution contact group member, Mr. Miroshnik, the OSCE car has been exploded by Ukrainian special forces “for the purose of raising on international level the question of entering some international armored mission troops to Donbass”.

That “international forces” will have the purpose of covering the assault of Ukrainian troops against the Peoples’ republics of Donbass.

Along with this, the LPR security states that by their information, in the city of Lugansk and in the area some of the sabotage groups from the 8th regiment of Ukrainian special forces thet have their task to destabilize the situation in the LPR and to provoke the armored forces of the Republic to the actions in responce only to secure their frontier.

That can be use by the authorities of Kiev to blame Lugansk in violation of the Minsk agreement.

Taking into consideration all the above mentioned, we expect the escalation of pressure onto Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples’ Republics (DPR and LPR) in the nearest time that may result in a full scale Ukrainian assault against them in the middle of May or beginning of June 2017.

This military actions of great scale will have purpose to withdraw as much as possible media attention from US led military coup in Philippines and, possibly, NATO military assaults against Iran.

Visit :

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Backstab - Turkey Bombing US backed Syrian Democratic Forces

The attack on the Kurdish YPG is at 1.25 minutes

France: Facing Macron and Le Pen, preparing for the fight! Parti Communiste Maoiste

The first round has passed and without great surprise, the second round is announced to be a duel between Macron - Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen already had her place in the second round announced for a very long time by the polls. Macron, for his part, fully benefited from the decomposition of the Socialist Party. 

Everyone was able to observe the immense joke of these left-handed primaries: after the election of Hamon during these primaries, many left the ship with Manuel Valls at their head, showing their esteem for the Voters of primaries and all the credibility and trust that can be given to this kind of individual.

This first round of the elections ended on the collapse of the Socialist Party, with an absolutely ridiculous score that only allows him to recover his campaign expenses. 

Similarly, the scandals provoked by Fillon torpedoed his campaign, without it being able to reverse the trend. All this left the field open to Macron.

What does Macron reserve for our class?

Neither Republicans nor PS in the second round so, and yet nothing has changed. 

If Macron is not in the PS, he is not a new or different politician as the bourgeois media like to present it.

His experience in the government of Holland as Minister of Economy tells us a great deal about the character and prospects of his government: an uninterrupted succession of antipopular and anti-worker attacks, as had been the right under Holland (Pact of responsibility, ANI, Macron law and to crown the whole Labor Law), but in addition uninhibited. For Macron, the El Khomri law is not enough, it requires a "El Khomri power 10 law"!

 In short, nothing very different from the social "blitzkrieg" that Fillon announced.

During the debates, meetings and interviews, Macron is careful not to clearly disclose the substance of his program.

He prefers the hollow formulas avoiding at all costs . He wants to be different, but only on appearance, advocating "political immaturity" and highlighting his youth. 

If we dig somewhat, we realize that he is preparing a real anti-social war, a kind of second round after the quinquennium Holland: saving 25 billion euros in the so-called "social sphere" € 25 billion on the State and € 10 billion on local governments. 

The famous ceiling on labor compensation that had been abolished from the Labor Act was put back on the table. And to continue, he also wants to sweeten the unemployment benefit after 2 refusal of offers, or for "research not intensive enough"!

On the other hand, it wants to strengthen France as a conquering imperialist power, increasing the defense budget by 2% of GDP in line with the will of Holland, and it also wants to impose compulsory military service of one month.

Far from the "out-of-system" candidate he claims to represent, politicians and politicians who surround Macron will be all that is classic. 

The supporters of Bayrou and Valls will be wisely rewarded, no doubt.

The inexorable rise of fascism under the capitalist system

If the probability that Marine Le Pen is elected in the second round is rather weak, the tendency to the rise of fascism will only intensify under the next government.

The FN has stabilized in the political life, it is able to impose the campaign themes, it is now presented as a party impossible to circumvent and found a stable electorate during the last elections.

Macron will only reinforce this tendency to the rise of fascism. 

As a representative of financial capital, he can only bring the burden of the crisis of capitalism on the backs of the workers. 

The National Front will reinforce its influence by putting forward a protectionist policy against a Macron "globalist", it will continue to seek to divide the working class.

The only dam that can be made to the rise of fascism is certainly not a bulletin for Macron.

The only anti-fascist barrier is the development of the Front, the organization of the broad masses in the working-class neighborhoods and the workplace, the work for unity among all workers against racism and sexism And all other oppressions on a clear strategic line of revolutionary struggle against the bourgeoisie and its state. 

It is also the strengthening of international solidarity with all oppressed workers and peoples in the world, especially the peoples oppressed by French imperialism.

Let's strengthen our Party and prepare for the fight!

We must continue to mobilize against these presidential elections. 

It is not in their ballot boxes but in the street that we can rebuild our solidarity, that we can oppose a real counter-power and anticipates

Parti Communiste Maoiste

Translation by DCS



Colombia; Two FARC-Members-Murdered-in-10-Days-Despite-New-Peace

The United States is Stirring Trouble on The Korean Peninsula

Venezuela To Leave Organisation of American States

From Only Two Pistols 85 Years Ago The Korean Peoples Army Today has Full Spectrum of Modern Weapons of War : 85th Anniversary of Korean People's Army


THADD Deployment Angers China and does not contribute to Peace on the Korean Peninsula

Democracy and Class Struggle says if history is a guide there will be tension between the failed Chinese wet/dry diplomats and the Chinese military over the THADD Deployment in South Korea.

President Xi Jingping as the Chairman of the Chinese Military Control Commission represents that contradiction between military and diplomacy - which he is increasingly finding difficult to bridge in the Trump Era.

The Chinese Military has long been a target of US Policy and creating conflict between Chinese Civil and Chinese Military - a US Strategic Aim - the US Describes it as a Civil / Military Gap.

Expect the Chinese Military to make its views more strongly in the Chinese State in view of the THADD provocation.

Beijing has long spoken out against THAAD over fears it will undermine its own deterrence capabilities.

A March editorial in the state-run Global Times newspaper said Washington should "pay the price" for the deployment of the system, which it said was "on China's front door."

However, the US insists the system is for purely defensive purposes, against any potential attacks from Pyongyang. US Admiral Harry Harris told Congress on Wednesday that it "poses no threat to China."

THAAD, which was moved onto a golf course in Seongji, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea, on Tuesday, is designed to intercept short, medium, and intermediate-range ballistic missiles during their terminal flight phase.

It is equipped with long-range radar which can look 2000 miles into China and Russia.

The Chinese Defense Ministry's statements come as the US continues to urge Beijing to put pressure on North Korea, as China is the country's main economic lifeline.

Referring to the increased tensions between Washington and Pyongyang on Thursday, China said it approves of a recent statement by the Trump administration which said the White House is still "open to negotiations" to achieve stability and "peaceful denuclearization" on the Korean Peninsula.

When asked about such statements, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Beijing had noted that many US officials had recently made similar remarks.

"We have noted these expressions, and have noted the message conveyed in these expressions hoping to resolve the Korean nuclear issue peacefully through dialogue and consultation," he said.

"We believe this message is positive and should be affirmed."

Earlier this week, China urged restraint from all sides of the conflict during a call with US President Donald Trump, whose administration continues to state that “all options are on the table” when it comes to North Korea.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Korean War : Plain Perfidy by Alan Winnington and Wilfred Burchett


Alan Winnington with his trademark pipe

Alan Winnington from 1950, he was one of only two Western journalists (the other was Australian) to observe Korean War from the North Korean side. Given that there were 300 correspondents from 19 nations in Korea, all one the Southern side, this put him in a singular important position. His factual reporting of the experimental use by the Americans of bacteriological warfare outraged that country’s leadership which then brought pressure on the UK to act against one of its own citizens.

In an atmosphere of outrage, he was accused by western media and politicians of assisting in what was claimed to be the new trick allegedly being carried out by the North Koreans of `brainwashing’ prisoners of war. Although, posterity seems to agree that the Korean version of what was already a highly developed and successful branch of the art of torture within the CIA, of leading a political discussion about the merits of Kim Il Sung, was more off-putting than influencing. This writer, in his youth, actually met a Scotsman – not a Communist - who had been a POW in Korea and had been subjected to attempts at what might at a stretch be called indoctrination but was not in the least resentful about the experience of what would be deemed re-education by the Vietnamese liberation struggle in similar circumstances.

It seems that Winnington’s crime was to, as part of his reporting duties, observe such a meeting of British servicemen in a North Korean POW camp, where a discussion about the nature and aims of the war had been led by a Korean political education officer. This was stretched to allegation that he had observed the beating of POWs and translated during their improper interrogation by the North Korean military. None of this appears to be remotely true and no retrospective evidence to back up the injustice perpetrated on Winnington has ever appeared.

Even so, he was called a traitor by newspapers and, in the security of parliament, politicians threatened him with prosecution if he were to enter Britain. Then, fearful that the Communist Party might call their bluff and recall Winnington so that he could challenge his accusers in open court, in 1954, at the end of the Korean War, when Winnington expected to be able to travel home, the British Government simply refused to renew his passport and supply a new one on the expiry of his outdated one.  

Thus, he was stranded abroad, unable to travel except within the socialist bloc, and lived in exile for the next 20 years. The decision to ban him from receiving a passport was not lifted until 1968.

He had in any case relocated to Berlin in 1960 and, even when his passport was restored in a different international climate, Winnington still spent his remaining years in the, perhaps, more congenial surroundings of the German Democratic Republic, or `East Germany’. Apart from his diplomatic and war journalism, he was a prolific writer; many of his books were translated into German. He produced nine novels, six of which were in the crime and detective genre, two children’s books and four factual books on travel and anthropology and  China, as well of course  political pamphlets and the like. His biography was finished by his widow and a colleague and published posthumously after he died on 26th November 1983 aged 73.

Some of Winnington’s published titles are: `I Saw the Truth in Korea’ (1950); `Slaves of the Cool Mountains’ (1950); `Catseyes’ (1967); `Berlin Halt’ (1970).


India : 300 Maoists for Social Justice Against the Unjust Indian State

Democracy and Class Struggle says the overwhelming military/police forces of the Indian State cannot defeat the Naxalite idea of social justice and it NEVER will.

The idea of Revolutionary Socialism cannot be uprooted from India - it produces new generations of revolutionaries daily who will succeed over time.

300 armed Naxalite Maoists rattled the Indian government armed security forces

"As the backup team advanced, he spotted the two women counting mangoes on a tree, after which they created a sound by beating two sticks that they carried. “This is a system of alerting Maoists about the presence of security forces by their informers”,..

Monday’s deadly Naxal attack in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma district that claimed the lives of 25 CRPF personnel has forced the Centre to review its anti-Naxal strategy, with home minister Rajnath Singh convening a high-level meeting of all Maoist-infested states on May 8.

Sources said the attack by around 300 Naxals has rattled the government and the meeting was likely to discuss a tactical shift in future anti-Naxal operations, with a focus on greater involvement by state police forces.

Expressing concern over the role of the local police in tackling Naxal activities, the home minister, who visited Chhattisgarh on Tuesday, said the government has taken the incident as a “challenge” and that “the sacrifice of the jawans (CRPF personnel) will not go in vain”. In Raipur, he said the Naxal strategy would be reviewed and, if required, it would be revisited. The minister has also directed senior officials, including acting CRPF chief Sudeep Lakhtakia and MHA security adviser K Vijay Kumar, to stay put in Chhattisgarh to monitor the situation and coordinate the targeted operations against the Naxals.

The sources claimed that in the Burkapal incident, there was “no intelligence or assistance from the local police” to the CRPF and no information was given to the force on the massive mobilisation of Naxal cadre in the region.

“We never received any cooperation from local villagers despite the fact that I treat them regularly and saved many lives”, said Manoj Kumar, a medical worker in the Burkapal CRPF camp, giving first-aid to injured jawans. Kumar recalled how a young woman in a red sari had surfaced near the camp in the morning just before jawans from the camp left for an operation to sanitise the nearby areas to pave way for resumption of construction of a road along with a bridge.

“I have been posted in the camp for the past four years. I know people in the nearby villages since I provide them medical treatment. I got curious about the mysterious woman since I have never seen her before. I enquired about her when two other women appeared at the camp later. But they misled me, saying she was a newlyed woman of the village. Later, I found from other villagers that the mysterious woman didn’t belong to the village.”

As the backup team advanced, he spotted the two women counting mangoes on a tree, after which they created a sound by beating two sticks that they carried. “This is a system of alerting Maoists about the presence of security forces by their informers”, he said.

A senior security official said: “One needs to look at the role of the local police as they are totally dependent on the CRPF without providing any support or backup to them. What states need to realise is that Central police forces are deployed from outside and have no knowledge or information about the local networks of informers or terrain which makes the task for them more difficult. This makes the role of the state police in providing local intelligence more important, which is not happening. In the Burkapal incident, the local police didn’t accompany the CRPF team.”

As many as 99 jawans of the CRPF’s 74th battalion had left the Burkapal camp around 6 am Monday to sanitise the construction site. The Naxal attack came at about 12.55 pm, when the jawans were preparing for lunch.

“The ambush site chosen was a very small area surrounded by dense forests from where Maoists launched the attack. The small open area did not give enough scope to the jawans to manoeuvre to undertake retaliation,” said IGP (Bastar Range) Vivekanand Sinha, who visited the ambush site for the second day Tuesday.

The ambush site had shoes and torn clothes of slain jawans scattered around, water bottles hit by bullets, unused arrow bombs, empty cartridges of automatic weapons and mortars. There were reports that Naxals had also mutilated the bodies of some of those killed, but officials were tightlipped about it.

Twenty weapons, including 16 AK-47s, five fitted with under-barrel grenade launchers (UBGL), three Insas rifles and LMGs were looted from the slain jawans. About 2,800 rounds of AK-47 ammo, 600 rounds of Insas and 20 grenades, besides bulletproof jackets, wireless sets, and binoculars were also taken away.

An initial probe by the security agencies has revealed that besides lack of intelligence, another reason for the high casualty of CRPF personnel was that Naxals used tribal villagers as human shields, which restricted retaliatory action by the security forces, besides the fact that the Naxals occupied vantage positions and cornered the CRPF personnel from three sides, thus blocking any possible escape routes.

The security agencies have identified the mastermind behind the Burkapal incident as Hidma, a top Naxal commander, who heads the 1st battalion of the Naxal People’s Libe-ration Guerrilla Army (PLGA). One of the most wanted Naxal commanders, Hidma is also reported to have been behind the attack on CRPF jawans last month, in which 12 of them were killed.

“What is surprising is that the local intelligence unit of the state police had no information about the presence of a top Naxal commander like Hidma in the region. More so as Naxals carry out most major operations against the security forces in the summer,” another official noted.

The home ministry has out the possibility of deploying the Army to tackle the Naxal menace, saying it was an internal security issue. This, incidentally, has been the Centre’s position even under the UPA government, even though Air Force helicopters were used for logistical aid like transporting injured personnel and airdropping food, medicines and other essential supplies for them.


US Imperialists Out of South Korea: South Korean People Take Their Future into their own Hands and oppose THADD Deployment

Democracy and Class Struggle says the US is planning major provocations around 9th May Elections to prevent the Election of a South Korean Peace President.

The People and the People alone are the motive force in  making World History - Chairman Mao Zedong

The People must take to the streets and close down the US bases in South Korea - it is a fight for survival of the Korean Nation whose blood Trump is prepared to sacrifice just for his vanity.

The Korean People can make history if they make one big effort and re-start the road to re-unification.

Full Spectrum Resistance in South Korea to US Imperialism NOW ! 



Tuesday, April 25, 2017

China: Xi Jinping urges calm over North Korea and parties should meet each other halfway

Democracy and Class Struggle says that Trump  is boxing himself into a corner on North Korea as he is no diplomat neither is Rex Tillerson - Xi Jingping clearly is trying to restrain Trump but with limited success - the  most dangerous time is still ahead.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Donald Trump on Monday discussed bilateral ties and the situation on the Korean Peninsula over the phone, promising close contact to allow for the prompt exchange of views on major issues of mutual concern.

China strongly opposes actions that violate United Nations Security Council resolutions, Xi said, adding that China hopes the parties concerned will exercise restraint and avoid actions that aggravate tensions on the peninsula, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

It was the second phone conversation between the presidents since Xi visited Trump in Florida on April 6.

Xi noted that if the parties shoulder their responsibilities and meet each other halfway, they can solve North Korea's nuclear issue and achieve denuclearization, according to Xinhua.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are mounting, with South Korean and US media reporting that North Korea is preparing its sixth nuclear test on Tuesday, the 85th anniversary of the founding of its military.

North Korea has reportedly evacuated citizens living near the Punggye-ri nuclear test site, where it conducted the fifth nuclear test in September 2016.

South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported Sunday that the UN Security Council will hold meetings on the North Korean nuclear issue on Friday, which may be North Korea's excuse for its latest provocation.

Normal life

Amid tensions, life in Chinese cities bordering North Korea has been going on as normal, though residents expressed concerns about what will happen next on the peninsula.

A resident of Yanji, Northeast China's Jilin Province, surnamed Guo told the Global Times that she is worried about reports of upcoming nuclear tests.

Yanji is the capital of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture and is located just 10 kilometers from the border of China and North Korea.

"We felt the earth shake during North Korea's last nuclear test, and it plans to soon test again? Seniors and children will panic," said Guo.

The Punggye-ri nuclear test site is roughly 100 kilometers from Chinese border cities, including Yanji and Tumen in Jilin Province, which experienced seismic activity during the fifth test.

A primary school in Yanji evacuated its students after the September 2016 test, news portal reported.

A resident of Dandong, Northeast China's Liaoning Province, which is also near the North Korean border, told the Global Times that he fears Mount Changbai volcano may erupt due to man-made earthquakes across border.

The mountain straddles the border between the countries.

The resident, surnamed Zhang, also said that if the situation deteriorates, there may be a flood of North Korean refugees to China.

Another Yanji resident told the Global Times that he's concerned about possible pollution risks brought by North Korean nuclear tests.

"They [the North Koreans] are now short of everything - from food to energy as well as technology. How will we find out if their nuclear test pollutes the air, soil and especially groundwater?" Zhang said.

Foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told a press conference after North Korea's fifth nuclear test that China's Environmental Protection Ministry will monitor radiation along the China-North Korea border to ensure the safety of Chinese citizens.

Li Guowei, 54, a resident in Yanji, told the Global Times that "this is not the first time we have heard this news and it won't be the last. Our lives have to go on."

Li said that despite the trouble North Korea has created, he has some sympathy for the North Korean people who want to protect their country, as "their hands are tied by reality."

"They have a strong backbone but this cannot help them develop the country's economy," said Li.

The Global Times reporter saw a group of North Koreans checking into a hotel in Yanji, and a hotel employee confirmed with the Global Times that there have been delegations from North Korea visiting the region regularly for business or to see relatives in China.

Yanbian has a large population of ethnic Koreans. About 70 percent of Jilin's 1 million ethnic Koreans live there. It is also a gathering place for South Korean students and businesses


The Korean War - The Monstrous War by Wilfred G Burchett - John Pilger Interviews Wilfred G. Burchett

Democracy and Class Struggle says the first 500 copies of this book were destroyed by United States Government when this book arrived at US Customs - Read it for True History of Korean War

John Pilger Interviews Wilfred Burchett below on his eyewitness report at Hiroshima following the Nuclear Attack.

Trump's First 100 Days by Trevor Noah

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, warns the Trump administration's current rhetoric on Iran reminds him of the prelude to the Iraq war – and could be setting the stage for a U.S. regime change effort in Tehran.

Monday, April 24, 2017

In the twenty-ninth edition of the Russian Newspapers Monitor, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses the articles from four Russian newspapers: Izvestia, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Pravda and Argumenty i Fakty. He discusses the U.S.-led coalition bombing of Deir-ez-Zor, Syria which allegedly released chemical poisons into the air, the U.S. under Trump positioning even more nuclear weapons in Europe, the NATO-CIA-MI6 Gladio C operations in Moldova and Belarus, and the Russian prospects in cyber warfare.

PCM Italy fully supports and supports the boycott of the elections that the PCM of France is carrying out in various forms, mainly in the lower-income neighborhoods.

PCM Italy fully supports and supports the boycott of the elections that the PCM of France is carrying out in various forms, mainly in the lower-income neighborhoods.

The elections in France take place in the context of the rise of modern fascism which sees as a sword Marine Le Pen, combining the traditional fascist line with a wave reactionary populist anti-immigration.

This campaign during these elections finds favorable ground in the crisis  of the corruption of the parliamentary parties

In the years of government of Holland and the "socialists",  power is discredited and is the easy target of the Le Penist demagogy.

The forces of the government and the opposition of the same kind are divided, even if they say essentially the same things.

The right of the government, after a confused internal battle, ended up naming - to the great disgrace of Sarkozy-Fillon as candidate representing the same interests, but who "stumbled" in the family clientelist policy.

On the left fell one after the other the candidates of Holland, and the emergence of  those not quite in line with Holland;

That represented by the young politician in ascension, Macron, strongly linked to the employers' organizations and determined to gain the voting sectors of the middle and petty bourgeoisie.

In Macron we owe the law on precariousness, which later became Labor Law, and is the nearest candidate to Renzi in Italy.

(Renzi is currently in decline after the defeat in the referendum, which wants Win both the Democratic Party conference and the upcoming elections with a Macron program, image and line, taking into account the importance that Macron is not the "French Renzi", as Renzi aspires to Perhaps the "Macron Italian", especially in the event Macron wins the election).

The official candidate of the Socialist Party is Hamon who won, with some surprise, the primaries, while trying to distance himself from Holland and the brutal fall of the Socialist Party.

Hamon, although he was also a statesman, tried to be approved and admired as a "young and modern" socialist, closer to a Vendola than a Bersani. But this characterization has become weak in the face of the strong interests defended by the Socialist Party and Holland itself, and these forces will eventually converge on Macron and not on Hamon.

For this, beyond the polls it is difficult to think of a solution other than a second round between Le Pen and Macron.

At the extreme left, beyond the traditional "national candidates" of the NPA and LO whose main interests are self-propaganda and the preservation of its members and sympathizers, and whose real line in the general struggle depends on the positioning by the ballot paper, there is the advance of the Left Front of Mélenchon, which, over the years has been transformed, with a parliamentary activity which has accepted to place itself in the general interest of the " French imperialism (see support for anti-terrorist laws), and with the unending crisis of the PCF, the ecologists and even the Socialist Party, met under the banner of the forces of a traditional left, reformist and revisionist, Marxist-Leninists of the PCOF;

A candidate that is increasingly progressing in order to reach and perhaps overtake in voice, the official candidate of the Socialist Party.

In this context, it is clear that there is no "lesser evil". In a state and an imperialist regime within a political system like the one under way, the French electoral system allows for a polarization even more radical than that in Italy, but with a presidential system that allows only alternate committees, Enterprise of the bourgeoisie.

The rise of modern fascism, in its explicit form of Le Pen, can not be combated on the electoral plane. 

To combat it in this form means not to regard as internal the tendency to modern fascism: the police state, the imperialist wars, the national economy, the war economy, and the candidates of the other two sides. Political, tactical and strategic error.

Consequently, the boycott is just and reasonable, not only to make known the strategic vision of the proletariat, the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communists, but also to expose all the forms embodying the tendency of the bourgeoisie and its state , And who can not adapt to the winner of the election.

On certain issues, such as immigration, salary, job protection, presidential candidates can involve the proletarian sectors of the ballot, even those in the struggle, but this can not change the need to assert that on this ground,

The struggle and not the vote is the way forward.

Who does not fight cannot lead to results

PCM of Italy

4th April 2017

Translation By DCS

Maoists have killed 24 policemen in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh, in one of the largest attacks by the rebels in recent years.

Democracy and Class Struggle says Naxalites Never Die they Just multiply

Maoists have killed 24 policemen in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh, in one of the largest attacks by the rebels in recent years.

The officers were guarding road workers in the Sukma district, which has seen a long-running insurgency by Maoists.

The details of the attack are sketchy, but one report said it was carried out by 300 rebels.
The Maoists say they are fighting for greater rights for tribal people and the rural poor.

Their insurgency began in the eastern state of West Bengal in the late 1960s, later spreading to more than one-third of India's 600-plus administrative districts.

The attack on the personnel of the paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) began at 13:00 local time on Monday and the clashes went on for a few hours, reports said.

It is not yet known if the Maoists suffered any casualties.

The Russian October Revolution 1917 its Impact on China by Jason Smith

Once Burnt Twice Shy ? Russia's Support for Fascist National Front

Democracy and Class Struggle says you have only to watch RT or read Sputnik to see evidence of Putin's Kremlin's media support for Marine Le Pen.

The RT  denials of support for Marine Le Pen are not plausible however many times they point to a Chris Hedges or Lee Camp their resident house Leftists to show they are unbiased.

It appears as we have said before that Russia has learnt nothing from the Trump catastrophe and might stupidly be attempting a re-run in France - Lavrov's speech to Russian Military in Moscow normalising Le Pen was more confirmation if that was needed.

We know there are many people in Russia against this policy - they need to speak out in the names of those millions of Russians that died fighting Fascism in Europe.

The message is clear in 2017 Putin is no Lenin and plays with both sides of the street extreme right and left. - he is a critic of Lenin and his accomplishments - see video below.

Before the Russian Central Bank withdrew its license to the First Czech Russian Bank it had lent the National Front 9 million euros in 2014. 

In the same year, party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen’s political fund Cotelec received another 2 million-euro loan from a Russian-backed fund based in Cyprus, news website Mediapart reported. 

Saint Just said Cotelec helped fund the party’s 2015 regional campaign.