11 December 1282

When the Day Turned To Night.

However, during the following century we witness the beginnings of popular revolt and outright rebellion as upon Stryveland 1282 - 1334, 1294 first National Anti - Colonial Revolt, 1315 - 16 Llywelyn Bren Revolt and also Revolts at Harlech 'St Valentines Day Massacre' 1345 as well as at Rhuddlun and Beaumaris. Where else, that was not recorded? but for sure Outlaw Resistance was on the rise with 'Adar y Greim' of the woodlands of Wales making life tough for English Traders and Borough settlers. All building up for the big one that is boiling up amongst as much a Colonial Underclass as is what is left of the native Welsh Aristocracy, Lords and Chiefs. The Lords might have sparked it on 16 Medi 1400 and with their retinues gathered their Raiding Party on Caerdrewyn on 18 Medi 1400 but at Ruthin the first 'English Town' to be attacked in the 'Great Raid', quick to join up and provide Glyndwr with the foundations of his largely peasant Army were Workers, Artisans and Y Clerwyr - 'Tafarn Balladeers; as Ieuan ap Bleddyn Workman of Ruthin, Gruffydd 'Pannor' of Colleigion a Fuller and another Fuller Maldwyn of Lyndyfrwdwy, Gwillym le Corvisor of Llanelidan a Shoe Maker, Ken 'Tudur Thill' Tailor and Morgan also a Tailor, Ieuan ap Judde a 'Flesshewer' also Llywelyn Cayo (Surely not Julian time travelling?) an Harper. I dare say, if more reserch was done we would see the names of more of these 'Common Folk', later many to become post War Y Gwerin Owain' Outlaw Rebel Resistance our Maquis or maybe we should call them 'Eithinwyr' (men of the Gorse, I thought that one up when on Gelliwastad above Abertawe and having to walk thru huge Gorse bushes. Not only would such hide Rebel Outlaws well but the thorns make enemy mounted soldiers get off their horses and thus easier to ambush and kill. Intend to stick that in a novel one day I keep promising myself to do).

NB: I have in mind raising funds for a Partisan Cymru Plaque at Ardd Arwyr Glyndwr, Cefn Caer naming these early 'People of the Pitchfork', see previous post as well. Anyone interested in contributing to such do get in touch.

NOW TO CILMERI 2011, 2012 and hence?

As one of the founders of Rali Cilmeri in the 'Sixties' and then in the 'Seventies' to the 'Eighties' with Cofiwn regualrly attending, since I have only attended occasionally for a particulur purpose. As to protest against the treachery of Plaid Cymru Dr John H. Davies and Labour Party Ray Davies using the Western Mail to attack Nationalists they considered 'Extremists' (interesting Dr John is repeating such again in a letter to Western Mail of late). Ironically, I had supported these two in their criticism of Radical Nationalist of unknown quantity taking over Rali Cilmeri but for the back stabbing via the Western Mail, as it turned out following this Brad Raly Cilmeri 2004, elements of that 'Unknown Quantity' in main Balchder Cymru made it's peace with the aforementioned Davies 1 & 2 and have been happy to cooperate in joint continuation of the Cilmeri Commemoration that is up to the recent WM attention concerning Jill Evans PC MEP 'Bizzare Babtism''. The reason for peace breaking out between what appeared to diversely opposing Nationalist elements was largely due to Band Cambria, a BC Initiative that proved a good addition to the annual Rali Cilmeri Commemoration and useful to Dr John as much as it was to the early days of Cambria Band.

Further 'Nationalist Unity' was achieved by an interest in Rali Cilmeri Commemoration being seen as useful to Cambria Magazine Editor Henry Jones Davies whom with fellow 'Knight of St David' Sculptor David Petersen taking an interest in the event. The latter as now taken to leading the Tafarn Cilmeri to Cenotaph march as he regularly does at the Dydd Dewi Parade in Cardiff annually. Henry Jones Davies, now as a member of 'Y Gorsedd' (that was quick?) and once prospective Plaid Cymru Candidate, not so sure if now as a Right Wing Nationalist if he as much supports 'Leanne Left' Plaid 'green' Cymru. Now a 'respectable rightist', I doubt if he would like to be reminded or the video being seen of Rali Cilmeri - The Cyfamodwyr Years which has been circulating in the Patriotic Fringe for some years. Showing he at Tafarn Llywelyn, translating a speech being made by former FWA Commandant Denis Coslet in 'Uniform' whilst an FWA 'Nostalgist' pulls on a Black hood. A wonderful piece of Patriotic Fringe 'Amatuer Nationalist Dramatics', nothing wrong with that as I have done it myself from time to time. Dressing up in FWA Uniform to visit the NLW and Margam Military Re-enactment fetival as well doing satirical foto feature for my Pwca Power blog: