Monday, April 14, 2014

Ray MacGovern retired CIA Analyst on Ukraine and the United States

Демократия и классовая борьба говорит солидарность с народом Восточной и Южной Украины в их борьбе против олигархии и фашизма оф Киеве


The Ex CIA analyst Ray MacGovern illustrates liberal rationality has opposed to Secretary of State Kerry the Neo Con irrationality of American politics.

Despite what Ray MacGovern says it is still Kerry with the power and his hope of Obama defusing the crisis may be a false hope.

Obama has long destroyed the false hope that people had in him but Ray MacGovern persists.

The visit of John Brennan the CIA Director this last weekend to the Ukraine to be involved in the planning of the attacks on the people  of the East and South Ukraine shows that the Obama/Kerry differences are subsumed in US NATO Expansionism in Ukraine.

We would like to be wrong and Ray MacGovern right for the sake of the people of the Ukraine but reality on the ground points to conflict deepening and not being amenable to diplomacy

 - sometimes contradictions cannot be resolved peacefully has real material interests conflict.

Which is why Imperialism means War has Lenin pointed out in his classic work Imperialism written between January and June 1916.

P.S Obama and Putin had telephone converstion on Monday and there should be a meeting in Geneva on 17th April - but there is also talk of US arms supply to Kiev Putschists which would fuel the crisis.

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