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The Life and Thought of Samir Amin


We are critical of Samir Amin's view on China - Read Minqi Li here;

Samir Amin. The global influence of the October Revolution on the modern world

This lecture was delivered at Moscow State University in November 2017



Samir Amin - Remembering his contributions and his confusions - the Struggle continues

Democracy and Class Struggle learnt much from Samir Amin but like others we have gone beyond him - we particular we  regret his position the confusion he created about revisionist China.

In tribute to him following his recent death we link you articles we have published by Samir Amin as well as our criticisms.

Samir Amin's theory of de linking and self reliance like Juche can contribute to theory and practice of socialist economy in it early development phase when survival in a capitalist imperialist ocean is the priority.

Despite our serious criticism of his views on China we take his life as a whole as positive for the revolutionary movement and view his contribution as an educator which includes educating ourselves as a vital part of his contribution with the critical ability to go beyond him..






This very important interview with Samir Amin was taped on May 5th 2010 in Zagreb


Democracy and Class Struggle combats views of China which do not recognise its capitalist social character, has we see this recognition has a precondition for return of socialism to China.

We take the view that some of Henry CK Liu writings overestimate socialism in the State sector in China and Samir Amin confuses state ownership of Land has a form of pre-socialism, he should be well aware that nationalisation of land is a capitalist demand.

Lenin's views on Land Nationalisation was clear :

"consequently the concept of nationalisation of the land, in terms of economic reality, is a category of commodity and capitalist society"

For some of Mao's thoughts on Land ownership and in particular the signifcance of  a 1962 Law popularly known as the 60 Articles , guaranteed, in the words of Peter Ho that collective ownership was invested in the lowest level: the production team - ie the village. Chairman Mao's time a 1962 Law popularly known as the 60 Articles , guaranteed, in the words of Peter Ho that collective ownership was invested in the lowest level: the production team - ie the village.

see my note here.

Samir Amin does not understand the commodification of Land in China and the threat it poses to food security in China see here :

See also discussion on Land at 18th CPC Congress here :


The Devil and his Disciple? Netanyahu and Bolton or Bolton and Netanyahu ?

It is Iran that Rejects Nuclear Weapons and Israel that has them - not just double talk - deception for War from the Devil and his Disciple.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

August 19th 1953 - Iran marks 65th anniversary of CIA coup

From Operation Ajax to the overt and covert attacks on Iran Today - it appears the US has learnt nothing from its meddling - however we are aware of the dialectic of history and see the current attempt of US government to overthrow the Iranian Government as its last - in the coming conflict the US will be forced out of the Middle East forever - a reconfiguration of the Middle East is already in the making.

Is Israel planning for something world is unaware of?

Yemen's Ansarullah hits Saudi base in Jizan in retaliation for Saudis murder of Yemeni School children on August 9th

Never forget that Britain and United States are part of the Saudis Coalition attacking Yemen.

The blood of the Yemeni People and in particular its children is on British American and Saudis and UAE hands

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Peterson, Harris & Molyneux the useful idiots of Proto Fascism - Psudeo intellectualism on the Right

Democracy and Class Struggle says Fascist Movements have Dog Whistles and Bullhorns for proto Fascism - Christian Picciolini identifies these  Fascist enablers who think they are too clever for us to expose them.

There maybe some reluctance to on our part to call proto Fascist Enablers "intellectuals" especially when we talk about Petersen and Harris and Molyneux  they are really masters of euphemism and ambiguity.

The role of euphemism by proto Fascists is not new - it leads to people to think more radical conclusions without it appearing to be forced on them - believing you have arrived at the conclusions yourself is very seductive - especially when in reality you have swallowed propaganda wholesale.





Euphemism has a history and Sam Harris like all the "intellectuals" the proto Fascist enablers exploits it to the maximum.

Ambiguity is another clever device of the Right - because they claim they never really said that did they ?

But most of all they think we are peasants who cannot figure out or decipher their dog whistles euphemisms or ambiguities.


Victor Klemperer was right when he said words can be like small doses of arsenic but have a toxic effect over time.

Which is why we pay special attention to words especially of Sam Harris,Peterson and Molyneux.

PS .David Pakman since this interview has tried to defend Sam Harris from  Christian Picciolini criticism - we thank Christian Picciolini for his exposure of Sam Harris

Ahed Tamimi joins Khan Al- Ahmar protest in Palestine

The Proud Daughter of Palestinian Liberation joins demonstration

Dareen Tatour Palestinian Poet ordered back to Israeli Prison for Poem Resist my People Resist on Facebook and You Tube

Israeli "Democracy"means Poets in Prison

Resist, my My people, Resist them

Resist, my people, resist them.
In Jerualem, I dread my wounds and breathed my sorrows
And carried the soul in my palm
For an Arab Palestine.
I will not succumb to the "peaceful solution,"
Never lower my flags
Until I evict them from my land
I cast them aside for a coming time
Resist , my people, resist them.
Resist the settler's robbery
And follow the caravan of martyrs.
Shred the digraceful contitution
Which imposed degradation and humiliation
And deterred us from restoring justice.
They burned blameles children;
As for Hadil, they niped her in public,
Killed her in broad daylight.
Resist, my people, resist them,
Resist the colonialist's onlaught.
Pay no mind to his agents among us
Who chain us with peaeful illusion.
Do not fear doubtful tonques;
The truth in your heart i stronger,
As long a you resist in a land
That has lived through raids and victory.
So ali called from his grave:
Resist, my rebellious people.
Write me as prose on the agarwoood;
My remain have you as a response.
Resist, my people, resist them.

Resist, my people resist them

Xi Jinping to attend North Korea's 70th anniversary celebrations of regime's establishment

The Art of Argument - finding the common motive

Democracy and Class Struggle has seen the degeneration of argument by confirmation bias and emotion today seems stronger than reason.

Therefore it is important we establish the ground on which we can influence and change people's opinions and perceptions and looking for the common motive is one such way of engaging rationally rather than emotionally with people.

Inter personal relationships made be a good place to start rather than ideology which can come later based on inter personal relations.

Friday, August 17, 2018

North Korean leader blasts ‘brigandish’ sanctions of USA

Glen Greenwald Defends Alex Jones - No Surprize Here !

Democracy and Class Struggle says the debate around Alex Jones and hate speech on Google and Facebook and You Tube is no longer abstract but concrete and has real world implications as the families of the Sandy Hook victims found out.

Sam Biddle makes points similar to ourselves above - while we are against hate speech we do not see Google or Facebook or You Tube as judges of it - that should be socially determined and regulated not corporately and these tech monopolies should be broken up.

We also know that at periods of history that hate speech has been falsely used against the Left - but we are not dogmatists we evaluate our position today from current balance of class forces today not yesterday.

We welcome the take down of Alex Jones by activists like Right Wing Watch creating pressure on the tech giants limiting Alex Jones activities as part of the class struggle - they took down Alex Jones because of social pressure not desire.

We see freedom as a class concept  unlike Glen Greenwald who at best espouses an abstract anarchist view of freedom and not a revolutionary socialist one,

It is not a surprise to us for all his corporate denunciations he is happy to take  Pierre Mofad Omidyar money for the Intercept - 
we respectfully suggest that Glen Greenwald do his next investigative journalism article on Pierre Mofad Omidyar and the CIA instead of using anti corporate rhetoric to cover his tracks.

Glen Greenwald's  defense of Alex Jones is essentially the slippery slope defense. - but we are under no illusions that these tech giants act on behalf of US and Israel to close down or suspend sites at will as the recent actions on two Venezuelan sites show - this is nothing new. 

These and similar actions were done before Alex Jones takedown and irrespective of Alex Jones.

We have maintained than in event of war with Iran a large number of existing sites will be taken down by the US and Israeli Governments including our own.

In fact these take downs have already been simulated as part of US and Israeli Information War Games.

Glen Greenwald can volunteer for the gallows of free speech for Alex Jones and Nazis and Fascists but we do not have to follow his ahistorical view of the freedom struggle against fascism and nazism which was defeated by bullets not by Glen Greenwald's rhetoric.. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Trump's Conservative Helsinki Mood Music no longer attractive in Russia they have discovered the lyrics SANCTIONS SANCTIONS

Democracy and Class Struggle says Can Russia make sense of Trump ? 

Only Trump knows Trump

We have warned Russia about Trump's Games many times in the past years and some in Russia have heard us but they cling onto illusions about Trump with a tenacity that shocks us - which makes us suspicious that they love the Trump music and cannot hear the lyrics of SANCTIONS, SANCTIONS.

Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch on Alex Jones

Taking Alex Jones down has taken a lot of activism by people like Right Wing Watch and Jared Holt - do not undo their good work.

We may have political disagreements with some of the liberals in Right Wing Watch but overall we welcome their exposure of the Far Right in American politics.

Light on the darkness of American politics will always get our support.

Freedom and the Marsh by V.I.Lenin - Hate Speech is not Free Speech do not follow some US Leftists into the Marsh

Democracy and Class Struggle has made our position on freedom and Class Struggle in  our recent series of posts on Alex Jones and we recommend those that have not grasped the truth that democracy and freedom are class concepts to study Herbert Aptheker here:

“We are marching in a compact group along a precipitous and difficult path, firmly holding each other by the hand.

We are surrounded on all sides by enemies, and we have to advance almost constantly under their fire.

We have combined, by a freely adopted decision, for the purpose of fighting the enemy, and not of retreating into the neighbouring marsh, the inhabitants of which, from the very outset, have reproached us with having separated ourselves into an exclusive group and with having chosen the path of struggle instead of the path of conciliation.

And now some among us begin to cry out:

Let us go into the marsh!

And when we begin to shame them, they retort:

What backward people you are!

Are you not ashamed to deny us the liberty to invite you to take a better road!

Oh, yes, gentlemen!

You are free not only to invite us, but to go yourselves wherever you will, even into the marsh. 

In fact, we think that the marsh is your proper place, and we are prepared to render you every assistance to get there.

Only let go of our hands, don't clutch at us and don't besmirch the grand word freedom, for we too are "free" to go where we please, free to fight not only against the marsh, but also against those who are turning towards the marsh!”

What is to be Done ? By V.I.Lenin

Lenin reminds us we do not have to go down the Kyle Kulinski, Jimmy Dore and Lee Camp and Code Pink path we can let them go into the marsh but we are free to reject their liberal freedom for socialist democracy - democracy for the many not the few.

Omarosa Treasure Trove of Recordings for Mueller ?

Reality TV Star Omarosa plays the Trump game against Trump - Omarosa should team up with Avenatti and we will see a good street fight.

Time for the infighting to reach new heights which of course is also a distraction - from Iran and North Korea.

Its takes a villain to take down a villain.

US Fascists to Watch 2018 with Samantha Bee

Closing down Fascism in the USA will prove harder if the Left defends their "free" speech which is nothing but hate speech.

Time for an education program among the US Left about the class character of democracy and freedom.

It can begin here with that great Black American thinker Herbert Aptheker :

Bonfire of the Oppressors - Burn Baby Burn - British and Israeli Flags incinerated in Derry


The bonfire was held in the staunchly republican area the Bogside, where British Soldiers killed 14 people in 1972, in an event that come to known as Bloody Sunday.

Bonfires are held on 15 August as tradition in some nationalist parts of Northern Ireland in order to mark the Catholic Feast of the Assumption. 

While to others they are held to commemorate the British policy of internment. 

Introduced in 1971 the policy saw republican suspects indefinitely detained without trial. 

Alex Jones Somehow Getting Crazier - Liberals are taking us into the Swamp defending hate speech

Democracy and Class Struggle says that free speech is not above Class Struggle - it is part of the Class Struggle restricting the  actions and hatred of Alex Jones is freedom from fascism and oppression of minorities,

Democracy and Class Struggle wants the expansion of freedom for the majority and minorities but that means going beyond capitalism and suppressing capitalism - we do not get there by advocating freedom of hate speech for Alex Jones like Kyle Kulinski, Jimmy Dore and Lee Camp and recently Code Pink defending Proud Boys are doing in USA.

We feel that Young Turks are better but like liberals they are copping out on the hate speech question and making the Jones Question a defamation question.

We need more than ever to understand the class character of freedom and freedom is a class concept if we are to get out of the swamp that Kyle Kulinski, Jimmy Dore, Lee Camp and sadly Code Pink are leading us into.


Free here:



Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Lebanon marks 12th Anniversary of Israel's 2006 Defeat

The Armenian Genocide by Robert Fisk

US, Israel too weak to wage new war: Nasrallah

Democracy and Class Struggle says that Netanyahu and Trump are examples of incredible hubris and their nemesis is one of the most underestimated men in the world Nasrallah.

While Democracy and Class Struggle does not want a new war in the Middle East we regard it as highly likely because the United States has put in overt and covert operations against Iran which can only have War as an outcome which should break out by 2019.

The new war will not just be a repetition of past wars - it will largely be hybrid and asymmetric and prove that people not technology win wars.

History has a dialectic of its own and Trump the "friend" of Israel is bringing Israel it to its greatest existential danger since 1948.

The reconfiguration of the Middle East is in process and the biggest losers will be the United States and Israel.

The American Horror Story - Alex Jones and Donald Trump - Donald Trump to Alex Jones "I will not let you down"

When people on the US Left defend this capitalist proto fascist fanatic and sicko - then there is something wrong with that Left.

Reminder that Kyle Kulinski , Jimmy Dore and Lee Camp who call themselves US Leftists defend Alex Jones and his hate speech as free speech.

Code Pink supporting the Fascist US Proud Boys show how sections of the US Left accept hate speech as free speech and not as violence against minorities.

The class concept of freedom is missing in the liberal idea of free speech - essentially they are keeping the capitalist door to Fascism open by protecting Fascist Free Speech.

The enlargement of freedom for the majority has always been accompanied by limitations on freedom of the oppressors  like slave owners.

In 1776 it was the New England Tories that had their rights restricted so the merchant bourgeoisie in the Colonies could open up progress for the 13 Colonies in an Independent USA.


Japan ritual Glorification of Empire and War - August 15th

Democracy and Class Struggle never tires of pointing out the rise of the influence of Nippon Kaigi in Japan something largely ignored in the West but fits well with Donald Trump's plans in Asia.

The Alt Right Love Celebrating Failure

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Saudi Arabian Interference in Lebanon,Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and Qatar, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen

United States and British Complicity in this Saudis Killing of 40 Children between 6 and 11 years old - This is the Mother of all War Crimes

Killers do not investigate their own crimes - British and United States military aid to the Saudis Killers must stop - no supplying of bombs and technical assistance on guidance and targeting by USA and Britain

China depends on neo Liberal Capitalism for export markets - Chinese Capitalists resist domestic market orientation because it leads to higher wages says Minqi Li

Chinese capitalist development depends on continuation of neo liberal world economy and export led growth - the re-orientation of Chinese Economy to domestic market is resisted by Chinese Capitalist Class because it leads to higher wages for workers.

Minqi Li like Democracy and Class Struggle are not apologists for Chinese Capitalism like some of the psuedo Leftists.

Neo Liberalism while it helped create the modern Dengist Chinese Capitalist Economy can also destroy it - it is the dialectic of capitalist development.

Socialism calls - but the Chinese leadership wear Dengist ear plugs - when the sound shakes the earth we will have the Second Edition of the Chinese Revolution.

Can The Left Take the Cities in Europe and USA ?

Class Struggle in the Cities - Housing is a Right and Need - fighting AirBNB.

Need to integrate the national and class struggle in Catalonia - Catalonia is not just a commune it is a Nation.

A Marine general led a fictional Iran against US military – and won

Democracy and Class Struggle says old school will beat the new school at war - Sun Tzu and Mao are our military masters in the coming asymmetrical war in the Middle East.

"Technology cannot replace human intuition - a culture not willing to think hard and test itself".

It is people not technology that will determine the outcome of War. 

Iran's leader rules out Iran would start a War - We agree Iran will not start the war the US/Israeli death wish camp will - because they are profoundly ignorant of Iran

When you rely on MEK for your information on Iran it is same as relying on Ahmed Chalabi on Iraq - it is not only stupid but also reflects your profound ignorance of Iranian and Iraqi reality and the cartoon versions of society both MEK and Chalabi serve up for their paymasters.

The Ambiguity of European Union and Some Latin American Countries on the attempted assassination of Nicholas Maduro


Attempted Murder of Umar Khalid in Delhi

An unidentified man, wielding a gun, attacked Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) student Umar Khalid outside the Constitution Club of India in Delhi on Monday afternoon. Mr. Khalid, who was to address an event at the Club, escaped unhurt.

The police recovered a pistol, with six live bullets, that the assailant dropped while fleeing the spot. Several eyewitnesses reported having heard a gunshot as the attacker ran away.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Khalid said, “I had just finished drinking tea from a stall adjacent to the Constitution Club and was heading inside when a man, who was armed, attacked me from behind.

 I reacted in self-defence and two of my friends helped me overpower my attacker who then fled.”

The Delhi police have registered a case under Section 307 (attempt to murder) of the IPC and Arms Act at Parliament Street police station.

Joint Commissioner of Police (New Delhi) Ajay Chaudhary confirmed that Mr. Khalid had been was attacked at a tea stall outside the Club at 2.30 p.m. when he arrived to attend an event organised by ‘United Against Hate’. He added that investigations were underway into the attack.

Police also said no bullet had been fired at Mr. Khalid and that the pistol fell on the ground when attacker was fleeing after hitting the JNU student.

The pistol has been send to FSL to confirm if a bullet was fired from it.

Joint Commissioner of Police (New Delhi) Ajay Chaudhary confirmed that Mr. Khalid had been was attacked at a tea stall outside the Club at 2.30 p.m. when he arrived to attend an event organised by 'United Against Hate'.

“We have recovered CCTV footage in which the attacker was seen fleeing. Several police teams are working in the case, the attacker will be arrested soon,” said Mr. Chaudhary.

Police also said no bullet had been fired at Mr. Khalid and that the pistol fell on the ground when attacker was fleeing after hitting the JNU student. Mr Chaudhary said the pistol has been send to FSL to confirm if a bullet was fired from it.

Madhur Verma, Delhi police PRO confirmed that it was a predetermined attack on Mr. Khalid. “It will be early to establish that the attacker was a part of any group or it was an individual act. The attacker will be arrested soon,” Mr Verma said.

Eyewitnesses corroborated Mr. Khalid’s statement and said as the assailant was fleeing, his pistol fell with a loud sound on impact.

Ashishi Pandey, and eyewitness who works in government office in the vicinity, said, “I saw a man who was holding a gun attack Mr. Khalid but he fled the scene after a short scuffle as two other men came to Mr. Khalid’s rescue. The man did not shoot at Mr. Khalid but I heard a gunshot when the weapon fell on the road.”

Mr. Khalid later submitted a written complaint to the Parliament Street police station.

Speaking about the incident, he said, “It’s ironic that it happened as I have come to participate in an event titled ‘Khauff Se Azaadi’ (Freedom from Fear). There is an atmosphere of fear. If you speak against the government you will be branded and then anything could happen to you.”


Ambassador Seyed Hossein Mousavian speaks on Iran and US Act of War

Are Hamas and Israel Headed to War or to a Ceasefire?

The Angry Arab Prof. As’ad Abukhali confirms that 250 people have been killed since the Great March Of Return - in Gaza.

Where is the outrage ?

Facebook Taps Militarist Think Tank Atlantic Council to Police its Content

Democracy and Class Struggle says its is time to start building a Left presence on the Deep Web outside the search engines of Google outside of Facebook and YouTube.

We have already started our Democracy and Class Struggle Deep Web Project which we will launch in 2019 we say do not Mourn over Corporate control of the Internet Organize  - move into the Deep Web to ensure information flows even in the coming War in the Middle East which we see breaking by 2019.

It is not a slippery slope we should be worried about but a vast chasm as sites that expose the lies of pro War propaganda against Iran will be shut down - Press TV will be closed down first to ensure a one sided view of the new Middle East War which we see as not just hyrid but asymmetrical with Information War being critical to its success.

If you know this is coming you should prepare for it - it is your duty to do so.

The public web has already been weaponized.

Charlottesville Round 2 Was a Major Flop with Trevor Noah

Is Jeremy Corbyn's "anti-Semitism Crisis" a Smear Campaign? Yes it is and it one of the most disgusting episodes in UK history

Democracy and Class Struggle while having serious disagreements with the Labour Party we support Jeremy Corbyn as an individual against the slanders of Zionists and the Right wing opportunists of  the Blairite type.

While unarmed Palestinians are being continually killed in the Great March of Return with little or no outrage in the United Kingdom the media including the BBC continue to create a crisis out of nothing to destroy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party.

The Jewish Chronicle the Jewish News and Jewish Telegraph should remember the time in the 1930's when the Jewish Chronicle denounced the Zionists undermining the World Jewish Congress Nazi Boycott and the Zionist Agreement with  the Nazis called the Haavara Agreement.

The Zionists were the enemy of the Jewish People in the 1930's and are the same today and criticism of Zionism is not only essential for Jewish people yesterday but also today.

The shooting of unarmed Palestinian civilians must be criticized and that criticism should NEVER be called anti semitism because it is criticism of Israel.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Charlottesville prepares for anniversary of deadly protests

Alex Jones’ Lawyer Wants To Post Addresses Of Newtown Victims’ Parents

Democracy and Class Struggle says we agree with Farron Cousins on this one and not with Kyle Kulinski and Jimmy Dore and Lee Camp who show the basic ideological weakness of the US Left when faced with hate speech,

They echo the US Supreme Court that bastion of the bourgeoisie as if they defended democracy by defending hate speech.

Our view is simple it  is that Hate Speech is not Free Speech the victims of hate speech pay the price - we stand with the victims of hate speech not the perpetrators.


Why Fascism is So Tempting - and how your data could power it by Yuval Noah Harari

Democracy and Class Struggle has stressed how important it is to understand your fascist enemy very much in the spirit of Sun Tzu

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

We recently published decrypting the Alt Right and how to recognize Fascists  because ContraPoints looked at what is new in fascist dog whistles and vocabulary.

Yuval Noah Harari  is a gay Israeli and has a interesting vantage point on Fascism from inside the Israeli Apartheid State even though his standpoint is of liberal democracy and not revolutionary communism we can learn from him.

His stress on knowing yourself and knowing your weaknesses echo's our Sun Tzu quote and complements knowing your enemy.

Artificial Intelligence and Centralised Data Processing when LINKED to direct digital democracy can open vista's of socialist democratic planning but for this socialist democracy to expand we have to bring down big Capitalist corporate data and the Capitalist surveillance State.

We have long pointed out the psycho linguistic analysis of our data was pioneered by GCHQ in the United Kingdom and was sold around the world long before Cambridge Analytica appeared late in the game opening road for private Fascistic use of our data.

Yuval Noah Harari understands the importance of feelings and not reason in politics it was a hard lesson learned in the Mass Psychology of Fascism by Wilhelm Reich and one we have not taken seriously enough in our work to combat Fascism.

Capitalist electoralism is about feelings not thinking which is why we need to go beyond it to direct democracy.

Fascists are the hackers of our freedom in this Yuval Noah Harari is right - which is why we can learn from him but go beyond him.  Capitalist liberalism (old and neo)  opened the fascist road and has complicity in its rise.

Just think of the countries in which democracy has become an emotional puppet show and it might awake you to reality in the 21st Century.


New US Sanctions on Russia Raise Tensions, Plummet Hopes

Dmitry Medvedev has warned the US that any sanctions targeting Russian banking operations and currency trade will be treated as a declaration of economic war and retaliated against by any means necessary.

Democracy and Class Struggle has long warned that the market economy was Russia's Achilles heel and we have even found a number of Russian Commentators who agree with us.

Dmitry Medvedev is a market liberal and responsible for making Russia vulnerable to Western blackmail - Putin on occassion has recognized the problem but quickly re- affirmed his commitment to the market - that is why we have said he has passed his sale by date - he cannot take Russia to it next necessary stage a Self Reliant Socialist Economy without Capitalist Oligarchs the Profit Patriots - Communists are Russia's Real Patriots.


Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has warned the US that any sanctions targeting Russian banking operations and currency trade will be treated as a declaration of economic war and retaliated against by any means necessary.

“If they introduce something like a ban on banking operations or the use of any currency, we will treat it as a declaration of economic war. And we’ll have to respond to it accordingly – economically, politically, or in any other way, if required,” Medvedev said during a trip to the Kamchatka region.

"Our American friends should make no mistake about it,” he emphasized.

Medvedev noted that Russia has a long history of surviving economic restrictions and never caved in to the pressure in the past. “Our country had been living under constant pressure through sanctions for the last hundred years,” Medvedev said, accusing the US and its allies of employing sanctions to undercut global competition. “Nothing has changed.”

The prime minister said that by targeting Russia’s gas exports to Europe, Washington wants to push its own LNG shipments to the continent. “It’s an absolutely nonmarket anti-competition measure aimed at strangling our capabilities.”

Medvedev pointed out that the US is simultaneously imposing tariffs on China. “The Chinese, obviously, don’t like it. No one does. And our goal is to resist all these measures.”

On Wednesday, the US State Department announced a new round of sanctions targeting Russian exports of dual-purpose electronics and other national security-controlled equipment, which will come into effect on August 22.

The stated reasoning behind latest punitive actions are accusations levelled against Russia over the Sergei and Yulia Skripal poisoning back in March, which the UK and its allies pinned on Moscow without due investigation. Washington subsequently accused Moscow of breaking the 1991 international law against chemical and biological warfare.

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied the allegations, while the UK authorities have provided no proof of Russia’s involvement in the case. Furthermore, Moscow eliminated all stockpiles of its chemical weapons under international obligations, unlike the US, which has still to honor its commitment.

While Russia reserved the right to retaliate against new trade restrictions, the US threatened to intensify sanctions within three months, by potentially cutting off nearly all exports and imports and banning the Russian airline Aeroflot from flying to the US.

To avoid further pressure, Washington demands that Moscow confess and provide “reliable assurances” that Russia will not use chemical weapons in the future. The US also seeks to have “on-site inspections” of alleged chemical production facilities, which Russia has already shut down.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Opium - the Lifeblood of Terror: The Hidden Story of How Jihadis Fund Their Holy War

Saudi Cosmetic Reform falls apart as Canada Exposes Saudis Human Rights Abuses

The leading Saudis arse lickers are UK and USA defending Saudis in United Nations and putting Saudis money before basic human  rights - doing the Saudi Sword Dance of Death.

British and United States Complicity in Saudis killing of Yemeni Children - No Time for eyes wide shut

Evidence Revealed on Maduro Assassination Attempt

The Native American Genocide and its Apologist Stefan Molyneux exposed by Shaun

Democracy and Class Struggle says there are intellectual enablers of Fascism just like there are political enablers like Trump - sometimes they are usually called pre cursors or Proto Fascists - Stephan Molyneux is a modern example of this intellectual type of enabling.

There were intellectual forerunners and enablers of Fascism and Nazism in the 20th Century - there are new ones and we need to take them down with facts and when necessary with militant action.

The Genocide of Native Americans was influential in Nazism and was seen as a model for future racial purifying in Germany - therefore it is not accidental that the rightists like Molyneux wants to minimize its historical impact.

India : Kobad health alarm in jail

New Delhi: Maoist ideologue Kobad Ghandy, lodged in a Jharkhand prison and facing trial for a 2007 rebel attack, has said his health has worsened because jail authorities have not acted on doctors' advice to send him to capital Ranchi for treatment.

The 71-year-old was shifted from Bokaro's Tenughat sub-divisional jail to Loknayak Jaiprakash Narayan Central Jail in Hazaribagh in March.

"The latest urine/blood report for the prostrate/urinary (July 3, 2018) tract shows a serious deterioration in the condition," Ghandy has said in a July 7 letter to human rights activist and JNU professor Moushumi Basu.

"Ever since arrest by the Jharkhand police I have been informing that this condition is serious and continuously deteriorating. But the authorities have totally ignored it."

Ghandy, held in various jails across the country since his arrest in Delhi in 2009, suffers from hypertension, arthritis and a slipped disc, and was treated for prostate cancer. He is alleged to have been associated with the CPIML People's War, which merged with the Maoist Communist Centre to form the CPI Maoist in 2004.

The charges of association with the banned Maoist party and involvement in acts of terror have not been established although Ghandy was convicted of cheating, forgery and impersonation in 2016.

In his letter, Ghandy says that a doctor who examined him at Tenughat referred him to the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences, Ranchi, on February 9 and March 15 but he is yet to be sent there.
"After coming to Hazaribagh Central Jail, the condition has seriously deteriorated. Over a month back the doctor instructed to do a urine culture and blood tests. 

But this was ignored," he has written.
"Finally on the eve of his retirement on June 30, at his personal initiative the tests were done. And the new doctor who took charge says there are serious problems in the report. But I am still not being sent to RIMS for thorough check-up and treatment by an urologist."

Hazaribagh jail superintendent Hamid Akhtar told this newspaper that the prison's 110-bed hospital ward conducts pathology tests and has an outpatient department.

"It has not yet been brought to my knowledge that he needs treatment outside. The jail hospital treats people but we don't have facilities for conducting surgeries," he said.

Basu told this newspaper: "His sister has not heard from him in the past four weeks, and whenever friends visited the jail they were turned away. His lawyer Rohit Thakur is also finding it difficult to meet him."

She added: "The last time his sister from Mumbai, who is 69 years old, saw him was in March when he was about to go on a hunger strike demanding a transfer from Tenughat."

Ghandy studied at Doon School, Dehradun, and St Xavier's College in hometown Mumbai before leaving for London to study chartered accountancy. He is suspected to have come under the influence of the far Left there.

His wife Anuradha Shanbag, who died of malaria in the forests bordering Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Telangana in 2008, was a central committee member of the CPI Maoist.

Charlottesville : The True Alt Right : Remembering Heather Heyer

Fourteen Naxals were on Monday killed in an encounter with security forces near Sukma's Konta and Golapalli police station limits reports from Harsh Thakor and Zee News

Democracy and Class Struggle says we Report on yet another massacre of comrades in Sukma which is not so far from previous Indian Governments massacre of comrades at Malkangiri which outraged us and comrades around the world


Do these Tribals in any way look like Maoists? These two along with other 15 Tribals were killed by the Indian police at Chattisgar's Sukma district. The police say that these people are the CPI (Maoist) cadre. The police claim that the women in the pic below is also a Maoist, who was wounded during the fire exchange and caught by the police while escaping into forest.

The truth is that they are all Tribal youth. The whole country believes that all are naxalites, but according to sources from Kistaram Village the truth is something else.

The idea behind this Masacre is to create a fear in the Adivasi community, so that they will keep themselves away from sympathizing CPI(Maoist). 

This will in turn help the MNC's to progress on their Trillions of Dollars worth MOU's.Condemn this ruthless massacre of Adivasis by the police symbolic of the fascism prevailing in the nation as a whole .

The State bangs every tooth and nail to destroy the backbone of any movement of the oppressed masses and blesses the tyranny unleashed by the corporates on tribals.

This is not an encounter but cold blooded murder.

Perfect illustration how the state uses the pretext of the Maoist movement to crush any democratic section or movement.


SUKMA: Fourteen Naxals were on Monday killed in an encounter with security forces near Sukma's Konta and Golapalli police station limits. 

Sixteen weapons have been recovered from them. The gunbattle took place on Monday morning in a forest area in south Sukma, around 500 km from Raipur, Deputy Inspector General (anti-naxal operations) Sundarraj P said. Search operation is underway. 

There have been at least two encounters in the first week of August itself in Chhattisgarh. Chief Minister Raman Singh had appealed to Naxals to surrender and join the mainstream warning that the security forces were ready to "finish" them. Singh said that due to the action by security forces, the state was heading in the direction of finishing the Naxal menace.

"The state government has given a strong message to Naxals that they should join the mainstream. Either they should surrender or security forces are ready to finish them. Now there is no way left for them," Singh had said. He also urged the tribal population in the state to support the government to get rid of Left Wing Extremism.

Earlier on August 3, one naxal was killed and two policemen were injured in an encounter at a weekly market in Bijapur in Chhattisgarh. The encounter took place when a police team was patrolling the area to ensure protection to the weekly market. 

"A group of 15 to 20 naxalites, dressed as civilians, opened fire on two jawans and also attacked them with sharp weapons in a bid to kill them and loot their weapons, like in the previous attacks committed by ultras during the weekly markets," Bijapur Superintendent of Police Mohit Garg had said.

On August 1, a CoBRA (Commando Battalion for Resolute Action) jawan was injured in the blast of an improvised explosive device (IED) triggered by Naxals in Chhattisgarh's Bijapur district. 

The incident took place under the limits of Basaguda police station when a team of CoBRA battalion -- an elite unit of the CRPF -- was out on a `search-cum-area domination' operation. The team had set out from Sarkeguda. The IED went off when it was cordoning off a jungle in the area.