Sunday, February 12, 2017

North Korea fires ballistic missile and strengthens its defense in 2017

THADD Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), formerly Theater High Altitude Area Defense, is a United States Army anti-ballistic missile system to be deployed in South Korea in 2017 despite Chinese and Russian opposition ostensibly against North Korea.

Democracy and Class Struggle says the planned deployment in South Korea of US THADD anti missile system is a ploy by United States to look inside China and Russia's Missile Defense Systems in North West China and Russian Far East.

"The X-band radar can spot missile as far as 2,000 km with forward-based mode and 600 km with terminal mode. As the two have the same hardware, the terminal mode, which South Korea allegedly plans to adopt, can be transformed into the radar with a much longer detectable range."

North Korea is an excuse and not the real reason for THADD deployment, both China and Russia are aware of that fact.

South Korea already has a missile defense system

With US Administration under Trump posturing in North Asia and South Asia with a new belligerent Japan with neo fascist Defense Minister Tomomi Inada ( denies Japanese Aggression in Second World War) we see no interest in China or even Russia who has its own problems with Japan supporting any further attacks or trade sanctions or military actions against the DPRK.

US bellegerent talk supporting Japan's claim to Diaoyu Islands will further inflame US China relations even though US has walked back a little over the South China Sea.

North Korea paradoxically finds itself in a good position in 2017 because of Japanese and US belligerent behavior


Why US does not value strategic stability with China.

Its the THADD Radar that concerns China and Russia and its deployment will de stabilise North Asia and start a new competition between China and US and possibly Russia for counter measures.