Thursday, February 9, 2017

Yemen - Humanitarian Catastrophe - US and Saudis military intervention deepening problems

Democracy and Class Struggle says its the same old US Imperialism under Trump as before and Yemen adds to the evidence - it does not matter where we look in the world from Venezuela to China to Iran its the same old imperialist story of American Exceptionalism under Trump.

Those Pro Trump analysts are trying to be magicians and create an illusion of the Trump the peacemaker who rejects American Exceptionalism - it is a BIG LIE.

Their illusions are like the Grand Illusion before the First World War and will create only one outcome - WAR.

Democracy and Class Struggle says some of these analysts including RT should have studied Lenin 
instead of Dugin then they would understand that geo-politics is also a social class struggle as well as a territorial struggle.

The internal class dynamics can change external relations and 1917 Russia is a classic example of this - that people have forgotten

Pro Trump emotions have overcome reason in right wing political and strategic analysis and this provides us with our materialist analysis - an opportunity to be the REAL and the RATIONAL and destroy pro Trump irrationalism.