Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nepal’s lawmakers averted a constitutional crisis early on Sunday by voting to amend the interim constitution and extending the Constituent Assembly’s tenure by another three months.

Nepal’s lawmakers averted a constitutional crisis early on Sunday by voting to amend the interim constitution and extending the Constituent Assembly’s tenure by another three months.

With the deadline to draft a new statute and the CA tenure ending on Saturday, the three major parties.

Maoists and Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist Leninist) and opposition Nepali Congress, inked a 5-point deal after marathon meetings.

Resignation of PM Jhalanath Khanal to make way for a consensus based government, democratization of the Nepal Army and implementation of past deals made with Madhesi parties are also in the deal.

Full text of the five-point deal

We the political parties have reached the following agreement today, May 28: 

  1. To complete the basic tasks of the peace process within three months
  2. To prepare the first draft of the constitution from the Constituent Assembly (CA) within three months
  3. To implement effectively the various past agreements reached with the Madhesi Front, including the one to make the Nepal Army (NA) an inclusive institution
  4. To extend the CA term by three months
  5. The prime minister to resign and pave the way for the formation of a consensus national unity government

Remembering Ibrahim Kaypakkaya

The founder and leader of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist Leninist, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, was born in 1949 in Corum . He met with revolutionary ideas when he was a student in the Istanbul University’s Science Faculty Physics Branch. He joined in the foundation of the Capa Idea Club in March 1968 and became the president of the club. He was expelled from school in November 1968 because of preparing a leaflet against the American 6th Fleet.

Kaypakkaya, who adopted the view of National Democratic Revolution, worked in the newspaper called Isci-Koylu (Worker-Peasant). He wrote articles in the magazines called Aydinlik (Enlightenment) and Turk Solu (Turkish Left). He split from D. Perincek and his group because he considered D. Perincek a revisionist and opportunist. Kaypakkaya, who participated in the struggle of peasantry, formed TKP/ML-TIKKO and carried out activities in the cities of Dersim, Malatya, Tunceli and Antep.

Kaypakkaya and his comrades interrogated and shot the informer village headman who caused the killing of THKO (People's Liberation Army of Turkey) members, Sinan Cemgil and his two other comrades, by the state forces during a gunfight. Kaypakkaya showed a good example of revolutionary solidarity and camaraderie at the time of martial law.

On January 24, 1973, heavily wounded he escaped from an ambush set by the fascist Turkish state forces in Vartinik Meadow. He was caught as a result of informing by a teacher in a village where he took shelter. Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, who was tortured under custody for 3.5 months, became a model of resistance for the revolutionary movement by "choosing to die rather than give information". He was shot and killed in detention by the fascist dictatorship on May 18, 1973

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Arundhati Roy - Jan Myrdal - Basanta Indra Mohan speak in London on 12th June 2011

Please join us for a public meeting and an audience with celebrated authors who will discuss their recent experiences in India with a special focus on the raging war against the poorest of the poor, the tribal people living in the heartland of India.

Arundhati Roy
From India and the author of recently published books
“Walking with the Comrades” and “Broken Republic”

Jan Myrdal
From Sweden and the author of
“Red Star Over India”

Basanta Indra Mohan
From Nepal and the author of
“Imperialism and Proletarian Revolution 21st Century”

Harbhajan Cheema
General Secretary of East India Defence Committee (Canada

Program includes
Presentations by the speakers, film and Q&A sessionn

Sunday, June 12, 2011
1:30 pm till 5:00 pm

Friends House, Main Hall,
173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

Hosted by:
International Campaign Against War on People of India (ICAWPI) •
c/o Gorki House, 70 Stoke Newington High Street, London N16 7PA • Tel: +44(0)20 7193 1605

Organised by:
(To be updated)

Supported by:
ATIK - Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe
(To be updated)
For further information and contact with the organizers,
please mail:
Please send your messages of solidarity with the Campaign Against the War on

"Secret Libya" talks underway

The Nepalese Khanal Government must go says India according to Nepal Telegraph

Intelligent brains backed by high placed information supplied to this paper/online edition do tell that “some alien” hands caused this sure shot split in order to depose the incumbent Nepal prime Minister Jhal Nath Khanal.

The Indian conclusion is that this Khanal government must go because this was a RED government presumably formed with the tacit support of the Chinese regime.

If so then how can India tolerate the China’s presumed intrusion in its “preserved” play ground that it is?

China though has distanced itself from Nepal’s internal politics.

The restive and a highly distressed Indian republic sent some high placed Intelligence authorities of the most infamous RAW-Research Analysis Wing- to Kathmandu with the instructions straight from the Indian Prime Minister, who is himself a proxy one that they should not return to New Delhi until Nepal Prime Minister was deposed.

This does mean that the RAW men, currently in Kathmandu, were doing their assigned jobs and have already bagged some substantial success, analysts have been told, in their mission “depose Khanal”.

Sources close to the Nepal PM secretariat have told this paper that three disparaging Indian brains were currently in Kathmandu.

They are, Mr. MATHUR-the deputy Chief of the RAW central command in Delhi; Mr. ALOK JOSHI-the former RAW Chief stationed in Nepal.

And as if these two frightening creatures were not enough, Dr. Man Mohan Singh has sent one of his inner coterie confidantes, Mr. H. KHARE as special emissary to Nepal to ensure the toppling of the incumbent government at the earliest.

Mr. Mathur, Joshi and Khare day in day out have been doing their assigned task by confining themselves inside a Kathmandu Hotel.

JOshi entered Kathmandu, Sunday with the ID 01042010.

The same source has told this paper that these three distinguished Indian nationals have been strictly told not to ask for any support from the local RAW office and only to meet those Nepali political animals who were against the Khanal coalition.

This is mysterious but speaks of a clear division in Nepal politics.

Reports have it that former Indian Ambassador K. V. Rajan too is loitering in Kathmandu streets.

Otherwise a modest person, why Ambassador Rajan is involved in destroy Nepal game is mysterious.

Retirement benefit with engagements.

The Mathur, Joshi and Khare terror has already hit Kathmandu.

Add to this the Rajan one as well.

All in all, Nepali situation is soon to take a perilous turn. Mere three days have been left for the expiry of the CA body.

But what India will gain after toppling this government is very difficult to understand. At best, anti-India sentiments will surely increase as has already become evident from the Indian GMR office being set on fire and the Indian Ambassador being served stern warning by the common Nepali nationals.

The three Indian secret agents have already met the sidelined King of Nepal. This has some meaning.

Ambassador Rajan is learnt to have managed this audience.

Source: Nepal Telegraph

PUDR Statement against detention of Gautam Navlakha at Srinagar airport


In yet another instance of the state’s harassment of civil rights activists and organizations, Gautam Navlakha, long term member of the of the Peoples Union for Democratic Rights(PUDR), Delhi, and for long a campaigner against state repression in Jammu and Kashmir, was detained by the J&K Police at Srinagar airport today and denied entry into the state. The reason being touted for the denial of entry is that S. 144 of the Ranbir Penal Code (RPC)has been applied in Badgam District (where Srinagar Airport is located ) and that Navlakha’s visit presents a threat to public order. No specific details or proof has been furnished to back up the police’s claim.

Navlakha is to be detained overnight and will be put on a flight for Delhi tomorrow morning. The incident is an illustration, albeit a minor ones of the arbitrariness and audacity with which fundamental rights are routinely violated (and have been for years) in the name of law and order in J & K.

PUDR condemns this action of the J&K Police and appeals to all democratically minded people to protest against such arbitray curbs on the fundamental freedom of movement in the interests of preventing the further erosion of the democratic nature of our polity.

PUDR demands that:

1) Gautam Navlakha be immediately released and allowed to proceed on his journey forthwith.

2) such undemocratic restrictions on the fundamental freedom of movement of citizens be revoked forthwith.

3) action be taken against those responsible for his arbitrary detention.

Paramjeet Singh , Harish Dhawan

(Secretaries, PUDR)

Friday, May 27, 2011

No surrender of the PLA by Rishi Raj Baral

Rcently, in the meeting of standing committee, senior vice chairman of UNCP , Comrade Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran’ registered another note of dissent regarding the issue of PLA integration. Dahal denied the latest Central committee decision and passed his document by majority–with the support of Baburam Bhattarai. It raised a lot of questions and worried all the revolutionaries. It was infact , a surrender of the PLA. The decision done about PLA was not a minor issue, it was a vital one and an issue which will have a long term effect.

I think it is necessary to take PLA out of the cantonment. We should know that there is also a class division within the PLA. The high rank commanders, specially who support Prachanda’s line are enjoying luxurious life. They have each and every thing to consume. There has been a vast change in their life style and daily life. Their dreams are different from the PLA of lower ranks. They don’t think about revolution and they don’t have the dreams of revolution. Rather , they are threatening the lower PLA cadres, in the name of discipline and chain of command. Lower cadres are prohibited by minimum requirements and are disallowed to study revolutionary materials. They are prevented to take part in meetings and ideological debates and discussions. They are forbidden to study books of war memoirs, to listen to revolutionary songs and to go through the literature related to ten years people’s war.

It is true that the recently passed document of Prachanda is an ideological continuation of Chungwang meeting: preparation for deviation and betrayal of the revolution. When Comrade Kiran and Gaurav were imprisoned in Indian jail, Prachanda abandoned the People ‘s War. In fact detainment of Kiran and Gaurav was part of the grand design to make the party organisation and revolutionary line weak and to make revisionists strong and in majority. And no doubt, it was done with the support of revisionists and Pro Indians, who have disguised themselves in one or the other name and faction within the party. The main objective of this design was to turn the revolutionary party into a revisionist party. It was a long term plan and policy to destroy the party’s revolutionary line and spirit. The people’s court and the base areas and local people’s governments all were dissolved in the name of peace process. Only the PLA remained to be dissolved. Now they are going to complete the remaining task , disarming and surrendering the PLA in the name of integration.

No surrender of PLA, was the conviction and dedication of the party. And it is natural to be one of the main issues of two line struggle. It is a political crime to humiliate the PLA, who faught bravely against the reactionary forces and never were defeated.

In reality the lower rank of PLA cadres want revolution. They want continuation of revolution and people’s revolt. They want to go ahead. Too much staying in the cantonment means to ruin oneself. Therefore they want to come out and participate in the class struggle. They don’t want to surrender in the name of integration. The major issue is: PLA must not be humiliated. It is the matter of dignity, value and class outlook. If the party leadership does this type of humiliating decision, they will not accept this. No liquidation but revolution: they are free to choose the path to revolution and revolt.

Repression in the Punjab - Free Harbhinder Jalal

by N.K.Jeet (Lok Morcha Punjab)

Harbhinder Singh Jalal, who has been editing a revolutionary Punjabi
magazine “CHAMKDA LAL TARA” (Shining Red Star), was arrested by Kharar
Police while he was traveling in a bus near Gharuan village. The
police alleged him to be the head of Punjab unit of CPI Maoist. A 32
bore pistol and some live cartridges were shown to have been recovered
from him.

In police custody Harbhinder was severely tortured and subjected to
third degree methods of interrogation. A case under S.10,13,18 & 20 of
Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act; S. 25, 54, 59 of the Arms Act
and Section 121, 419, 420, 471 of the IPC has been slapped against
him. He was denied the legal assistance of his chosen lawyers. Lok
Morcha Punjab, along with his family approached S/Sh. R.S. Bains and
Harinder Pal Singh Ishar, Chandigarh based Human Rights lawyers, who
moved an application for permission to meet Com Harbhinder in police
custody and for his medical examination. The State vigorously opposed
this application on the fictitious ground of threat to national
security. However the court allowed the advocates to meet him daily in
the Police Station between 7 PM to 8 PM and also to get him medically
examined every 48 hours from the Civil Hospital.

On 9.5.2011, when Com Harbhinder was produced in court for further
remand, dozens of his friends and well-wishers from all over Punjab,
came to see him, but the police did not allow them to meet him. His
further police remand was sought on the plea that he was to be taken
to Ranchi to affect certain recoveries. Subsequently this pretext
proved to be false as he was not taken to Ranchi. Perhaps the court’s
order permitting his lawyers to meet him everyday in the extended
period of remand, acted as a dampener for the police. On 14.5.2011, he
was remanded to judicial custody and is now lodged in Ropar Jail.

On 6.5.2011, a heavy contingent of Ropar and Bathinda Police raided
his house at Rampura. Finding it locked, the police tried to find its
keys from the neighbors, abusing, threatening and misbehaving with
them. The people however refused to be cowed down and did not allow
the police to search his house in the absence of any of his family
members. To terrorize the people, the police raided the houses of two
trade unionists living in the locality. Next day, the police party
again came early in the morning along with some Municipal Councilors
of Rampura City and forcibly entered in and searched Harbhinder’s
house in the absence of his family members and any person from the
locality. The police took away a computer, a large number of books and
some domestic articles. This move was strongly opposed by the
democratic mass organizations of the area. Next day a strongly worded
statement denouncing the terror tactics of the police was issued
jointly by the Bharti Kisan Union ( Dakonda), Technical Services
Union, Democratic Teachers Front, and B.K.U. (Ugrahan).

Lok Morcha Punjab, Democratic Front Against Operation Green Hunt
Punjab, and a revolutionary paper SURAKH REKHA condemned the arrest
and false implication of Harbhinder Jalal in a criminal case. To keep
the people informed about this, we utilized the medium of Facebook by
posting news items and press statements on it. Now the DFAOGH Punjab
has decided to hold Conventions at Chandigarh and Rampura on this
issue along with the repressive measures taken at village Selbrah and
Kotra Kaurian Wala, against the people opposing opening of liquor

The planting of 32 bore revolver and live cartridges on Harbhinder
Jalal, seems to be a part of the Punjab Police’s crude attempt to
discredit revolutionary democratic movement in Punjab. Recently the
police unearthed a gang of serving police employees and Arms Dealers,
supplying country made illicit arms as genuine, by putting fake stamps
and markings of reputed arms companies on them. As many as 8 police
employees serving in various districts of Punjab have been arrested.
The DGP Punjab, with the aid of certain pliable press persons, has
been trying to link it with the Maoists, although up till now, no such
proof is forthcoming.

Lok Morcha Punjab views the arrest of Com Harbhinder; falsely charging
him with unlawful activities, waging war against the Govt, forgery and
cheating; subjecting him to third degree torture, and illegal raids at
his house and the houses of other trade unionists at Rampura, as
atrocious, totally illegal and undemocratic steps, deserving strongest
condemnation. These steps are aimed at stifling the political dissent,
and ruthlessly crushing of every attempt to organize the people
against the policies of liberalization, globalization and
privatization, being pursued by the anti-people and anti-national
rulers to ensure super profits for the MNCs and their Indian agents,
through unhindered exploitation of our rich natural resources. We call
upon all democratic people to join us in demanding withdrawal of the
criminal case registered against Com Harbhinder Jalal and his
unconditional release; putting an end to all repressive measures
initiated against revolutionary political and mass activists and the
people; and complete halt to neo-liberal economic policies.

Police Attack Demonstrators in Barcelona - Let the world see - it is time to act against Police Brutality

Today the police tried unsuccessfully to clear the square in Barcelona. 99 people were injured ('lightly'). After the attack, the crowds ran back into the square. Some stayed there throughout the operation. The police say they're worried about clashes with rightwing hooligans if Barca lose the Champions tomorrow - or even if they win.

Outraged Greek Youth Follow Spanish Example

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spain the Struggle Continues has protestors vote to occupy Puerta del Sol for another week

Protesters have vowed to stay at least another week in Madrid's central square.

The demonstrators agreed in a show-of-hands vote at a meeting in Puerta del Sol square to stay at least until May 29, when they planned another vote over the future of their makeshift camp.

"We have decided to stay at least until Sunday," a protest organiser declared after the vote.

The protesters remained in the square even as voters cast ballots in local elections Sunday, defying Spain's election commission which has ruled the gathering illegal.

Political protests are banned in Spain on the eve of elections and the day of the vote.

Protesters, who describe themselves as the "indignant", began gathering May 15 in a swelling movement known variously as "M-15", "Spanish Revolution" and "Real Democracy Now".

Greg Philo speaks at SOAS about his new book, 'More Bad News from Israel' which looks at the media coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict

Eirigi March on Windsor Banquet at Dublin Castle - Red Salute to Eirigi from Democracy and Class Struggle


Friday, May 20, 2011

CARC Party - Italy - NO to persecuting and outlawing communists!

The campaign of persecution against Communists goes on in our country and throughout Europe. Once again, the judiciary, in this case, the public prosecutor at the Court of Bologna makes a fresh attempt against the (new) Italian Communist Party and the organizations that share its plan to make Italy a socialist country and cooperate with it.

On 25th May at h. 9.30 am at the Court of Bologna preliminary it is set the new preliminary hearing of the investigation against twelve comrades accused of “subversive association for purposes of terrorism” (item 270 bis of Penal Code), charge built by fascist regime and implemented by the fascists special courts to incarcerate hundreds of communists and anti-fascists, Antonio Gramsci included. Among the comrades investigated in Bologna there are Giuseppe Maj, Pietro Vangeli, Giuseppe Czeppel, Manuela Maj, Massimo Amore, Marco Proietti Refrigeri, Paolo Babini, members of the (n) PCI, of the CARC Party or of the Association of Proletarian Solidarity.

We denounce the campaign that the judiciary, commissioned by Berlusconi’s gang and by the previous center-left government, carries out for a long time against the renaissance of the communist movement in our country. This is the eighth investigation always for the same charge and always against the “caravan” of (n) PCI, which includes all the forces that since 1980 have worked with determination to the renaissance of the communist movement and to the reconstruction of the Communist Party in our country. All previous investigations were concluded with the dismissal or with nonsuit judgment. Also this investigation, started in 2003 by Public Prosecutor Giovagnoli, ended in 2008 with a sentence of “nonsuit”, but in January 2010, the Supreme Court upheld the appeal of the Public Prosecutor of Bologna against it and gave the green light to resume the legal proceedings.

Gramsci and us: building Socialist Hegemony Today by Peter Thomas

Democracy and Class Struggle publishes this video of Peter Thomas on Gramsci for discussion. It's publication should not be taken has agreement with all the views expressed in the video by Peter Thomas.

Madrid 17th May 2011- Real Democracy - Democracia Real Ya

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The revolt in Syria: Its roots and prospects by Hassan Khaled Chatila

The following is taken from interviews A World to Win News Service. conducted with Hassan Khaled Chatila, a Syrian born in Damascus in 1944.

Chatila holds a doctorate in political philosophy from the University of Paris , a city where he has lived as a refugee for many years. He is a member of the Syrian Communist Action Party founded in 1975.

AWTWNS condensed and edited this material while trying to faithfully represent his views, which are his own.

by Hassan Khaled Chatila

The movement that began 15 March in Syria is spontaneous. It is a reflexive reaction to all the suffering felt by the masses of people, physically, spiritually and in daily life. Those conditions created a spontaneous consciousness that can’t go higher without the intervention of a political party that represents the working class and brings the masses a materialist understanding of the situation as translated into a political programme.

I accuse the entire Syrian left of having consciously or unconsciously become an integral part of the power structure. Their position is to seek an end to the crisis through a dialogue with the regime, which is also the position of the regime itself. They have lived a twilight existence for eight years, paralysed and isolated from the masses of people. Now they put out leaflets expressing solidarity with the movement, but they still advocate political dialogue with the regime to achieve gradual and peaceful reform.

The movement, which I’d call a popular movement for a Syrian revolution, has sought the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad since it first began in the southern city of Daraa when [two teenagers were arrested for painting a slogan on the walls] that has been the main one at every demonstration ever since: “The people want to topple the regime!”].

This movement is like the revolts in Tunisia and Egypt in that it is spontaneous, with the difference that in Tunisia , for example, an organized political elite and the trade unions took part from the beginning, and human rights and other civil society organizations with international connections were involved in both countries. In Syria , the trade unions are part of the state apparatus (the left and other organizations are forbidden to work in them), and the repression has been much more fierce. Any Syrian contacting organizations abroad on the Net risks a trial before a special tribunal for “communicating with the enemy”and years in prison. The kinds of political currents like the “We’ve had enough!” movement that influenced Egyptian intellectuals and even workers have not existed in Syria . Intellectuals with any revolutionary inclinations have spent at least 15 years in prison.

The revolt is not generalized across the country and society. It is more like a series of neighbourhood uprisings than a centralized revolution. The main actors so far have been educated youth and unemployed youth seeking access to modernity.

Industrial workers take part as individuals, but many of the people in the streets are what I would call lumpen proletariat, people who are unemployed or without regular jobs, who have to live as best they can. They work a few days here and there, mainly in services for the bourgeoisie, as maids, porters, doormen, etc. They have no social security or other benefits. The other component of this movement comes from the lower middle class, especially young unemployed university graduates. About 20 percent of young graduates are unemployed. They can’t get married because they have to live with their parents, due to both unemployment and the severe housing shortage.

There is a mix of boys and girls together in the street; the participation of women is welcomed. You can see on Facebook how creative they are, inventing new revolutionary methods in literature, media and organization. The median age of the protesters is about 30, whereas among the political parties and civil society members it’s probably about 50.

These youth do not put forward social demands; they think that political democracy and liberty can solve all the problems they face in their daily lives. Their main specific goal, in addition to toppling Assad, is to change the constitution. They especially want to get rid of Article 8, which designates “the Arab Socialist Baath Party” as the leadership of the state, along with an undefined “nationalist and progressive front”. The latter means the two historic communist parties and the Nasserite (Pan-Arab) and nationalist parties federated with the Baath Party, although they no longer have much influence.

This movement has not been able to seriously threaten the regime’s existence. As I’ll explain, there is a real danger that it could be aborted by a military coup, which might get rid of Assad but not change the power structure, or a civil war along religious and ethnic lines. To mobilize millions of Syrians, the revolt would have to put forward not just demands for political democracy but also social demands that could win over people far more broadly.

The Hardest Hit Rally on 11th May 2011 Against Cuts

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Statement of Maoists of Afghanistan: “Forward towards Initiating and Carrying Forward the People’s Revolutionary War of National Resistance!”

Statement of Maoists of Afghanistan: “Forward towards Initiating and Carrying Forward the People’s Revolutionary War of National Resistance!”

Statement of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan on Osama bin Laden’s death: Forward towards Initiating and Carrying Forward the People’s Revolutionary War of National Resistance!

The actual pretext for America and its allies’ imperialist military onslaught to invade and occupy Afghanistan on October 7, 2001 was to kill or arrest Osama bin Laden, who was suspected as the real mastermind behind the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. During the past ten years of the war of aggression, and the presence of the occupying forces in Afghanistan that have continued under this pretext or others, tens of thousands of people have lost their lives and thousands of the poor huts of the wretched villagers have been destroyed.

But finally it became clear that bin Laden was not in Afghanistan but in Pakistan, close to this country’s capital, Islamabad, and beside the country’s biggest military training center––a training center for a military that is a vassal of the American imperialists and their allies. Apparently, a small group of 14 American special forces with three helicopters–and definitely with the close cooperation of the Pakistani armed forces–attacked bin Laden’s residence on the early morning of May 1, 2011 and killed him, along with one of his sons, and some of his close associates after a limited fire-fight. Immediately after this assault, Barack Obama announced the “American victory” with tympani and cockalorum.

American imperialists and their allies consider bin Laden’s death a big victory for themselves. Now they show off their power even more than before, pretending that no force can resist them. If we look at this claim from a short term tactical perspective then there is no doubt that it possesses some truth. They have eliminated one of America’s current “dangerous enemies” and so cannot avoid boasting about this victory. If we take a deeper look at this issue, however, the imperialists’ strategic weakness and fault can clearly be seen within their current tactical triumph.

First, it should be said that bin Laden was the product of their work: he was trained, organized and armed by them. His benefactors should have been able to easily eliminate such a rebellious one-time agent, just as the Soviet social-imperialists were easily able to eliminate Hafizullah Amin. Spending hundreds billions of dollars and enduring thousands of casualties in a prolonged effort, that stretched over a decade, just to kill a rebellious ex-agent cannot be a sign of strategic strength and power.
Over the past decade hundreds of al Qaeda operatives and leaders have been arrested or killed in Pakistan; the murder of bin Laden is the latest incident in a long process that no doubt will continue. And yet, all through this period–except from the start of the war on October 7, 2001 until the end of the operations in Tora Bora–very few of al Qaeda’s well-known leaders or operatives were killed or arrested in Afghanistan. Therefore, we can confidently say that the occupying forces in Afghanistan were not truly busy in directly combating al Qaeda. The murder of al Qaeda’s leader in Pakistan more than ever illustrates the fact that the decade-long presence of the invading and occupying imperialist forces in Afghanistan are not about the September 11, 2001 incident and in fighting against the leading organization of that incident and the leader of that organization. That accident was only used as an excuse and cover for the imperialist aggression and the occupation of Afghanistan.

Now after the death of bin Laden in Pakistan we can – and must – intensify and expand the struggle and resistance against the occupiers, specifically the struggle against the American imperialists’ plans for establishing permanent military bases in the country. Now the support for the struggle and resistance against occupiers can and must increase more than before, nationally and internationally, including in the public opinion within the imperialist countries.

Unquestionably, the murder of bin Laden will, to a certain extent, result in the global weakening of al Qaeda and the Taliban movement in Afghanistan. But this will be the weakening of the reactionary resistance against American imperialism and its allies. We should strive to use such a development in the service of expanding and strengthening the different forms of the national resistance and struggles centered on initiating and carrying forward the people’s revolutionary war of national resistance against the occupiers and their satraps in the country. Only then can we decrease the impact of bin Laden’s death in the outbreak of the national capitulationist tendencies within the ranks of the Taliban and only then we can intensify, broaden and deepen the resistance against the occupiers.
Down with imperialist occupiers and their puppet regime!

Forward towards Initiating and Carrying Forward the People’s Revolutionary War of National Resistance!

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan
May 4, 2011

Pakistan Post Bin Laden

Towards Alternative Politics - New Directions - Is the World a safe place to Live ?


Is the world save place to live? 

Is the world save place to live? The answer is definitely “No”. When we hear the noise of a flight in the sky, we don’t know whether it carries human beings or weapons to kill human beings. When the powers of this world decide to kill, destroy or massacre they can carry it out in the name of humanity, war on terror and so on.

According to United Nation’s report more than 40 thousand innocent people were massacred in a minute corner of Sri Lanka, which is as small as Hyde Park  corner, within 3days. Channel 4 published several videos and new reports as evidence of those brutal killings. In the name of eliminating minority ultra-nationalists, the Sri Lankan government committed a shocking genocide, preventing the entirenational and international media, human rights groups, United Nation and soon, in the war zone.

Is this an example for eliminating the resistant politics, for the international power? Is this the new feature of new world order? Will it be the general phenomena of the world’s power? In the west people fought for their rights such as pension, free education etc.. The world’s powers get together to destroy them and to create an insecure place to live. Example followed in Sri Lanka to exterminate the resistance politics can be applied throughout the world.

Just some months after this Sri Lankan humanitarian disaster, India, a country regarded as one of the biggest democratic powers, has started to massacre in order to evacuate poor hill country forest inhabitants from acres and acres of their own land for exploitation of mines. Similar atrocities of power against the innocent poor people and against those who resist, is becoming social recognition in the otherparts of the world. The war between the business power and the innocent is the real Avatar.

The oppression creates unrest; the ignorance of democratic forces creates the fundamentalism, ultra nationalism, destructions and so on. Are we all going to remain silent or raise our voice? 18th May 2009, 2 years ago, the Sri Lankan government committed the accused war crime and genocide.

The world constructs a new world order with a new power configuration. If we fail to stand together, we will be the victims. Sri Lanka is just the laboratory for the power to learn how to handle the resistance.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Arundhati Roy and Jan Myrdal and Basanta Indra Mohan speak in London on India on June 12th

Arundhati Roy author of "God of Small things" "Walking with Comrades" and "Broken Republic"

Jan Myrdal from Sweden author of "Red Star over India"

Basanta Indra Mohan
From Nepal and the author of
“Imperialism and Proletarian Revolution 21st Century”

Venue :  Friends House, Main Hall, 173 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ

1.30 - 5.00pm

Hosted by:

International Campaign Against War on People of India (ICAWPI) HYPERLINK "" HYPERLINK ""
c/o Gorki House, 70 Stoke Newington High Street, London N16 7PA Tel: +44(0)20 7193 1605

Co-organised by: IWA (GB), UNF Europe, ACDA, AFPRISA, TKM, GIKDER, 100FCC, WPRM-Britain, UFSO, CCRCB , Democracy and Class Struggle.

,… (To be updated)

Nakba Day Protest at Israeli Embassy London 15th May 2011

Caroline Lucas speaking at Gaza/ Nakba meeting outside Downing Street London 14th May 2011

Palestinians killed at Nakba rally

"this is how liberation is" Palestinian Refugees and Syrians break through border fence on Golan Heights

A dramatic video published by the website shows the moment when hundreds of Palestinian refugees and Syrians break through the border fence from Syria into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights (part of Syria occupied by Israel in 1967 and illegally annexed in 1981).
The video, which appears to be taken from the Israeli-occupied side shows a group of hundreds or perhaps thousands of marchers carrying Palestinian flags heading toward the boundary fence. Spectators on the Israeli-occupied side – apparently worried about the safety of the marchers – call on them to go back because of the danger of land mines.
However, undeterred, the marchers continue, and break through the border fence as people on both sides call for the liberation of Palestine. As the marchers break through there are scenes of joy, high emotion and embraces with those on the Israeli-occupied side. One man is heard to say, “This is how liberation is.”

Statement of CPI Maoist - War-monger, butcher and blood-thirsty Obama and not Osama is the No.1 global terrorist threatening world peace!

4 May, 2011

War-monger, butcher and blood-thirsty Obama and not Osama
is the No.1 global terrorist threatening world peace!

US imperialism and not Al Qaeda is the gravest global threat
not only to the entire oppressed nations and people of the world
but also to the US citizens!

Condemn the brutal murder of Osama Bin Laden
in a covert operation by the global gendarme CIA!

On May 2, the US imperialists murdered Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda by attacking with helicopters the building where he was staying in Abbottabad in Pakistan. US overstepped the sovereignty of Pakistan by directly conducting this operation without even informing the Pakistan government about it. They jammed the radars of Pakistan, entered its skies with four helicopters and attacked the building and finished the operation ‘with surgical precision’. One woman and two men in the building were also killed and it is said that Osama’s wife was also injured in the attack. Their child seems to have escaped death only by chance in this forty minute operation. The Obama administration was callous beyond words even towards the dead body of Osama. They did not hand over the body to his family members but threw it into the Arabian Sea! This was done to rub salt into the wounds as they very well know how insulting and outraging it would be to the muslims all over the world. 

As soon as Obama gleefully announced the death of the Al Qaeda leader, the fascists-in-arms of US government – the heads of imperialist countries and their minion rulers in the third world scrambled to describe this as a great victory in the global War on Terror. The comprador Indian ruling classes jumped at the chance to take potshots at Pakistan for sheltering such a ‘dangerous man’ on its soil. Not a word of condemnation about the one-sided attack on a SAARC nation conducted without any regard to its sovereignty. Not a question about what the US war-machinery was doing on the soil of the sub-continent in the first place. The response of the Indian compradors is not really surprising given their record of overt and covert support to most of the aggressive wars and interventions of imperialists (particularly that of US and NATO) in the third world violating their sovereignty in umpteen number of ways and given their own servility to the US imperialists.

The arm-twisting and coercing of Pakistan government by the US ‘to get its cooperation’ in its so-called war on terror ever since the NATO attack on Afghanistan in 2001 has been increasing with each passing day and Pakistan has become a extended backyard of US in this war. This operation is just the most glaring instance of the rampage of the belligerent bully as this is but in continuation of the numerous unchallenged interventions by it in Pakistan, especially in the past decade. The kowtowing of the Pakistan’s comprador rulers is so complete that even after such an offensive action, the Pakistan government is not even unequivocally condemning the attack done leaving to wind all international norms. It was only after widespread agitations all over Pakistan pushed it to the corner did it whimper inaudibly that this attack was illegal and carried on without its knowledge. The Master says ‘So what, I won’t apologize’ and the servant shuts his mouth. Again not really surprising when we look at its record of tail-wagging total submission to the US imperialists. No.1 global terrorist Obama day in and day out bombs Pakistani tribal (Pashtun) areas and kills hundreds of Pakistani citizens (mostly women and children) in the countless drone attacks. Scores of trigger-happy future Raymond Davises roam impudently in the streets of Pakistan baying for the blood of ordinary Pakistani citizens. But the shameless, spineless Pakistani ruling classes are jostling to lay red carpets soaked with the blood of Pakistanis for this murderous ‘Nobel Peace prize winner.’

Ever since the 9/11 attacks allegedly conducted by Al Qaeda under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden, the US imperialists under the leadership of the then president George W. Bush have launched a vicious anti-Muslim tirade all over the globe and launched occupation wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. Millions of ordinary people have died or were crippled in these unjust wars not to speak of the appalling horrors faced by women and children. In the name of War on Terror, Muslims all over the world were targeted and subjected to innumerable horrors. Al Qaeda was shown as the face of this ‘terrorism’ and Osama was portrayed as the number one enemy of the US and the world and given a larger-than-life image. Al Qaeda was inflated as the monster behind every terrorist attack in an attempt to justify all kinds of atrocities on Muslims. A man-hunt was launched for Osama and other leaders of Al Qaeda and billions of dollars were spent on the so-called War on Terror. Puppet regimes were installed in Afghanistan and Iraq and Pakistan almost resembles a colony now. The juggernaut of War on Terror continues to run amok among the Muslim populations crushing millions under its feet.

It has been proven many times in history that killing one leader can never end an organization without eliminating the root causes, which are imperialist super exploitation, oppression, intervention and insult in this case, which gave birth to it in the first place. The deep anger and frustration of the Muslim people against the imperialists, particularly the US imperialists and Zionist Israel is finding expression in many ways and Al Qaeda is one of them. The upsurges in the Arab World are another expression of this fury – both against their despotic rulers and against imperialism. Some of the methods employed by organizations like Al Qaeda in their fight against imperialism are harming the ordinary citizens and deserve to be condemned when lives of innocents are lost. But we should not take them out of context and see them as the acts of some mindless people who ‘just hate America’ as the US government wants its citizens to believe. If there were no imperialist interventions and wars of occupation then there would be no Al Qaeda. If there were no slaughterers like Bushes and Obamas there would be no Osamas.

CPI (Maoist) calls upon the people of the world to condemn the brutal murder of Osama Bin Laden by the US imperialists. It demands that all kinds of attacks on Muslims in the name of ‘War on Terror’ be stopped immediately.

CPI (Maoist) firmly reiterates that Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is the only ideology that can end all kinds of exploitation and oppression in the world. Only under the leadership of the proletariat and its communist party can the oppressed nations and peoples crushed under tyrants, bourgeois dictatorships going by the name of ‘democracies’ and imperialism achieve their complete liberation. 
Any number of acts of Al Qaeda or any other organization like Al Qaeda cannot win them freedom or sovereignty from the occupation and intervention of imperialists. The upsurges in the Arab World including the struggle of  Palestinian people and the unrelenting fight and sacrifices of their organizations would go nowhere unless they get consolidated into People’s Wars against imperialism, feudalism and comprador bureaucratic capitalism in their countries.

CPI (Maoist) calls upon all the oppressed nations and peoples of the world to unitedly fight back the imperialists, particularly the US imperialists, who unjustly launched the so-called War on Terror targeting the Muslim populations all over the world. We appeal to the US citizens to realize that it is the brutal imperialist policies followed by their rulers in third world countries that are endangering the lives of US citizens and not so-called terrorists; that it is the capitalist economic system which is leading to financial crises again and again affecting their well-being or rendering them unemployed and not immigrants. We appeal to the people of US to raise their voice and fight our common enemy on his home turf.  Supporting the just struggles of the people oppressed by the rulers of your country would also pave the path for your own liberation. We sincerely hope that the struggles of the working class and people in imperialist countries, including US, against monopoly capital and that of the oppressed nations and peoples of the third world would unite and turn into a mighty storm which would ultimately destroy our common enemy.

CPI (Maoist) particularly calls upon the people of South-Asia to raise their voices against the brutality of the NATO forces led by the US in Afghanistan and Pakistan and demand their withdrawal immediately. Support the struggles of Pakistani people against the attacks of US imperialists on their soil and their struggle for freedom from imperialist coercion and intervention.

Let us realize that US imperialism is the No.1 enemy of the world people threatening world peace, sovereignty of the third world countries and their progress. Let us fight back the imperialists and their compradors in our countries for a life free of exploitation and oppression, for a life to be lived with dignity and raised heads.

Central Committee,
CPI (Maoist)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Against Counter Revolution: Kiran - New Political document

(This proposal was presented by senior vice-chairman Comrade Mohan Baidhya Kiran in the party’s central committee held in April 2011. Kiran presented the document to register his dissenting views in the party after chairman ‘Prachanda’ proposed a new proposal with focus on ‘peace and constitution’ deviating from the political line of ‘popular insurrection’ adopted by party’s sixth extended meeting or plenum held in November 2010 in Palungtar of Gorkha district. We have already posted it’s Nepalese version. Now we have English version. Thanks to Comrade Lamsal, who made it available.)

1. Two main problems at present

The country is now in a grave political crisis. We have now two main problems: They are: problems related to class struggle or national struggle and problem related to two-line struggle in the party. The problem concerning national struggle is related to the problem in correctly identifying the class enemy and the problem in effectively advancing the struggle against it. Now the reactionaries, on the one hand, are conspiring to convert our party- Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)- into a reformist and status-quoist party by pushing it to the grand parliamentary quagmire and should this plan fail, they are plotting to resort to suppression against our party, one the other. We must understand this truth properly. In the same way, the two-line struggle in the party is getting complicated and this is also the expression of class struggle. We also must be serious on the issue of properly understanding the two-line struggle and advancing it in a comradely manner. Now families of martyrs, families of disappeared warriors, and injured and disabled warriors are expecting from our parties to realize their aspirations and dreams of liberation. The entire Nepali people including workers, peasants, women, dalits ( oppressed), janajaties (nationalities) Muslims and all backward people and classes as well as the international proletarian class, too, are watching at our party as a centre of hope for their bright future. We must pay our attention to all these factors.
A true communist party and its leaders must seek scientific solution to these problems. Otherwise, the validity and justification of such leadership would automatically come to an end. We must be very serious on this issue.

2. On Chairman’s proposal

The political proposal presented by comrade chairman is against the fundamental spirit of the political line and policies based on the political proposal adopted by the central committee which was a continuation of the sixth extended meeting of the central committee held in Palungtar. In this connection, it is necessary to give due attention to the following matters:

In the first place, comrade Chairman’s proposal has rejected the political line adopted by the central committee convened as per the directives of the Palungtar plenum. The earlier political line of the party was rejected in the name of ‘clarifying confusions in the political line and modifying the plans of actions in view of the new developments and changed context”. On the one hand, comrade Chairman, in his proposal, has avoided the issue concerning the review of the situation emerged after the Palungtar plenum and he has also reincorporated his own views in it. Herein has been used sophism against dialectic materialism.

Secondly, in the document on political line that was adopted after the thorough analysis of national and international situation by the central committee in accordance with the mandate of the Palungtar plenum, it was stated: “The party has adopted the establishment of people’s federal republic as the immediate tactics. It has adopted a clear-cut policy of consolidating mass insurrection for the establishment of people’s federal republic or people’s republic through struggles from three fronts-constitution, peace and government-with priority to street struggle on the basis of four preparations and four bases. The party has also made it clear that it has to move ahead by consolidating the movement taking up issues of national independence, people’s supremacy and other burning issues directly related to the people including their livelihood. Now it is urgent for the party to act in practice by formulating concrete action plans on the basis of this political line”.

But the political proposal presented now has stated, “As a part of four preparations and four bases, it is necessary to take ahead the process of army integration and rehabilitation and prepare a unified draft of the constitution and take it to the people for debate, despite differences on some key issues including the ones related to state restructuring, governance structure and electoral system”. It is clear that the proposed proposal does not match with the spirit of earlier report adopted by the central committee as directed by the Palungtar plenum. This proposal has rejected the political line adopted by the central committee held after the Palungtar plenum.

Thirdly, citing the intensification of conspiracy of imperialists, expansionists and reactionaries to break the peace process, dissolve the Constituent Assembly, impose tyranny on the people and seize the achievements of the ‘ People’s War” and popular movement, the chairman’s political proposal has stated the necessity to immediately integrate the army and prepare a unified draft of the constitution to foil the conspiracy. This logic is based on pessimistic and capitulationist thinking that considers reactionaries stronger than their real strength and sees only the negative aspects of the situation. This is monolithic thinking which is against the materialistic dialecticism that believes in the thinking that the political line and tactics should be adopted on the basis of concrete analysis of concrete situation.
Fourthly, this document does not contain the correct and scientific answer of the question as to why the revolutionary political line could not be implemented. In the report, the role of the main leadership for its failure to concrete on four preparations and four bases that was required for the mass insurrection has been described as the secondary one while ‘ rising factionalism, anarchy, confusion and suspicions in the party and antagonistic and separatist activities, which are in fact, secondary factors, have been cited as the primary reasons.

Fifthly, comrade chairman, in various parts of his report, has, as usual, raised three lines or trends in the party. But there are only two trends in the party at present. The parliamentarism and inertia are not two separate trends but fundamentally one.

PFLP delegation in Egypt meets with Karameh and Communist parties

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine delegation in Egypt continued its meeting with Egyptian political forces on May 7, 2011, where they met with Amin Iskandar, leading figure in the Karameh party, and Ibrahim Badawi, one of the leaders of the Egyptian Communist Party.

Amin Iskandar expressed his congratulations for the steps toward Palestinian reconciliation and national unity, emphasizing the Karameh party's support for the struggle of the Palestinian people. Comrade Maher al-Taher spoke about the importance of deepening relations between the Front and Karameh party.

The Front discussed Palestinian and Arab politics with Ibrahim Badawi, as well as the popular revolution in Egypt and the new role for the Left in Egypt.

The Front's delegation, including Comrades Maher al-Taher, Rabah Muhanna, Jamil Majdalawi, and Abu Ahmad Fuad, plans additional meetings in Egypt with political forces who participated in the revolution.

Historic Defeat for Revisionist CPI Marxist and Left Front in West Bengal

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Resolute struggle of workers and public pressure ensure a partial victory for labour movement in Gorakhpur

Press Release

Resolute struggle of workers and public pressure ensure a partial victory for labour movement in Gorakhpur
All 18 dismissed workers from Ankur Udyog taken back, factory will start from tomorrow
Agitation will continue to demand arrest of main accused of the firing, compensation to injured workers from government, revoke false cases and order a judicial inquiry
Second phase of 'Workers Satyagraha' will be launched if demands are not met

New Delhi, 10 May – The resolute struggle of workers of Gorakhpur in the face of brutal repression by the police and administration and widespread condemnation and public pressure forced the administration and the factory owners on the back foot and ensured a partial victory for the workers agitation in Gorakhpur. The workers were agitating since May 3 when 19 workers were injured in firing by criminals hired by a factory owner.
           The administration came under pressure after severe condemnation from all quarters of lathi charge on workers going for peaceful 'workers satyagraha' to the commissioner's office, arrests and beatings and misbehaviour with women workers and hundreds of workers starting a hunger strike at the town hall. The officials released all the detained leaders and workers by late evening yesterday and brought the factory owners for talks. The dharna was suspended last night after the owners agreed on some demands and formal talks were decided to be held today. A group of 25 workers had symbolically continued the hunger strike which was to be rejoined by a large number of workers if the talks failed.
           The owners agreed to take back all the 18 workers dismissed from Ankur Udyog and start the factory from tomorrow in talks held today in presence of the deputy labour commissioner. However the stalemate continued on the issue of the 18 workers dismissed from two factories of VN Dyers ltd.
           The Joint Workers Rights Struggle Front spearheading the agitation has said that the agitation will continue on the demands to arrest the main accused of the firing and action against the officials who helped them, compensation from the government to the workers, revocation of all false cases on workers and a judicial inquiry into the incidents of firing as well as the brutal repression unleashed on 9 May. A second phase of 'Workers Satyagraha' will be launched if the demands are not met soon.
         The brutal repression of the workers yesterday has attracted widespread condemnation from national and international forums and individuals. Eminent jurists, intellectuals, social activists and people associated with working class movements from all over the country expressed their anger to Chief Minister Ms. Mayawati through hundreds of faxes, emails, phone calls and memorandums and have demanded that the cycle of repression be stooped immediately, judicial probe be ordered into the incident, the demands of the workers be fulfilled and quick action be taken against the culprits. PUCL and PUDR have announced to send their enquiry teams to Gorakhpur and some independent investigative teams comprising senior journalists and social activists shall soon leave for Gorakhpur to gather facts.
           This small victory against the oppression of the nexus of factory-owners-administration-communal forces has become possible due to huge public outrage and public pressure but the workers of Gorakhpur have still a long battle to fight and they need the support of all justice loving people and social activists. The workers have obtained some relief from repression but their basic demands have still not been fulfilled. No factory in the region implements any of the labour laws. The workers are deprived even of basic facilities like minimum wage, ESI, PF, Job card and are forced into long hours of overtime. The labour department keeps its eyes shut against such oppression and lawlessness. Unless these basic demands of the workers are addressed their resentment will keep coming to the surface in form of such movements from time to time.
           Joint Workers' Rights Struggle Front has warned that if the factory owners try to renege on their words and fail to give the workers their constitutional rights as before or if they try to victimise worker's leaders then they should be ready to face the consequences.

The front expressed gratitude to the jurists, journalists, intellectuals and social activists for their timely help and has appealed to all to support the workers of Gorakhpur in their struggle for justice.

Citizen's Front in Support of Gorakhpur Worker's Movement
Contacts: 9936650658 (Katyayani), 9910462009 (Satyam), 8447011935 (Sandeep)

From Iran to our Revolutionary Comrades in the Middle East and North Africa

From Iran to our Revolutionary Comrades in the Middle East and North Africa

Communist Party of Iran (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist)-May 2011

People of Tunisia , Egypt , Syria , Palestine, … also, are our people! The reactionaries and imperialists have divided us by borders but common oppression and exploitation have grafted our hearts together.

When the wretched of the earth – slaves, peasants, workers, women and other oppressed – straighten their backs and move their gaze from ground to horizons of emancipation, a new chapter in history begins – one in which these are no longer voiceless and faceless victims but the key players.

At a time that world capitalist-imperialist system and its setups ruling in different countries seem everlasting and possibility of a different world is not readily in sight, the struggles of the people of Tunisia and Egypt opened a new chapter in history and brought smiles to faces of the oppressed and exploited of the world. Uprisings of these people gave a big blow to dark atmosphere of hopelessness and apparently "eternal" existence of the oppressive and suffocating status quo of these countries. When yesterday's verbal protests turned into angry rebellions and the corrupt ruling bands fell disgracefully on the ground, an exciting stage in the process of Middle East developments began. When these people powerfully moved to take their destiny into their own hands, they gave a sense of power and hope to all oppressed of the world because they created moments that made achievement of seemingly impossible dreams more real.

Mohammed Bu Aziz in fact enflamed the powder keg of this region which in turn sent its shock waves to Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria, Syria, … and devastated the client regimes of imperialism in the Arab world and pulled millions of people into political life, opening the gateways for flourishing their tremendous energy.

More than any other social and political trend, it is the Communists who have welcomed and taken heart in this new opening. On the other hand, eruption of these popular volcanoes have shaken to the core the reactionary states of the region as well as the European and American imperialists who consider this region a key to their world domination. They are doing their best in order to tame these upsurges.

The risings of the peoples of Tunisia and Egypt have really inspired hundreds of thousands of young and old in Iran and have produced among the people of Iran a sense of friendship and common destiny with peoples of these countries. These uprisings have given a good blow to rotten and chauvinistic anti Arab ideas which were produced and spread under the Shah's regime as well as the Islamic Republic regime. People's cry in the streets of Tunisia and Egypt who chanted `al shab yorid esghat-al-nizam" [People Want Fall of the System], reminded the militant and courageous youth in the streets of Tehran that reactionary program and goal of the leaders of the "Green Movement" – i.e. to "reform the system" and "revive Khomeini era" -- must be broken with. The militant street protests of people of Tehran and other parts of Iran on February 14, 2011 who chanted "Ben Ali, Then Mubarak and now Seid Ali" [Khamenei's name] was undoubtedly inspired by and was a welcome to the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt .

During such inspiring conjunctures the masses of people learn that the oppressed – be it Iranian or Arab, Latin, African, Asian, European etc – are of the same race and our enemies are also of the same race. We the revolutionary communists of Iran salute the people of Tunisia , Egypt , Syria and any where else who have stood up in order to bury oppression and exploitation. We are proud of them and highly value what these uprisings have achieved up to now.

Struggle for accomplishing a real revolution have just begun. Ben Ali and Mubarak were merely commanders of a regime. Their regime was an operator of state machinery. And their state is a protector of an oppressive and exploitative economic and social system. The people have risen up in order to overthrow the old system and they have achieved important victories. However, a tortuous road is ahead because the old system is still dominant and has not been overthrown. Great opportunities for brining about a different world have been produced. But, great dangers are also threatening the newly born revolts of the people.

The question is what the road ahead is and how it will be paved? Undoubtedly, a repetition of bitter defeat of Iranian revolution is not a given. The lessons of that defeated revolution can be of tremendous value to the fighters in the Middle Eastern and North African countries. When that revolution was defeated one of the rare opportunities for revolutionary transformation of Iran and radically changing the face of Middle East was lost. Let us wield internationalist unity to prevent a repetition of such a loss in different forms. Be it that the people of the world proudly celebrate the victory of an authentic revolution in this region.

Defeat of Revolution in Iran

In 1979, millions of workers, peasants, students and oppressed nationalities rose up in Iran and overthrew the Shah's regime which was the product of a CIA led coup against the regime of Dr. Mossadegh in 1953. This event caught many with surprise especially that a year earlier President Carter of the USA had declared Iran under the Shah "an island of stability in Middle East ". As a result of Shah's fall, cracks opened in US domination in the Middle East .