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May Day Means Solidarity Day - Freedom for Kjell Gunnar Larsen - Son of Norwegian Working Class

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2014 - Another May Day Comes -- Statement of Maoist Parties and Organisations and Groups

Another May Day Comes …

Another May Day comes, in a world where the misery and deprivation suffered by billions of people is immensely aggravated by the prolonging crisis of the imperialist system. 

Millions have been thrown out of jobs. Social security is cut down. Growing price rise further depresses living standards. Medical treatment and higher education become atrociously expensive. 

Meanwhile the perpetrators of this merciless system workout even more vicious anti-people measures, all the while obnoxiously flaunting their swelling wealth and boasting of billionaire lists.

Another May Day, where immigrant workers are forced to labour as slaves, where the trafficking of women and children continue to increase in staggering proportions, where women continue to suffer the brutality of rape and murder no matter whether its ‘backward’ Afghanistan or ‘advanced’ USA, where minorities are isolated and suppressed, where the youth are hounded and persecuted, where the demand for something as minimal as fair wages and living conditions is cut down with bullets and imprisonment.

Another May Day, in the midst of environmental devastations caused by the blind pursuit of profit, in the midst of the rapidly widening chasm of inequality within each society and between imperialist and oppressed countries.

Oppression and exploitation generates resistance. And this resistance grows. This world is witness to the growing wave of class struggles and popular rebellions in country after country. 

This is a world of turmoil. A wide range of forces are being propelled into struggle against the system. The grooming of the streets is no doubt insufficient for a radical break, for the building of a new society. 

But it opens up tremendous opportunities for connecting with a whole new generation and winning them over to the revolutionary mission of communism. It paves the way to revolution. This is principal. It must be firmly grasped.

Just a decade or so ago, the existence of the proletariat itself was questioned. Class struggle was declared redundant and considered to be replaced by movements of ‘multitudes’. 

Today the world is marked by repeated occasions of militant workers struggles, not just in countries like India or China, but even more so in the citadels of imperialism. 

There is every reason for this. For all the tall talk of the technical wonders of the 21st century, whether in the killing fields of the garment industry in Bangladesh, the slave labour camps of Qatar, the labour barracks in China, or the sweat-shops of imperialist countries, the conditions in which the vast majority of proletarians labour are as atrocious as those of the 18th century. 

Meanwhile, explicitly oppressive methods of control and ever increasing workloads in the modern centres of wage slavery increasingly suffocate the proletarians.

At a different dimension, the ravages of globalisation have deeply marked the oppressed countries. Privatisation and liberalisation have wiped whole sectors of employment and small business. Working conditions, already bad, have become unbearable. 

This was aggravated by the global crisis. In inverse proportion to the worsening of living conditions of the vast majority, corruption and profit taking by the rulers have reached astronomic peaks. While the miseries of the people multiply, the rulers obstinately pursue grandiose projects eying the fat cuts they will get.

All of this underlies the repeated outbursts of rebellion seen in the world. Business cannot go on as usual. In a certain sense this is true of the imperialists and their lackeys too. Their growing contention amply indicates this.

Another May Day comes, in a world crying out for revolution, for communism; a day for the class conscious proletariat and their vanguard, the Maoists, to take stock of the world transforming mission of the proletariat and the great traditions of proletarian internationalism.

Today there is no socialist country. 

Not even a government that can be broadly qualified as progressive, pro people. 

There is much, much, to be done. But there are also factors that give strength and confidence in pursuing the world emancipatory mission of the proletariat - the clarity of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the deepening of the struggle against revisionism of all hues including those of the Prachanda-Bhattarai clique and Avakianism, the wave of struggles seen all over the world, the people’s wars in India and the Philippines and its reorganisation or preparation in some other countries, the strengthening of internationalist ties and activities among Maoist parties and organisations.

Building on these strengths, the Maoists must creatively develop forms of organisation suitable for orienting the rebellious energy of the streets towards revolution, with the building and strengthening of Maoist parties at its center. 

They must take up the task of building an international organisation of Maoist parties and organisations. This must be the core of an organised international anti-imperialist front of the proletarians and oppressed peoples. 

Thus the Maoists will be able to establish and develop Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, realise a new unity of the international communist movement, place it at the van of worldwide people’s struggles and fully unleash and realize the revolutionary potential of the present world.

Imperialism has no future! 

The future belongs to communism!

Proletarians and oppressed people of all countries, unite!

Down with imperialism and all its watchdogs!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live world proletarian revolution!



Committee for Building a Maoist Communist Party, Galicia -Spanish state

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan;

Communist Party of India (M-L) Naxalbari;

Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Democracy and Class Struggle - British State

Great Unrest WSRP - Wales British State

Long March Towards Communism (Spain);

Maoist Communist Group - USA

Maoist Communist Mouvement Tunisia

Maoist Communist Party France;

Maoist Communist Party Italy;

Maoist Communist Party - Turkey North Kurdistan

Maoist Revolutionary League - Sry Lanka

Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada);

Revolutionary Praxis - United Kingdom

Serve the People - Communist League of Norway

Servir Le Peuple - Sheisau Sorelh - Occitany - French


Workers Voice - Malaysia

Syria: Evidence of Rebel Chemical Attack on Syrian Soldiers

WARNING GRAPHIC FOOTAGE 18+ : Not meant for shock but documentation of war crimes.

Video shows circumstantial evidence that Al Qaeda have access to chemical weapons, and have used it against Syrian soldiers

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The Asia Pacific Perspective - James Corbett and Broc West - North Korean Debt to Russia wiped out has pipeline to South Korea agreed

Eastern Ukraine dissatisfied not only with the policy of Kiev, but also with their own oligarchs by Alex Verhoyantsev

Protest against the self-proclaimed Kiev government begins to take on a social meaning. On the streets of Lugansk miners came April 23, protesting against the dismissal of 30 of their colleagues who participated in rallies in Lugansk. This site reports "Russian Spring"

However, miners make demands for higher wages. Striking during the day while buses blocked roads.

On the square in front of the union "Krasnodonugol" attracted about 2,000 people, who demanded to speak to management. 

Protesters occupied the administrative building of the enterprise.

Experts have long warned that the political crisis in Ukraine will soon be added social crisis. 

Such an explosive mixture of protest can lead to unpredictable consequences.

- Judging by the information that I have, the social aspect of the protest in the Donbass is  being amplified - says doctor of historical sciences, professor, head of the Center for Political Studies Institute of Economics, Head of Department of International Relations of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Federation Boris Shmelev

- For the majority of residents in the South East of citizens of Ukraine, the term "federalization" is not very clear.

For the ordinary miner all these subtleties relationships of regions and of the centre of little interest.

Under the requirement of federalization in the Southeast originally meant the emergence of a special relationship with Russia.

Now we see that the residents of Donbass push social demands. And they will increase has Kiev will be forced to take tough measures necessary to fulfill the requirements of the IMF and get away from it long-term loans. 

We remember what the mass protest turned such procedures in Greece. 

I think that Ukraine is no exception - she has nowhere to go.

Dissatisfaction with people falling living standards will generally rock the situation in Ukraine. 

"SP": - Can she finally get out of control not only Kiev and Moscow? 

Can we assume that those who are now in favor of creating people's republics in the South-East, refuse to recognize the power of the oligarchs and, for example, announced the nationalization of mines and large enterprises?

We now see that in the East of Ukraine formed a new government. Those bodies that were formed with the participation of Kiev, lose their positions of power and they were all considered to be less than the population.

In some cities there is a real dual power in the Donbass. 

But almost everywhere the power gradually passes into the hands of self-proclaimed mayors and "people's governor." 

Dual power also has an impact on the socio-political situation in the region. 

I think to the extent that will grow as social protest and government functions will increasingly move to a self-proclaimed authorities in these regions some political activists will nominate its program of social transformation.

Dissatisfaction with the oligarchs in the Donbas and Lugansk is large. 

They attributed many ills that piled on ordinary workers to the Oligarchs. 

Social resentment increases and this leads to a confrontation between the public and the owners of factories and mines.

As one of the possible solutions to social problems in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions can be seriously considered and the nationalization of large enterprises, the establishment of workers' control over the process of distribution of profits, etc. 

We are now witnessing the collapse not only of the growing Ukrainian statehood and acute regional differences in Ukraine. 

We see the collapse of the liberal-oligarchic model of socio-economic development, in which Ukraine has evolved in recent years. 

However, the processes are still ambiguous.  Union of Mineworkers does not support claims for the federalization of Ukraine. 

While union leaders explain their position that the confrontation with Kiev could lead to the closure of mines and the cessation of subsidies.

Unity among miners still unavailable. 

- The social component of the protests will grow not only in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, but also in Ukraine, - says Dean of the Faculty "Sociology and Political Science" Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Alexander Shatila 

. - Even today, the country's rising prices. Gasoline, for example, translated into Dollars worth about 50 cents per liter. 

Reduced social benefits , working defense industry actaully stopped , which was focused on Russia. 

But there were tens of thousands of people involved. All this reinforces the current dissatisfaction with power not only in the East of Ukraine, but also in its central regions. 

In this mode Turchinova-Yatsenuk made ​​the mistake of equating all opposition to themselves to the intrigues and machinations of Russian separatists

Thus, they seem to put on the other side of all those who are unhappy with what is happening in the country. 

As for the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, then there are signs that the mining masses begin to wake up. They certainly do not like first lowering the standard of living.

But if the miners decide what supporters federalization of Ukraine can help bring the country out of the crisis, and to join them, we can say with confidence that Kiev will not be able to take the situation in Lugansk and Donbass areas under its control.

"SP": - Southeast Ukraine war not only against Kiev but Ukrainian oligarchs?

- It is. 

By the way, dissatisfaction with oligarchs increases the number of those who are oriented toward Russia in Ukraine. 

Assuming that Russia reintegrate Donetsk, Luhansk, Odessa and some other South-East region of Ukraine, there is the Russian leadership who will "resolve a" situation with Ukrainian oligarchs. 

As it happens in the Crimea. Some of the Ukrainian oligarchs suffered there, someone got permission to continue operations. 

Meanwhile, the population of south-eastern Ukraine formed Putin's image as a fighter against the oligarchs. 

This, of course, greatly exaggerated idea, but in popular mythology that image stuck. 

Putin seems like a man who crushed the oligarchs in Russia. 

And now, people think it would be good to do it on the Ukraine.

This factor also affects the situation in the South-East. Russia and is perceived here as a country that can help to "deal" with Ukrainian oligarchs. The latter, incidentally, in the current Kiev authorities have only strengthened their positions.

- There is no doubt that dissatisfaction with the new Kiev authorities becoming more social in nature - agrees KPRF Duma deputy director of the Center for Political Culture of Russia Sergey Vasiltsov . - 

It is clear that the demands for higher wages are unlikely to be satisfied in the situation that takes place in Ukraine.

Life in general and Ukrainian miners life was hard , and now this old disease worsened. 

The relationship between ordinary workers and large owners are always on the brink of conflict. Now discontent is growing.

"SP": - This can lead to dissatisfaction with the fact that the territory of the South-East of Ukraine will be, shall we say, "a state without oligarchs"?

- It is difficult to consolidate a variety of workers' grievances mines and enterprises in a state project with global political objectives. 

In order to decide "to overthrow the oligarchs" and nationalize companies we need a very large social experience, a significant period of development of consciousness of the masses. 

In the short time in a month or two people will mature to such requirements. In addition, if we talk specifically about the miners, they are pretty vulnerable. 

And not only in Ukraine, but also worldwide. 

Coal - it is not so necessary in modern fuel industry. Without it, in principle, be can be dispensed with. 

Therefore miners find hard to dictate their terms.

Furthermore, if we assume that the South-East of Ukraine there are some anti-oligarchic states equally independent from Moscow and Kiev, it is unlikely to be viable. 

In today's world can exist only large state or state associations. 

A few years after the Soviet Union collapsed, it became clear that all post-Soviet states should choose this or that foreign policy orientation. Most of them were forced to become a satellite of a state political education.

In my opinion, the South-East of Ukraine, which I like to call the historic name Novorossia, there is only one way to overcome the crisis - to join the Russia. We all know that this is not paradise - we have enough problems, but also to solve them 
 together will be easier.


Any errors in translation of this article are with Democrcay and Class Struggle and not with the author



29 APRIL, 2014

CRPP condemns strongly the insidious efforts of the Kerala Police as part of their continuing terror in Kerala. All this is happening in the name of the so-called ‘war against terror’ as well as the much hyped ‘single largest internal security threat’—the Maoist movement. That the Kerala police have been issuing the look-out notice of certain alleged Maoists is news in the print and electronic media for quite some time. But this time the intention of the police—to criminalise all leaders, activists who have been openly working among the people for years—is very clear as is evident from the lookout notice they have issued.

A Lookout Notice placed by the Kerala Police in Mananthawadi Police Station limits in Wayanad district has the names of well-known social and human rights activists of Kerala. 

The Lookout notice, ostensibly containing names and pictures of alleged Maoists, also carry the names and pictures of Adv. PA Pouran, state general secretary of Peoples Union for Civil Liberties (and also the President of the Kerala Chapter, CRPP), N Subramanian, social activist with more than three decades of public presence, Adv. Thushar Nirmal Saradhy, President of the Jankeeya Manushyvakasa Prasthanam (also secretary of the Kerala Chapter CRPP), MN Ravunni, general convener of Porattam (also one of the Vice Presidents, CRPP Central Chapter), CRPP member Nikhil, CHRD member KK Rajeesh, RDF President Sugathan, Secretary Ajayan, Joint Secretary Devarajan (all of them with years of public life), C. Ajithan, a trade union activist in public life for more than two decades,  activist Karthikeyan, NCHRO member Vilayodi Sivankuti, Jaison Cooper, a social activist and Adv. Manuel, another activist with over two decades of public life. 

Around 40 people with their names and photographs have been shown in the Lookout Notice.

Such outrageous acts from the side of the police and the intelligence agencies have become a pattern, specifically designed to create in the public memory and self, a sense of acceptance of such perceptions or representation of people/activists and their activities as something to be viewed with suspicion, bordering on that what is accepted or received as ‘crime’. 

This is nothing but to isolate such people/activists from public life, so that any of denial of their fundamental rights by the State is coerced into consent from the public, as a necessary step in consonance with the general maintenance of ‘law and order’; for the safeguard of the so called ‘national interest’. I

n the prevailing political atmosphere of deepening fissures within the economy of the subcontinent in the form of increasing unemployment, retrenchment, cut in pay packets, general slump in real industrial production, the only way for the political class in the corridors of power is to latch on to the hyperbole of jingoism, hate and xenophobia which is very much the flavour and rallying point for all political parties contesting the present elections to the Indian parliament.

In such situations those who strive to talk for or on behalf of the people, those who strive to rear the sapling of freedom, those who dare to raise public questions against denial of freedoms, discrimination and oppression become the prime targets of a belligerent State out to penalise every form of dissent against its anti-people policies. The last two decades since 1991 has seen increasing instances of brutalisation and criminalisation of every form of dissent of the people.     

To publicise the names and pictures of persons, leading a public life with commitment to the people, participating in democratic struggles taking place in different parts of the state as well as outside, tagged along with the alleged Maoists who are supposedly operating in the forest terrain of the state shows beyond doubt the intentions of the police and the intelligence agencies to prepare further ground for their unhindered long history of impunity that has characterised the scenario of growing instances of gross violations of the rights of the masses of the people. 

The persons named above are not only staying in their usual places of dwelling and freely moving around having participated in numerous struggles such as marches, protest meetings etc. It is important for such a penal- state machinery to vilify and criminalise the defenders of human freedoms. 

This also shows that the State in its over drive to push the pro-market policies of loot and plunder of people’s resources and wealth in service of the international and local money bags have scant regards for the lives and livelihoods of the people. The State do not want to be accountable at any level and it fears that the gross violations of freedoms and the attendant miseries of the people if brought to the attention of the people of the subcontinent let alone the world can adversely impact on its plans to aggressively push the pro-market policies brushing aside all forms of dissent.

The Kerala police have however denied (TOI, TVM edition, 27 April, 2014) having issued any Lookout Notice on these activists and has downplayed it as just a dossier prepared for the police men “to make them aware of the threat”. Such an admission from the police further reinforces the serious concerns that we have noted above and is a clear cut admission of their criminal intention for the future. We at the CRPP demand that the Chief Minister, Home Minister and Director General of Police order a judicial probe into the incident and bring to book the officers responsible for vilifying and hence criminalising those standing for people’s causes by showing them in a wanted list of police. We call upon all democratic forces to rally against such insidious designs of the Kerala police and intelligence agencies. We also urge the State Human Rights Commission to order a probe without delay into such gross violation of human rights and growing impunity of the police.

In Solidarity,

SAR Geelani

Amit Bhattacharyya
Secretary General

Rona Wilson
Secretary, Public Relations

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ukraine : Anti-Kiev protesters take control of govt buildings in Lugansk Region

The police guards from the building have gathered in the courtyard. They are standing holding their shields, while protesters, who are also present there, cheer them for not confronting the activists with violence.
Protesters rallied towards the regional administration building when none of the officials responded to their ultimatum to local government issued on Sunday. The people are demanding amnesty for all political prisoners, the holding of a referendum and making Russian also an official language.

"We waited till 14:00 local time, the time we expected the reply by. No answer was received. Kiev has completely ignored our demands,” Oleg Dereko told RIA Novosti.

Aleksey Uskoryakin, another protest leader, said the take-over was not planned. The protesters wanted to hold a rally and send a delegation to talk to regional MPs, but they were absent in the building. Emotions got the better of the situation, resulting in seizure of the building, in which several windows were broken.

Norway: Serve the People interviewed the recently released partner of Kjell Gunnar Larsen.

Serve the People interviewed the recently released partner Kjell Gunnar Larsen.

We call her Helga since the name has not been made ​​public in the case so far . Helga has been active in anti-racist activity for thirty years, mainly in SOS Racism .

She was arrested along with Kjell Gunnar Larsen on April 28 and is now charged with " money laundering ".

Hey comrade, first of all we will say that many comrades have thought of you and Kjell Gunnar since we got the news of his arrest. How are you?

I am fine - I thank you for all the support statements .

Can you tell us what happened yesterday, how the police came and what awaited you in the apartment when you were released late at night ?

They arrived just after 09.00 . They were no less than 8 police.

First came the three plainclothes up the apartment - and we learned that we both be arrested - and that the apartment would be searched .

I was first down before a police car - and waited outside five men in uniform.

We were driven to jail - department and searched thoroughly - and assigned a cell. Was at this time are not made ​​aware of what I was charged .

The arrest was straightforward - and in a short time I got blankets , reading material and food.After a few hours I was taken for interrogation , made ​​aware of the charges and I even asked about what they had seized in the home .

Got to know that all PCs , phones and cash were taken .

Much of the hearing was plain sailing ; was asked if I could tell about my activities in SOS Racism . Was asked about recruiting , training and especially about lots that had to do with economics .

And I was asked what connection I had to Serve the People . This question I had no comment on .

Around 20.30 I was released . Knew that I had to expect me some chaos when I got home.

Let's put it like that raid is raid - and that police do not get paid to clean up after themselves.

That being prosecuted for money laundering - was quite surprising. But I think the main reason I was taken - was to put pressure on Kjell Gunnar.

Kjell Gunnar sits still imprisoned and we hope he will be released soon. What can people do to support him now?

All supporting statements will certainly help him too. The best we can do is to " rap on " . Making sure that there are a hell of a good May 1st around the country. And when this day is over - work  steadily with all our other stuff .

Not the least ; mobilize like hell to summer camp.

I have no doubt that it's been great prestige in this matter.

SOS Racism and Serve the People have for many years been a growing thorn in the bourgeoisie side.

In four years ( yes it's really that long ) that have Dagblad  have persecuted us 

But the great hope that we collectively would lie down and die.

Serve the People is stronger than ever - the struggle continues .'

Serve the People

Philippines : Anti-Obama protest water-cannoned in Manila - Red Salute to Philippine Patriots against US bases

Riot police in the Philippines used water cannon on hundreds of anti-US protesters on Tuesday as they rallied against President Barack Obama's visit and their country's signing of the Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement with the US.

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Solidatitätslied (Song of Solidarity) by Ernst Busch - Workers of the world, you agree and you are free

Workers of the world, you agree and you are free. Your large regiments break any tyranny! Forward, without forgetting, and the question asked  when starving or when eating:

Whose morning is the morning? Whose world is the world ?

Solidarity - Free Kjell Gunnar Larsen

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Solidarity song
(Version after the 2nd World War)


Forward, and never to forget

what our strength consists of!

While starving and while eating,

forward, not to forget


Stand up, you, peoples of this Earth!

Unite in that sense

that she now become yours,

and the big foster mother.


Black, White, Swarthy, Yellow!

End up their bloodbaths!

Once the peoples themselves speak,

they rapidly will be united.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Ukraine : Violence In Donetsk has Ultra's from Dnepropetrovsk arrive in City.

A group of about 1,000 “neo-Nazi thugs” has come to Donetsk from Dnepropetrovsk on Monday to cause provocations, the press-service of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk .

“We were expecting an attack. We had objective information. Really, the guys arrived with baseball bats, sticks and rods. Those were the ultras from Dnepropetrovsk, FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk supporters. According to our info, there were also people from FC Dynamo Kyiv fan base. I have no information of any Right Sector involvement,” Vitaly Ivanov, a press-service member, who was at the scene, stressed.

Initially, there were about 200 local anti-Kiev activists, who went out “to meet them halfway in order to regain the initiative”, he said.

“More and more people joined us at an incredible pace as we made our way… When we reached them [pro-Kiev radicals], there were around 1,000 of us,”
Ivanov said.

According to him, the ultras were “surrounded by the police, which was brought, especially, for the occasion” as the officers on the scene were from Kirovograd region, but not from the Donetsk force.

“We were received with aggression. Smoke grenades were thrown at us. Several people got injured. Then there were a couple of small scuffles with the ultras. And then they just dispersed. They didn’t expect such a rebuff; that there’ll be so many of us,” he said.

There were around 2,000 pro-Kiev demonstrators, who were marching on one of the main streets of the city, RT’s Paula Slier reports from Donetsk.

When they crossed paths with a smaller rally of anti-government protesters, violent clashes erupted, she said.

“I was among the group that is anti-Kiev. What I saw was both sides with their faces covered. There were Molotov cocktails and stones being thrown...

Among the anti-Kiev crowd people were shouting: ‘Crimea! Donbass! Russia!” Slier reported

Norway: Red Salute to Tjen Folket - Free Kjell Gunnar Larsen and partner NOW !

UPDATE : The partner of Kjell Gunnar Larsen has been released and his lawyer states '

"My client is going to oppose remand , and then I can not see what basis the police would have to imprison him"
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Norway : Stop political repression : Kjell Gunnar Larsen, communist activist through 40 years was arrested today.

Stop political repression 
Kjell Gunnar Larsen, communist activist through 40 years was arrested today.
With his living partner, he was arrested in his own home this morning. With this, the harassment of SOS Rasisme is reaching a new level. Since state repression of the organization started in 2008, the accusations have fallen like hail.
It is an old and well used trick from rulers in all countries to brand opposition as criminal. In Russia, opposition gets arrested for “piracy” of computer programs. In Norway the accusations are a bit more advanced, but no less false and constructed.
SOS Rasisme has met the accusations with thorough documentation. In these days members of parliament is let off the hook for personal corruption. This happens in gross contrast to how the activist Kjell Gunnar Larsen is treated.
Serve the People send our warm thoughts to both the arrested, and hope they are let out sooner than later. We encourage friends and comrades, from Norway and internationally, to send supportive letters trough
We appeal to join the Red Block First of May and show that the opposition is alive, despite of state repression.
Smash class “justice”! The struggle continues!
Tjen Folket

Democracy and Class Struggle says contact your Norwegian Embassy and call for release  of two comrades arrested this morning in Norway :


Norwegian Embassy 

25 Belgrave Square
London SW1X 8QD

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7591 5500

Letter send to Norwegian Ambassador in London today.

Please send letters to Norwegian Embassy protesting this arrest on the eve of May Day by one of Norway's best working class sons.

Dear Ambassador,

Norway arresting Kjell Gunnar Larsen and his parther this morning sends a message that democracy in Norway is in danger.

One of Europe's and Norways leading political activists against Racism has ...been arrested.

We call for his and his partners immediate release before Norways human rights image is further damaged.

Yours Sincerely

Nicholas Glais

Subject: Arrest - Kjell Gunnar Larsen
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2014 18:28:21 +0100

To whom it may concern,

Re: above

I have only seen a notice through the internet regarding the arrest of Kjell and one of his comrades but if it is true - and many of are aware that that there has been a campaign of persecution conducted against those active in SOS Racisme over the past few years - then I wish to protest as an Irish communist, trade unionist and comrade and friend of Kjell.

I am aware that Norway is part of a reactionary western alliance - presently involved through NATO  in a genocidal war of occupation in Afghanistan and appears to be applying the abuse of Afghan human rights to its own citizens      

If true it is no accident that outstanding son of the working-class is placed in custody a few days before the international celebration.

I also note that your Minister of Defence, Ms Ine Eriksen Soreide, is visiting the UK tomorrow - 28-04-1- no doubt to liaise in NATO's warmongering in Ukraine- which Norway along with UK - toadies along behind the plan of aggression that has been initiated against the people that country by the USA. 

No doubt your Washington masters will support this repression against progressives and communists and no doubt the repulsive Brevik would thank you for saving him a bullet as well as welcoming your positive support of openly fascist Ukrainian groups, such as Right Sector, now part of US-installed Quisling Kiev regime. (I am sure that we he living the equally vile Quisling would also welcome your present extreme right-wing macro and micro repressive stratagems)

We shall be celebrating May Day in London with the TUC march and rally - we hope that our Norwegian brothers and sisters will be released by then to participate in Norway's May Day.  

Yours sincerely,

Peter Tobin

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Greek Politics 4 Years After The Financial Crisis by Leo Panitch

Leo Panitch on the left Coalition: SYRIZA and the struggle against austerity

Ukraine: Report from Graham Phillips also Oleg Tsarov speaking in Slavyansk

About Oleg Tsarov here :

Oleg Tsarov traveled to Donetsk and said he was ready to become a leader of the so-called "South-east movement". Tsarov also assured people in Donetsk that will do everything to disrupt the presidential elections, which are scheduled for May 25.

 "I'm sure that will be no elections," he said. He then promised that he would create a "central authority" within the center of Donetsk.[5]

Ukraine: Slavyansk - Donbass Women Against War

Posters say Women of Donbass Against War

India : Mass Rally in Bhatinda in Punjab against 2014 Lok Sabha Elections by Harsh Thakor

Projecting Revolutionary Alternative in Punjab
On April 26th the city of Bhatinda witnessed a massive gathering of peasants in a meeting at the railway over bridge(near I.T.I.)titled ‘Apni Rakhi Aap Karo’ (protect yourselves and your welfare) organised by the Punjab Khet Mazdoor Union and the B.K.U, Ekta (Ugrahan)  on the topic of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

About 5000-7000 peasants assembled from neighbouring villages of districts of  of Bhatinda ,Sangrur and Muktsar  like several streams merging into a river.

It was one of Punjab’s most important gatherings in the last 2 months as it was the 1st state level gathering of revolutionary forces projecting the democratic revolutionary stand on the question of the elections.

Significantly the landless peasants united with the landed in this rally.

It resembled thousands of red lamps being lighting a stadium..It was similar to the revolutionary democratic ‘Pagadi Sambhal’gathering in Barnala in January 2012.
The main theme of the slogans were
1. Not to trust any political party

2. Organize yourselves to build your struggles and build your own organizations

3. Unite with all oppressed sections be it workers, youth, employees or students.

The speakers first explained the peasants how all the development schemes or model plans of states were destructive and conformed  with the semi-feudal, semi-colonial system.

In particular,Narendra Modi’s Gujarat model was exposed.

It was explained how feudal development was created and how revolutionary forms of development needed to be built.

The peasant suicides were exposed  and the need to award compensation was demanded .

Progressive legislation for agriculture was also a demand.The implementation of land ceiling act for reforms was put forward as well as re-distribution of waste land.

Significantly in Punjab in the last 2 weeks huge black flag rallies were held in districts all over Punjab in opposition to the tyranny of the ruling Akali Dal government.

These rallies managed to inculcate revolutionary democratic consciousness in the peasantry and make them understand the relationship between their concrete demands and the policies of the government.

It was a perfect sequel to the 7 day agitation for demands in Bathinda in February.

State general secretary of union Lachhman Singh Sewewala said that major political parties have become agents of corporate houses, so they work only for protecting their interests and not to address the issues being faced by the common man.

He said that both the unions have given the slogan of Apni Rakhi Aap Karo (protect your interests  yourself) and will be campaigning against mainstream political parties from April 27 to 29 by distributing pamphlets.

He said that none of the mainstream political parties was speaking on the issue of land reforms and setting up the industry which will generate employment avenues and on the issue of rampant privatisation of every sector.

He said that workers of the unions would urge the people to judge the policies of political parties and caste vote accordingly.
Quoting a Times of India press release:
Sticking to its stand of vehemently opposing Shiromani Akali Dal candidates, farmer/labourer organizations are apparently out to oppose Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal' daughter-in-law and Bathinda candidate Harsimrat Kaur Badal during her electioneering.”

A confrontation-like situation developed on Saturday when Harsimrat Badal reached Maisarkhana village as activists of BKU Ekta Ugrahan and labourers organization Punjab Khet Mazdoor Union assembled in the village with black flags to oppose Harsimrat's visit.

The meetings of Harsimrat and farm activists were at a stones' throw from each other. Heavy police force was deployed in the village to avoid any untoward incident.

"As we wanted to greet Harsimrat Badal with black flags for not listening to our demands, police personnel snatched our mike, sound system and asked us to disperse, but we kept sitting at our meeting point amid a large number of policemen.

While we were stopped from using the sound system, Akali leaders were provided every facility," said Mohan Singh and Jagtar Singh, farmer/labour leaders.

"We will not tolerate this type of highhandedness and will further intensify our protest against Akali leaders till our demand for 5-marla plots and compensation is provided to suicide-hit farm families," BKU Ugrahan district president Shingara Singh Mann said.

However, Akali leaders denied highhandedness on their part against the protesting farmers. Bathinda SSP Gurpreeet Singh Bhullar said, "No mike was snatched but the activists were asked not to create any scene and maintain law and order." Police force was deployed only to avoid any untoward incident, he said.

Arguably in India there have been no organized gatherings as democratic in content on the issue of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections as those staged in Punjab.

Although the  black flag rallies  held at district levels and the gathering in Bhatinda on April 26th were  not quantitatively great,from a qualitative point of view they were a great success.

The organizations responsible refrained from putting up candidates or imposing ‘boycott’ of elections.

The revolutionary class consciousness of the landed and landed peasantry was sharpened.
The Lok Morcha Punjab plans to hold a series of meetings, conventions and rallies exposing the nefarious policies of ruling class parties in the 2014 elections and the need for the broad masses to create their own revolutionary forms of power.

A big agenda and programme has been chalked out in pamphlet printed by the Lok Morcha.It has significance to the whole country.Stress will be placed on creating the roots of democratic consciousness amongst the broad masses.

Information above received from Laxman Singh Sewewala, Secretary of P.M.K.U and N.K.Jeet,advisor to  Lok Morcha, Punjab.

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