Wednesday, December 12, 2018

United States: 50's Father Calls his son a Communist - 70 years later the same conversation

Democracy and Class Struggle says the Ideological War against Communism continues usually ultilizing false Black Book statistics which even a cursory critical look can reveal false underlying assumptions on birth rates and death rates.

They also create their own straw man Marxism which they then demolish just like the FBI book by J Edgar Hoover on Communism and think they are oh so clever smashing their own fictions.

Today we have Jordan Peterson making assertions about Marxism which he will not let Marxists Challenge in debate - because Marxists are beneath contempt - ideologically Jordan Peterson is a hang over from the  1950's and its ideological repression - but the world has moved on and so have young people.

Communism was never defeated - certain revisionist States Fell and those lessons have been learned painfully and slowly so that the Communism of the 2050's will be better ideologically and physically armed for final combat.

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