Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How the Trump regime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

As global systemic crisis intensifies, the myriad of networks, forces and factions that comprise the American Deep State are turning on each other: 

Trump is not the cause, but the symptomatic outcome of this structural rupture within the US establishment. 

What this means is that defeating Trump in itself is not going to weaken or rollback the forces which his regime has unleashed.

Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed


Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed link above exposes one of the false dichotomies of bourgeois thought that which opposes Trump to the American  Deep State.

F William Engdahl already had warned us not to think of Trump as some maverick bucking the system but as one of the options developed by the system.

The current false narrative developed by the right see's Trump at War with the Deep State when he and his appointments are part of the Deep State Machinery.

The Trump regime is not operating outside the Deep State, but mobilizing elements within it to dominate and strengthen it for a new mission.

The Trump regime is not acting to overturn the establishment, but to consolidate it against a perceived crisis of a wider transnational Deep System.

The Trump regime is not a conservative insurgency against the liberal establishment, but an act of ideologically constructing the current crisis as a conservative-liberal battleground, led by a particularly radicalized white nationalist faction of a global elite.

Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

A systemic crisis in the global Deep System has driven the violent radicalization of a Deep State faction

So rather than being a nationalist ‘insurgency’ against the corporate globalist ‘Deep State’, the Trump regime represents a white nationalist coup by a disgruntled cross-section within the Deep State itself. 

Rather than coming into conflict with the Deep State, we are seeing a powerful military-corporate nexus within the American Deep State come to the fore. 

Trump, in this context, is a tool to re-organize and restructure the Deep State in reaction to what this faction believe to be an escalating crisis in the global Deep System.

Trump's Proposed 54 Billion Dollar increase in Military Spending - Larry Wilkerson

Larry Wilkerson tells Paul Jay that a massive increase in military spending is a disastrous policy, intended to serve the commercial interest of the military industrial complex, and the cuts to pay for it, are coming from all the wrong places

Lots of money for "legacy systems" for the military industrial complex while future warfare will require lean mean intelligent war machines.

Democracy and Class Struggle cannot fail to say this 54 Billion sounds like a War Slush Fund- as far as wars are concerned there are real possibilities of War on all major continents.

Monday, February 27, 2017

US, South Korea liable for consequences of THAAD deployment: China

Democracy and Class Struggle says President Trump has already declared his intention of a new nuclear arms race with Russia but the deployment of the THAAD System in South Korea whose radar see into China and Russian Far East will rapidly destabilize Northern Asia and invite Chinese and Russian counter measures.

China says the United States and South Korea are totally responsible for “any consequences” of their decision to deploy the US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile system on the Korean Peninsula, warning that Beijing will “resolutely” adopt due measures to protect its own “security interests.”

The installation of the US advanced anti-missile system by the Republic of Korea Armed Forces (ROK) “will severely disrupt regional strategic balance, gravely jeopardize the strategic security interests of relevant countries in this region including China, and is not conducive to peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang in a Monday press briefing.

Beijing’s warning came a few hours after the board of South Korea’s Lotte Group, a giant multinational conglomerate, announced that it had approved a land swap with the Seoul that would enable military authorities to deploy the THAAD missile system on an area that is part of a golf course owned by the Lotte International Co Ltd.

In return, the ROK reportedly gave the Lotte Group a state-owned military site in the vicinity of the capital.

Seoul and Washington reached an agreement over the THAAD’s deployment in July last year and planned to take over the golf course in January, but the move was delayed due to strong objections by China. South Korea and the US claim that the purpose of the deployment is to counter perceived missile threats from North Korea.

Pyongyang, already under a raft of sanctions for its missile and nuclear programs, says it is developing arms as deterrence against the US. It says it will not abandon the missile and nuclear programs unless the US ends its hostility toward Pyongyang.

North Korea and China, meanwhile, believe the THAAD deployment is meant to expand US hegemony. They also believe that the deployment of the US missile system on the Korean Peninsula would destabilize the region’s security by upsetting the military status quo.

“One country's security cannot be pursued at the expense of other country's security. Regrettably, ignoring China's interests and concerns, the ROK insisted on working with the US to accelerate the deployment process. China is firmly opposed to and strongly dissatisfied with that,” Geng further said.

He added that Beijing strongly urged relevant parties to stop the deployment process and not to go further down “that wrong path.” Chinese officials have long complained that the US system would interfere with their radars and could pose a threat to Chinese security.

However, it is expected that the land swap deal pave the way for the THAAD installation between May and July. The advanced missile system has been designed to intercept ballistic missiles inside or just outside the atmosphere during their final phase of flight.

The finalization of plans for the system’s deployment has also triggered many protests within South Korea itself

SOURCE: http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2017/02/27/512346/China-S-Korea-US-THAAD-ROK-Lotte-Group-consequences-swap

The Great October Revolution - Remember and Celebrate

In 1917 the workers and peasants of Russia rose up and destroyed the oppressive Tsarist regime under which they lived.  Despite invasion by imperialist powers such as Britain the people, led by Lenin and the Bosheviks, beat off their enemies and set up the first lasting socialist regime in the world.


Russia and the other countries which became the Soviet Union were poor and backward.  Even so, although internationally isolated, the people brought about some tremendous achievements:

· In a very short time they built modern industry on a massive scale.  This enabled them to produce the weapons needed to beat off the Nazi invasion in 1941.

· At the time of the Revolution most people were illiterate yet within twenty years mass literacy had been established and there were tremendous advances in education.

· Modern health services were created and by the late 1930’s the Soviet Union had more doctors per head of population than did Britain.

· The position of women was greatly improved with vast numbers of female doctors and engineers.

· Perhaps most important was the impact of the October Revolution on the rest of the world.  It inspired poor people in many countries to rise up against their oppressors. Most notable was the revolutionary struggle of the Chinese people which achieved victory in 1949.  In capitalist countries such as Britain the ruling classes reluctantly made many concessions to popular demands for change, e.g. setting up public welfare systems.  This was because they feared revolution at home.


The Soviet Union and People’s China eventually degenerated into capitalism despite the enormous progressive changes in people’s lives. But this was only the first wave of socialist revolutions in the world.  We must learn from these experiences so that we can carry forward the revolutionary struggle against capitalism and renew the fight for a better world.

Capitalism, the system under which we live, brings about war and want.  The imperialist powers are creating mayhem in the Middle East.  America, China and Russia are warming up for a fight for world domination.  If we don’t destroy capitalism it will destroy us with war and environmental devastation.


In this anniversary year there will be many people trying to denigrate and dismiss the achievements of the October Revolution.  This includes Trotskyites and other assorted leftists.  Don’t be taken in by this rubbish.  Investigate, find out for yourself about the real history of this great historical breakthrough.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Revolutionary-Praxis-232048237153085/

Remembering the Russian Revolution of 1917 and its impact on the world by Otto Kuusinen






Finnish Bolshevik on Trotsky's lies about "German October"


Video refuting German October


Kostas Mavrakis on Permanent Revolution  or Uninterrupted Revolution by Stages ?


'Federal system only solution to Syria crisis,' says Kurdish politician Ilham Ehmed

Speaking at the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) congress, Co-chair Ilham Ehmed stated that the Democratic Federal system had proven to be the only solution during the course of the war ongoing in Syria for six years.

Remarking that the battle in Syria had turned into a nationalist and denominational war, Ehmed added:

"The period of six years with a crisis reveals the essentiality of a democratic and federal project. Several powers want to divide Syria and to change its demography. Most recently, the Turkish state launched a move to invade Northern Syria on the anniversary of the Battle of Marj D?biq. Through this invasion, they want to turn back to the Ottoman period. Iran and many other powers are working for an intervention on these lands.

The Federation project is based on the principles of respecting the identity of Syrian peoples and protecting the values of free citizen and justice. We see now the reality of the transformation of the Syrian Arab Republic into the Syrian Federal Republic. This system involves all the Syrian peoples, it is not based on one single nation alone. Syria, which is playing a leading role in the democratisation of the Middle East, needs a true democratic transformation."

Calling on the libertarian circles in Syria to take part in the building of the Federal system, Ehmed said: "The Democratic Nation project is not a dream. We are trying to build it at the moment. We must embrace the values of our country all together, and draw the map for the resolution of the Syrian crisis together."

Ehmed ended her speech by pointing out the urgent need for a ceasefire, an end to the siege on the country and formation of the foundations for the return of all the people that have been forced to migrate.

Source: ANF

France: Anti Le Pen - anti FN Protest in Nantes

2000 people demonstrate against the visit of Marine Le Pen to Nantes to stop National Front - solidarity with Anti Fascist Bretons against the FN and Marine Le Pen from Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses Russian views on global politics from his Russian Newspaper Monitor

Democracy and Class Struggle find the Russian Newspaper Monitor of Professor Kovacevic useful even if we do not always agree with his interpretation of events.

In particular we see US  policy towards Russia between Trump and Pence not being in contradiction with one another - we see Trump the showman playing a soft card to Russia and letting his front men Mattis and Pence play the hard card.

This is part of Kissinger/Trump policy of gaming Russia and what appear as contradictions are part of the showman Trump's script.

That does not mean everybody in the Trump administration is playing a pre-ordained part - General McMaster has to get on board quick and join the game - or he will be out.



The US government’s latest accusations against Russia over the Ukraine conflict is a “disappointing” move and indicates that President Donald Trump has no intention to improve ties with Moscow, says an American analyst.

Democracy and Class Struggle is not surprised by these developments - it is just the real and rational asserting itself in international relations - as Madsen says Trump is no Russophile and those that were deluded into thinking he was are increasing isolated even in Russia - but it appears RT Trump Fan Club will be the last people to get this message.

For more on the Incredible Trump Deception see interview with F William Engdahl at the bottom of this page.

The US government’s latest accusations against Russia over the Ukraine conflict is a “disappointing” move and indicates that President Donald Trump has no intention to improve ties with Moscow, says an American analyst.

Wayne Madsen, an author and investigative journalist in Washington, made the remarks after the US State Department condemned a recent attack on a monitoring group in Ukraine.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) said Friday that one of its patrols in Ukraine’s restive eastern parts was attacked by Russian-speaking people, who also seized a drone the group was using.

The US State Department blamed the attack on Moscow and called on the Russian government to “immediately” observe ceasefire in the restive region.

“We were told that Trump would have a different policy than his predecessor Obama,” Madsen said.

“It is rather disappointing that the rhetoric by Trump is not matched by any actions,” he added. “It is more of the same, not much different than Obama.”

Referring to statements by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Pentagon chief James Mattis about the continuation of US sanctions against Russia,

Madsen argued that Trump is the opposite of the Russophile some people claim he is.

“It really goes to show that those who think that Trump is some sort of a puppet of Russia are really trying to inflame US-Russia relations for other purposes,” he concluded.

The US and its allies had levied broad economic sanctions against Russia over its alleged support for pro-Russia separatist forces in eastern Ukraine.

Ties between Moscow and the West further deteriorated in 2014, after the strategic Black Sea peninsula of Crimea rejoined Russia in a referendum.

Trump has been under attack for expressing his willingness to cooperate with Russia in tackling global issues such as terrorism.

He came under more pressure when his national security adviser Michael Flynn resigned over holding secret talks with Moscow with regards to the sanctions.

However, many were surprised earlier this month, when he said that Russia should “return” Crimea to Ukraine.

In their phone conversation in late January, Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin both said they would like to try to mend battered US-Russia relations



While this interview was recorded on 22nd of December 2016 and has been superceded by some events his broader narrative has proved to be correct.

Commander of the Iranian military's naval forces Habibollah Sayyari officially kick-started the drills on board the country’s most advanced destroyer. He said the goals of the drills include enhacing Iran's defense capabilities, establishing security in the regional waters, combating maritime terrorism and testing the navy's latest arms and equipment.

Iran Prepares for the worst but hopes for the best in the Trump Era

Saturday, February 25, 2017

USA: Push back by General McMaster who says terrorists are un Islamic

Democracy and Class Struggle says General McMaster represents push back against the Apocalyptic Bannon view of Islam as the enemy. 

This professional army man seems to be one of few rational elements in Trump Administration - so how long can he last ?

President Trump’s newly appointed national security adviser on Thursday reportedly held his first “all hands” staff meeting where he said labels like “radical Islamic terrorism” are not helpful because he said terrorists are “un-Islamic.”

The New York Times, citing people who attended the National Security Council meeting, reported that Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster was in his Army uniform at the time and it represents a break from the opinion of other senior advisers.

Peter R. Mansoor, a retired Army colonel who served with McMaster in Iraq during the 2007 surge of U.S. troops, said earlier that McMaster “absolutely does not view Islam as the enemy.”

“So I think he will present a degree of pushback against the theories being propounded in the White House that this is a clash of civilizations and needs to be treated as such,” he said.

The national security adviser has a special role within the government, working directly with the president but not subject to confirmation by the Senate. McMaster will advise Trump and serve as his coordinator of foreign and defense policy.

See Also: http://democracyandclasstruggle.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/usa-general-mcmaster-trump.html

"Under the Leadership of Russia" by O.W Kuusinen (1921)

Remembering the Russian Revolution of 1917 and its impact on the world by Otto Kuusinen






Finnish Bolshevik on Trotsky's lies about "German October"


Video refuting German October


Kostas Mavrakis on Permanent Revolution  or Uninterrupted Revolution by Stages ?


Fidel Castro Ruz : His legacy and his historical significance By Jesus Rojas

This article reflects the personal views of Jesus Rojas

The world is marking the death of clearly one of the most controversial figures in geopolitics of the 20th century. When such figures are mentioned, they are generally heads of dominant states that changed the course of history through foreign policy engagements, and conflict action—whether it be war, peace or détente. Names like Roosevelt and Stalin, Kennedy and Khrushchev, Reagan and Gorbachev, Mandela and Botha. But only one spanned the course of five decades and changed how all western nations would relate to the eastern nations in the context of class revolution. And he would be known by one name. Fidel.

This extraordinary man was an authentic revolutionary, an anti- imperialist, one of the most remarkable political figure of his age. Castro belonged in the company of Ho Chi Min, Mao Tse Tung, Nasser and Nehru, as an embodiment of 20th century nationalism.

His political hero was not Lenin, but Jose Marti the 19th century fighter for Cuba`s independence from Spain. For Cuban poet Nicolas Guillen, there was a direct link between two of the biggest figures in his nation's history. In a poem from 1977, he wrote: "Lo que Marti prometio, Fidel lo cumplio" ("What Marti promised, Fidel delivered"). Guillen's poem refers to Cuban independence hero Jose Marti, the inspirational figure in Castro's own political life. Marti promised a Cuba free of US interference and, famously, a republic that would be as he put it: "For all Cubans and the good of all Cubans."

Castro was a thoroughly Martiano, he firmly believed what the apostle of freedom said. He was a consumate politician a man with a phenomenal capacity  to read the situation both domestic and international, which allowed him to turn his beloved Cuba  into a leading player in some of the major international conflicts that stirred the second half of the twentieth century.

The country that Castro took over was little more than an American satrapy, the capital Havana was a playground for US tourist where the mafia ruled. Abruptly, this world vanished to be replaced by a socialist state. American assets were nationalized, the mobsters were stripped of their casinos and prostitution rackets, and Cuba`s giant neighbour turned from patron and provider into implacable foe.

Within months the Eisenhower administration was plotting to overthrow Castro and similar efforts would continue for decades. By a conservative count, the CIA mounted at least 600 separate assassination attempts against him, some almost  comic and involving such devices as exploding cigars, very one of them failed. By the end, Castro had outlasted  ten presidents, before he stepped down because of illness in 2008, having run the country for 49 years. He was a man who stayed true to his convictions throughout his time in power.

No other country in the region achieved anything similar to what Castro achieved . Cuba provided decisive support for the consolidation of the revolution in Angola defeating Portuguese colonialism in its last bastion : Cuba was with Vietnam from the outset and its cooperation proved to be of immense value to the people subjected to the American genocide. Cuba was decisive according to Nelson Mandela to redefine the socio-political map of the south of the African continent and put an end  to apartheid, countries like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina with larger economies, territories, populations have never been able to exert such gravitation in world affairs, but Cuba had Fidel Castro.

 Castro stood out as an excellent man of government demonstrating efficiency and efectiveness in the management of the economy; which allowed this small country, not only to survive, but its indicators of social development are above some developed countries.

When comparing Cuban and American schoolchildren, in that country, in any poor zone of Mexican or Haitian immigrants or any other Latin American country of every 1000 children born, die 30, 35 and even more before the first year of life.  In Cuba there was a revolution that made justice, which established equality and dignity for all citizens without exception.

Cuba is a country where a school-age child is not seen wandering or begging in the streets, is the only country in the hemisphere including the United States where 100% of the children enter the seventh grade, a country where 99.5% Of the teenager graduates from ninth grade, it is the only country where children under 5 years receive the benefits of an education plan through the program Educate Your Child, Cuba is the only country in the hemisphere since the child is born has the possibility to grow healthy, to have a liter of milk daily, the necessary food and as for the education  he can go  from preschool to the university until he gets his Phd degree  without having to spend a single cent .: Cuba disposes of the best educational system among all countries, has the highest number of teachers per inhabitant and a lower number of students per classroom, there is no primary school with more than 30 students per teacher and classroom .all this despite the special period and the blockade, the longest economy blockade in the world history.

Cuba has been the only Latin American country that achieved the generalization of  social justice. The entire population of 11 million people enjoys the rights of free access to health and education, which deserved  praises from  the  Pope John Paul II on his trip to the island in 1998.

One of the most beautiful examples given as testimony to the nations of the planet is undoubtedly the creation of international medical brigades, an unprecedented event that undoubtedly deserves to be recognized as one of the great contributions to humanity.

Thousands of medical practitioners graduate in Cuba every year and Cuba sends them to more than 60 countries across the globe to provide aid and assistance.  Cuba has a world class biotech industry that is saving millions of lives through dispensing vaccines and drugs to needy countries at a fraction of the cost that large multinationals would charge.  This scientific advance, generosity and solidarity with the poor and disadvantaged is attributed to Castro's vision.

For Castro the unity of Latin America and even more that of the people and nations of the then Third World was essential , that is why He created the tricontinental in January 1966 to support and coordinate national liberation struggles in Africa, Asia, and  Latin america and the Caribbean, he knew like a few that unity was essential to contain and defeat the US imperialism that in its dispersion our people were the undefended victims of the despotism of the United States, and it was urgent and necessary to return to the initiatives proposed by Simon Bolivar in the 1863 Anfictionic Congress, he already anticipated in his celebrated letter of Jamaica of 1815. In line with these ideas was the great strategist of the process of growing supranational integration that began to germinate in our America since the end of the last century, when he  found in the figure of Hugo Chavez Frias the field marshal who  needed to materialize his ideas. Chavez was the one who picked up the torch of opposing and resisting US hegemony in the region.

The collaboration between these two giants of our America opened the door to an unprecedented process of changes and transformations that gave way to the most important economic and geopolitical project that the empire had developed for the hemisphere the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas.  Like Chavez, Castro was a very cultured man and an insatiable reader, his passion for the accurate and thorough information was inexhaustible. Castro was beyond his rhetoric a visionary in the strategic direction of the Cuban process, getting in its moment the unification of all the organizations, with the purpose of creating a movement capable of organically directing the revolution on the island.

Castro possessed an undeniable personal charisma and a degree of humanism that attracted support from both the oppressed masses of Cuba and wider layers of intellectuals and radicalized youths internationally. Only someone endowed with exceptional leadership, and with innate mentality of leadership could achieve such a feat. The Cuban process had not entered into a phase of internal confrontation, in which the only ones favored would be the historical enemies of the people, if it had not taken the strategic initiative to call for unity among political groups and movements.

 Fidel Castro is a person who has influenced many people : I would say millions of people , I am one of those influenced by him  and I think his legacy will live on forever . He was a man true to his convictions. Whether one agrees or not with his politics, it has to be accepted that through all his long years in power, Castro stayed true to his convictions to the end. That in a politician is a very rare quality and I suspect will be his longest lasting legacy. A  legacy that  will echo long beyond his death..

Trumps' Nuclear Plan - 35 years later - sorry 35 days ! Stephen Colbert

Democracy and Class Struggle - the Trump Nuclear Arms Race - rather than parity with Russia Trump adds yet another looming danger a Nuclear Arms Race to be top dog.

In response we are increasing the number of humor breaks on Democracy and Class Struggle in a effort to maintain our sanity.

We notice rational Russians are getting disturbed by Trump but irrational ones on RT wade into defend Trump's Press Ban on CNN and  New York Times which even Shepard Smith of FOX news has condemned.

This is a time to be real and rational and destroy those who would destroy us.

Friday, February 24, 2017

"Trump's campaign slogan 'Make America great again', if that means nuclear supremacy, will return the world to the worst times of the arms race in the '50s and '60s," says Konstantin Kosachev,

Russian politicians have warned that US President Donald Trump's declared plan to put the US nuclear arsenal in a higher position compared to other countries runs the risk of triggering a new arms race between Washington and Moscow.

"Trump's campaign slogan 'Make America great again', if that means nuclear supremacy, will return the world to the worst times of the arms race in the '50s and '60s," Konstantin Kosachev, the chairman of the international affairs committee in the upper house of the Russian parliament, wrote in a message on social media on Friday.

Kosachev said the Cold War era arms race during the '50s and '60s had been a dangerously grave time in human history that ended peacefully after the abandonment of the idea of nuclear supremacy.

"Over the course of the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the United States realized that achieving supremacy was dangerous, and accepted the doctrine of parity as the best way to ensure peace," he wrote.

Alexei Pushkov, a member of the defense and security committee in Russia's upper house of parliament, also commented on the matter in a message on social media.

"The United States cannot achieve decisive [nuclear] superiority … Instead of trying to achieve an illusory nuclear supremacy over Russia, the US administration should find a solution to the exceptionally complicated nuclear problem of North Korea."

Pushkov and Kosachev are not directly involved in decision-making on the Russian foreign policy and defense strategy. However, they both reflect the Kremlin’s position on state matters.

In a Thursday interview with Reuters, Trump had said he wanted to expand America’s nuclear arsenal to ensure it was at the "top of the pack," saying the United States had fallen behind in its nuclear weapons capacity.

SOURCE: http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2017/02/24/511936/Russia-US-Trump-Arms-Race



USA: Chase Iron Eyes Dispels False Media Narratives about Standing Rock

Thursday, February 23, 2017

US President Donald Trump says he wants to expand America’s nuclear arsenal to ensure it is at the "top of the pack,"

Democracy and Class Struggle severely criticized the  Russian honeymoon with Trump and the illusions that spread throughout the world - we were always concerned these illusions would lead to a violent abusive separation.

This Trump  intervention on nuclear weapons makes us reluctantly more correct than we wish we were. 

US President Donald Trump says he wants to expand America’s nuclear arsenal to ensure it is at the "top of the pack," saying the US had fallen behind in its nuclear weapons capacity.

In an interview with Reuters on Thursday, Trump also said he is against a "one-sided" new agreement with Russia that would limit the deployment of nuclear warheads.

The new president also complained about Moscow’s deployment of a cruise missile in violation of an arms control treaty and said he would raise the issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin when and if they meet.

Speaking from behind his desk in the Oval Office at the White House, Trump also declared himself "very angry" at North Korea's ballistic missile tests and said China could solve the threat posed by North Korea "very easily if they want to."

Trump has told Putin he does not want to renew a 2010 nuclear arms reduction treaty between Washington and Moscow because the deal was bad for the United States.

During his first call as president with Putin on January 28, Trump said the New START treaty favored Russia, Reuters reported earlier this month, citing current and former US officials with knowledge of the call.

New START gives both countries until February 2018 to reduce their deployed strategic nuclear warheads to 1,550, the lowest level in decades. However, it does not limit the number of operationally inactive nuclear warheads that remain in the high thousands in both the US and Russian stockpiles.

Source; http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2017/02/23/511823/US-Trump-nuclear-weapons

Standing Rock - Protesters Re- locate the Struggle Continues

Riot Police & Military at Standing Rock - Live

The Intelligence Community and the Slow Death of Trump's Presidency

Democracy and Class Struggle is an observer of the internecine capitalist conflict in the United States and neither Trump or the Deep State are democratic options for the American People - the American People's still have to find a new politics of liberation.

A  new politics of resistance was on display at Standing Rock where the knife was being sharpened in the protracted people's war to overthrow US Imperialism in its heartlands.

It is a long 35 Days into the Trump Presidency - Keith Oblermann already sees the process of Trump's demise and puts a good case of how it will unfold with the ice berg being revealed a little bit at a time.

Stephen Colbert on Alex "the Arsebarker" Jones Trumps "Advisor"

Thirty Five days of Trump requires another compulsory comedy break - Alex Jones by the way sells water purifiers on his Info Wars site but does not support the WATER PROTECTORS AT STANDING ROCK but his companion arsebarker TRUMP is an investor in DAPL

So Alex lets Donald pollute the water so Alex can sell the water purifiers - Snake Oil Salesmen in the good  old American tradition.

Standing Rock and the Struggle Against Corporate Power - The Arrests

Standing Rock Sharpening the Blade

Argentina's President Macri Faces Scandals and Resistance to Neo Liberalism

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Standing Rock - The Arrests Begin

Hundreds of police in riot gear and carrying night sticks are clearing the final Dakota Access Pipeline protesters, who remained on federal land in violation of orders by the governor to vacate the area by 4:00pm local time. Protesters consider the land to be indigenous property, Standing Rock, under treaty.

Enforcements included units from the Wisconsin State Troopers and Morton County officers, according to Unicorn Riot, an independent media collective. The collective also reported seeing a National Lawyers Guild observer being arrested.

Police regrouped following several arrests, returning to formation opposite protesters on the road. Remaining protesters anticipated them rushing at any moment.

Several minutes later, the police backtracked their position, leaving room open possibly for more back up or vehicles to arrive. With little sunlight left, and an announced clean-up scheduled for Thursday morning, it is unclear what their next move will be.

As police backed up, a small group of military veterans aligned with the protesters advanced their own line, keeping a distance of many yards.

A Facebook page called Inspire Bank Exits carried a livestream.

Source : RT

USA: Deadline at Standing Rock Passes - No major incidents or arrests

Taking the message of Standing Rock to the people - building a future in harmony with nature

Heavy Heart Latest Report from Standing Rock - Chase Iron Eyes - LaDonna Brave Bull

Democracy and Class Struggle says the women are the real heroes of struggle from Standing Rock in USA to Kurdish struggle in Rojava in Syria to Maoist Women in Dandakaranya in India.

From Heavy Heart to New Dawn 

Standing Rock : Independent Media being blocked and threatened with arrest - Chase IronEyes

Guardian Reporting some fires at Camp - they say started by Water Protectors - cannot verify

USA: General McMaster Trump Contradictions ?

Democracy and Class Struggle says General  McMasters three lessons from Vietnam about Not Lying, not having a close knit groups of advisers and not blaming the Press - resonate powerfully with the Trump administration first thirty days of doing all three.

USA: The Final Hours arrive for Standing Rock - Standing Rock has birthed a new Spirit of Resistance



Democracy and Class Struggle says that Standing Rock has shown that the core of the new resistance is women - just like in Syria in Rojava fighting ISIS the Kurdish women lead - just like in India women lead struggle of Adivasi tribes for land and freedom  - 
Red Salute to our sisters in Struggle in 2017

Standing Rock - The Thunders are Returning Chase IronEyes

Democracy and Class Struggle salutes Chase IronEyes and the brave sisters who are in the front line of struggle - the spirit of these fighters is truely the GREAT SPIRIT OF RESISTANCE  it is unquenchable and burns in peoples hearts all over the world but today it is focused at Standing Rock.

Trump and Iraq and Iran and ISIS

Monday, February 20, 2017

Fortress Europe : How EU's Migration Policy Enables Migrant Smuggling

Democracy and Class Struggle  opposes the EU Fortress Europe Policy and exposes those Pro EU leftists who ignore the Fortress Europe Policies.

Steve Bannnon and Catholic Theo Fascism against Pope Francis

Theo Fascism arises from the old Fascist Clericalism of the 1930's  and is one of the varieties of Fascism Mussolini's Corporate Fascism and Hitlers's Nazism being the other.

Steve Bannon is a Theo Fascist and Theo Fascism is part of the ideology driving the Trump Movement.

See Also;







Sunday, February 19, 2017

Clerical Fascism Revisited

Democracy and Class Struggle continues its investigation of Fascism and looks at one aspect that of pre Second World War Fascism -  the Clerical Fascist movements.

The term clerical fascism (clero-fascism or clerico-fascism) emerged in the early 1920s in Italy, referring to the faction of the Catholic Partito Popolare Italiano which supported Benito Mussolini and his régime; it was supposedly coined by Don Luigi Sturzo, a priest and Christian Democrat leader who opposed Mussolini and went into exile in 1924, although the term had also been used before Mussolini's March on Rome in 1922 to refer to Catholics in Northern Italy who advocated a synthesis of Catholicism and fascism.

Sturzo made a distinction between the "filofascists", who left the Catholic PPI in 1921 and 1922, and the "clerical fascists" who stayed in the party after the March on Rome, advocating collaboration with the fascist government.

Eventually, the latter group converged with Mussolini, abandoning the PPI in 1923 and creating the Centro Nazionale Italiano. The PPI was disbanded by the Fascist régime in 1926.

The term has since been used by scholars seeking to contrast authoritarian-conservative 'clerical fascism' with more radical variants.

Christian fascists focus on internal religious politics, such as passing laws and regulations that reflect their view of Christianity.

Radicalized forms of Christian fascism or clerical fascism (clero-fascism or clerico-fascism) were emerging on the far-right of the political spectrum in some European countries during the interwar period in the first half of 20th century.

Examples of clerical fascism

Examples of dictatorships and political movements involving certain elements of clerical fascism include:

Father Jozef Tiso's régime (Slovak People's Party) in the Slovak Republic (1939–45)
the Croatian Ustaše movement
António Salazar in Portugal
Engelbert Dollfuss in Austria
the Iron Guard movement in Romania, which was led by the devoutly Orthodox Corneliu Zelea Codreanu
the Rexists in Belgium
Vichy France.
the Lapua movement in Finland]

Source: Wikipedia

USA: Steve Bannon is driving a Clash of Civilizations of Judeo Christian values verses Islam a disturbing conflict and apocalyptic vision

Democracy and Class Struggle see's Bannon's simplistic reductionism of Christian good and Muslim Evil has very dangerous.

It ignores how Islamic People are fighting ISIS and in particular forces like the Kurds which are moderate Islamists are eradicating ISIS as are also Hezbollah - clearly the forces to destroy this perversion of Islam that is ISIS are other Muslims and not Christian intruders.

As we have pointed out Trumpism and Bannon at its ideological core owes much to the neo Fascism of Julius Evola and Traditionalism. 

The Post 1945 turn in Fascism was from "scientific" Nazi Racism to Spiritual Fascism of the Judeo Christian Tradition - Evola regarded himself as an Aristocrat of the Soul and despised the proletarian Hitler.


Barcelona - Catalans - Our Home is Your Home

USA: Standing Rock Update by Chase Iron Eyes

Democracy and Class Struggle we are approaching a critical point in the Standing Rock Struggle take careful note of what our brother in struggle Chase Iron Eyes says in this update.

Stephen Miller : Analysis of an Enemy

Steven Bannon, Michael Anton and Stephen Miller are the trio to watch that form the fascistic inner core of the Trump Movement.

They are the falsifiers and creators of a manufactured tradition of Judeo Christian American Firstism -  Trumpism  - a movement which parasitises other ideologies, includes many internal tensions and contradictions, and has chameleon-like adaptations based on the specific historic symbols, icons, slogans, traditions, myths, and heroes of the society it wishes to mobilize - US proto Fascism 

See Also :


Electronic Intifada's Ali Abunimah says there should be no territorial partition and forced segregation between Israelis and Palestinians, but instead a single democratic state that equally protects the rights of everyone

Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah on Trump - the English Translation

Democracy and Class Struggle appreciates the clarity and insights of Hassan Nasrallah the leader of Hezbollah on Middle East Politics even if we also have disagreements with him particularly over the Kurdish Question.

But what we must expose in the west is pernicious Islamophobia - some of the Islamophobes do not seem to appreciate that our Kurdish brothers and sisters are Islamic.

We appreciate both the heroic Kurdish struggle and Hezobollah's struggle against ISIL while understanding the real contradictions amongst them

Saturday, February 18, 2017

First Phase of Raqqa Campaign Nearing Completion by Enwer Omar

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are wrapping up the first phase of the Euphrates Wrath Operation, according to military sources. The operation’s long-term objective is the isolation and elimination of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Raqqa.

According to the SDF’s leadership, they need to capture two more square kilometers in order to meet their initial objectives. The pluralist coalition has already secured 16 km² north of Raqqa city.

The first phase of the Euphrates Wrath Operation aims to isolate Raqqa –ISIS’ de facto capital– from its northern countryside. This will be accomplished by securing the towns of Tel al-Samn and Hazima, which link Ain Issa city with Suluk District.

The SDF’s leadership has decided to increase the campaign’s already blistering tempo. Kurdish officers told ARA News that their forces will quickly expel the ISIS militants holed up in Hisha town. Those militants have been under siege for nearly one week.

Dilber Issa, a Kurdish commander in Raqqa, told ARA News that she was more than satisfied with her soldiers and their accomplishments. “Our forces made remarkable advances within the first week […] and killed dozens of ISIS terrorists in northern Raqqa,” She said.

“Also, there are many injured ISIS members who were taken as prisoners,” Issa added. “Clashes are still ongoing. Only a few kilometers in northern Raqqa are still in ISIS hands, and we’ll clear that area very soon.”

Abu Saqr al-Raqqawi, an SDF soldier at the front, shared the commander’s assessment of the campaign. He told ARA News that the “developments are so far in line with our plans.”

The Syrian Democratic Forces launched the Euphrates Wrath Operation earlier this week, with support from the US-led coalition. The SDF intends to hand control of the city over to its residents after the campaign is completed.

Reporting by: Enwer Omar

Source: ARA News


SDF Commander Simko Derik has told reporters that the first phase of Raqqa operation has been completed. According to Simko 100 villages & farms have been liberated, 150 families freed and 150 IS members killed.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Trump : Saving Democracy by Destroying it ? The False Dichotomies of Bourgeois Thought

Deutsche Bank and Donald Trump and the laundering of Russian Money - Russian Oligarchs and Trump the real love affair.

Economist James Henry explains why we should take Deutsche Bank's findings about Trump's assets with a grain of salt.

Democracy and Class Struggle says that the coming implosion of the Trump Regime will leave a lot of collateral damage - the further countries like Russia are away from Trump the less damage will be done.

It is Trump's Perestroika ( Restructuring) and will have the same result as Gorbachev's - disaster.

If people insist on protecting him they will go down with him  - that is countries (Israel) as well as individuals.

Keep your distance this is the internecine bourgeoisie's  war not the proletarian class war  - we will pick up the pieces in 2017  - an evocation of 1917.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Molotov Club Statement about the danger of Nazi Couр in Ukraine

The leader of Ukrainian Nationalists, Ukrainian MP, Andrew Biletsky gave an indication of activated his subordinates in the Kharkov region.

Earlier Biletsky was engaged in rallying of ultra-nationalists in this region where they formed an organization "Patriot of Ukraine" on the basis of which the "Azov" National Guard regiment of Ukraine was founded in 2014.

This is the most powerful and representative right-wing structure in Ukraine.

Currently into the Kharkov region is deployed The ”Azov Civilian Corps” (ACC) of Azov regiment. The organization brings together about 600 young activists under the age of 30 years. As soon as possible a civil body is able to organize its' supporters among the population, increasing the number of activists up to 1,000 people.

The activities of this organization is formally under the close supervision of the management of the SBU Kharkov (security service of Ucraine).

The SBU is not interested in further growth of Azov. However, all Kharkovs' people know that a number of SBU managers deliberately enhances nationalists. Some of them give direct guidance on non-interference in the activities of ”Azov Civilian Corps” (ACC).

In their daily activities Kharkov nationalists are actively involved in planning events held by local police - the detention of migrant workers, find pro-Russian citizens, provocations against Russian diplomats around the building of the Consulate General of Russia in Kharkov.

Such cooperation of nationalists and police due to the fact that the office of Minister of Internal Affairs is held by Arsen Avakov, the creator of the National Guard and of the spiritual leader of Ukrainian nationalists.

Avakov was promoting"Azov" and Biletskiy.

Everything that is happening right now in Kharkov suggests that the nationalists are increasing their military capabilities.

Also, several Polish and American instructors are situated in Kharkov, on a permanent basis from 2016, teaching nationalists the basics of hand combat, marksmanship and explosives.

We are aware of several addresses at which the preparation of nationalists is going on: Kharkov Belogorsk st. 92; Shevchenko st. 233 B. At the end of January 2017 the nationalist leader A. Biletsky, came to the city of Kharkov from Kiev. During the trip, he solved the problem of consolidating members of ”Azov Civilian Corps” (ACC).

Along the way, he made an agreement for the filling of the ”Azov Civilian Corps” (ACC) by proponents of other nationalist organizations residing in the city of Kharkiv, which actually means an increase in the number of the main nationalist structures to more than 1,000 people. A. Biletskiy personal propaganda has a powerful impact on the ACC members.

It was obvious during his visit to Kharkovs' nationalists' torchlight procession. During the event, at the direction of Biletskiy the nationalists chanted abusive slogans against the Kiev authorities, in particular against Ukrainian president Poroshenko.

All this is done to provoke SBU employees and creating panic among the local population. As it is well known, Kharkov is the pro-Russian region. And only one Biletskiys' order to fully loyal to him local nationalists is enough to began massacre the inhabitants of Kharkov, who disagree with present state of affairs.

But the ultimate goal Biletskiy is not the seizure of power in the Kharkov region.

The region he needs for only starting new protests across Ukraine. After the unrest in Kharkov, armed units of the "Azov" regiment near the Kiev, may proceed to the beginning of the next Maidan in the capital of Ukraine.

A suppression of the pro-Russian population in Kharkov is necessary to Biletskiy as the neutralization of the force, which is the only in Ukraine still preventing nationalist influence to a degree. The continuing decline of President Poroshenko's rating is now widely used for building by A. Biletsky the stronger protest potential among his supporters.

Such conditions have been created before «Evromaydan» in 2013. But in the spring of 2014 pro-Russian population of Kharkov took part in a rallies to protest against the coup in Kiev.

In the course of these meetings buildings of state authorities have been captured. Kharkov politicians that supported euromaidan, have been removed from power for two days.

In contrast to the population of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, Kharkov social activists did not have the determination to continue and they were dispersed by a special forces of SBU, arrived fron the other regions of Ukraine.

Despite the fact that most of the pro-Russian activists have been kept long in the Kharkov prison, nationalists never forgave Kharkov, which generally refer to the Kiev authorities as very disloyal because of the deteriorating quality of life in the region.

All this awaits Kharkov in the near future, if we will not attract maximum attention from the international community to this region.

By the intention and plans of Biletsky and his nationalist supporters, the following Maidan will not begin in Kiev, but in Kharkov.

And the consequences of this could be the bloodiest for the local population.

The US Russia Honeymoon Over ? Andre Vltchek*

Are the illusions over ?

Russia’s defense minister has strongly criticized his US counterpart for urging negotiations with Moscow from a position of strength.

Sergei Shoigu says Russia is ready for cooperation with the Pentagon but any attempts for building dialogue from such a position would be futile.

Shoigu has sought clarification about James Mattis’s recent comment.

Speaking at a NATO ministerial meeting in Belgium, the US defense chief warned that the military alliance will respond if Russia acts contrary to international law.

Mattis, however, said the US is willing to restore cooperation with Russia and deescalate tensions.

* André Vltchek is a Czech-born American political analyst, journalist, and a filmmaker he was born in St. Petersburg but later became a naturalized U.S. citizen. He has lived in the US, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Vietnam, Samoa and Indonesia

Democracy and Class Struggle says we always preferred the military men to the diplomats and analysts as they were closer to reality and less prone to illusion.