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Long live the 1st of May,

A day of unity, struggle and solidarity among the proletariat of al countries and of the widely exploited masses!

According to comrade Lenin, Mayday is a day of struggle, “a day of awakening of worldwide workers' class consciousness”. The working class is the only consistent class which wants the abolition of injustice, oppression, tyranny and suppression.

The working class is the most decisive class in the struggle against all exploitation of man. Mayday has found its meaning with this political and intellectual forming of the working class. It is at the same time a day of solidarity that signaled the prospect of workers' power, that expressed their will to socialism, that hailed the way towards communism.

Our time is a time of imperialist brutality. The capitalist-imperialist system continues its existence through the most ruthless seizure of working class and laborers toils by a bunch of exploitative monopolies. But it is not only that. At the same time, imperialism means war it means blood, tears, sighing and extortion in the clutches of relentless exploitation.

Imperialism and all reactionary states and leading classes that serve it today, advance upon the working class and the laboring masses at large. This destructive and provocative antagonism among imperialists, wreaks havoc all around the world. The situation in Middle East has been transformed into a bloody confrontation of the Western imperialists on one hand (USA, France, Great Britain) and Russia on the other, alongside various reactionary powers in Syria and Iraq. These vampires feed, in their effort to grasp the largest market portion, with the blood of the laboring peoples' masses and compete over who will drink most of the blood.

Especially today, Syria and Rojawa experience the imperialists and their lackeys' plunder. Hundreds of thousands of workers have been slaughtered in this long-running war and millions have taken the road to immigration, as refugees. During their journey thousands of children and women have died, while everyone else experienced all kinds of racist and fascist practices, ending up humiliated wherever they went.

Syria is under imperialist invasion. Rojawa is exposed to constant threat by the reactionary raiding by the Turkish state. Afrin has been an example of the world being divided in exploited and exploiting nations. It has been occupied by the Turkish fascist state with the explicit or silent support of the imperialist and reactionary ruling classes of various countries. Afrin's occupation has shown that the Kurds' only friends are the exploited nations and peoples.

In these conditions where contradictions among imperialists are deepened and intensified, there is a simultaneous spreading of tension around the world. From Far East to Middle East, from Africa to the Mediterranean, from Central Asia to Continental Europe, all around the world there is a widespread chaos and turmoil.

They are trying to turn the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea into a blood-field for the games of the imperialists and especially NATO's games. The Turkish and the Greek bourgeoisie are parts of this puzzle. They intensify a dangerous game of conquest regarding their national and chauvinist interests in the Aegean. They are trying to inflate a false enmity among their respective peoples, by giving rise to Turkish and Greek nationalism.

The fascist state of Turkey is trying to ruthlessly attack the people by declaring military law; on the other hand they are trying to manage their political crisis, using their offensive policy as a way out of it. It is in this context that they are unleashing their nationalist and hostile strategy against the Greek and Kurdish peoples. Similarly, the Greek government feeds this Turkish hostility.

It is doing so in order to carry out the political and financial offense of the EU and the Troika against the people, but also in order to negotiate it place in the region under imperialist supervision with the best of terms. Thus, the Turkish and Greek bourgeoisie need to present the Turkish and Greek peoples as enemies.

In this context we march towards Mayday, a day of unity of struggle and solidarity of the working class, the laboring classes and all of the exploited masses. This year, more than ever, it is necessary to establish a common struggle of the working class, to establish the internationalist solidarity.

Mayday is a day that reinforces they unity and struggle of the workers and laborers against all kinds of chauvinism.

Mayday is a day when the workers and laborers stand up united against the imperialist aggression, against the exploitation and the war, against plundering and destruction.

Mayday is a day that projects the common outlook of the workers and laborers struggle against the offensive and suppressive policy of Turkey's fascist regime towards the people and against its raiding and military attacks against the Kurdish nation.

Mayday is the day when struggle and solidarity rise against exploitation, suppression and injustice, wherever they may exist.

Mayday is a day of internationalist struggle and solidarity on the basis of the workers' class interests, with no division of language, religion, color, race or nationality taken into consideration.

Long live the 1st of May, a day of struggle and solidarity of the international proletariat!

Long live the anti-imperialist – anticapitalist struggle of the oppressed peoples and nations!

No to war and all imperialist interventions.

Long live Greece and Turkey's brotherly struggle!

Long live the oppressed peoples' struggle.

Death to fascism, imperialism and all kinds of reaction!

KKE(ML) Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist)

TKP/ML Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist Leninist

MAY DAY 2018

Syrian Arab Army and Kurdish Democratic Forces Clash - Deir Ez Zour Tensions

Kurdish forces are being a dispensible and disposable fighting fodder for US Imperialism in Deir Ez Zour that is bad for Syria and the Kurds. 

This is an area that can explode anytime because of presence of US troops.

1st May Statement from Maoist Parties and Organisations “Proletarians of all countries, Unite!” Karl Marx

Red Salute to Italian Comrades who have prepared these May Statements for a number of years bringing unity in theory and practice to Maoist Comrades.

1 May 2018
Proletarians of all countries, Unite!” Karl Marx
On 1st May 2018 - on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx, and on the 170th anniversary of the first issue of Il Manifesto of the Communist Party, written by Marx and Engels - is the great opportunity to affirm their relevance and power, as living weapons of the communists and the proletarians of yesterday, today and forever.
The history of every society that has existed so far is a history of class struggle.”
The whole society splits into two great enemy camps, into two great classes directly opposed: bourgeoisie and proletariat”.
The political power of the modern state is just a committee that administers the common affairs of the entire bourgeois class.”
This system produces continuous crises - the Manifesto writes - these are crises of overproduction that are the manifestation of the fact that “bourgeois relations have become too narrow to contain the wealth that they themselves produce”.
How does the bourgeoisie manage to overcome the crises? “On the one hand through the forced destruction of a great quantity of productive forces, for another with the conquest of new markets and more intense exploitation of those already existing”.
But this only prepares new and formidable crises.
But the bourgeoisie has not only created the weapons that produce death but also men who can use these weapons to put an end to their system.
These men - the Manifesto writes - are the modern workers, the proletarians, who live until they find work and find work as long as their work increases capital”.
Of all the classes that today are opposed to the bourgeoisie, only the proletariat constitutes a truly revolutionary class; the other classes are corrupted and perish and when they want to go back to the previous privileges they are conservative and reactionary; when they fall into the mass of the proletariat they are part of the proletarian class struggle”.
Only one way can the proletarians seize the social productive forces, which is to abolish the whole system of existing appropriation”.
History, therefore, becomes the history of the class struggle and this class struggle is the more or less hidden 'civil war' that troubles current society until the moment it explodes in an open revolution and the proletariat establishes its domination with the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie”.
The aim of the communists is clear and precise: the formation of the proletariat in class, the overthrow of the bourgeois domination, the conquest of political power by the proletariat.
The task of the Communists is traced in an eternal and indispensable form by the Manifesto, they “struggle to achieve the immediate aims and interests of the working class, but in the present movement they represent at the same time the future of the movement itself. They work to awaken in the workers the conscience, as clear as possible, of the hostile antagonism existing between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, so that the workers can convert into direct weapons against the bourgeoisie the social and political conditions”.
The communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political conditions and in all these movements stress the question of the ownership of capital as a fundamental problem”.
The Communists - today more than ever teach us Marx and Engels - disdain to hide their opinions and their intentions and openly declare that their objectives can be achieved through the violent overthrow of the whole social order existing ... because the proletarians they have nothing to lose but their chains and have a world to win”.
Capitalism, analyzed by Marx, who has become imperialism in Lenin's development, continues to go through a profound economic crisis and unload it on the proletarians and peoples of the world.
They speak of "recovery" but the only thing that resumes is the race for profits, wealth and armaments.
For the proletarians and the popular masses we have unemployment, precariousness, exploitation and slavery, poverty, robbery of raw materials and energy resources, devastation of the environment and territories.
Against this situation, proletarians and popular masses rebel in imperialist countries as in the countries oppressed by imperialism.
To the rebellions of the proletarians and the oppressed peoples, the imperialist bourgeoisie and the ruling classes enslaved to them in the countries oppressed by imperialism, oppose repression and massacres. States go through always more reaction and fascism.
Proletarians and peoples resist and develop their struggles and popular wars to affirm the revolution as the main trend.
The imperialist bourgeoisies and the reactionary states enslaved to them intensify the inter-imperialist quarrels, unleash commercial and through a third party wars, revive the tendency towards a new world war of division.
To the imperialist war one can only oppose the transformation of the imperialist war into a revolutionary civil war and the development on an international scale of popular wars.
Against the way of the revolution is opposed within the workers' and popular movement, the path of reformism, the path pursued by revisionists and social democrats, to reconcile with governments and imperialist states and to favor the realization of their plans.
In front of the crisis of reformism, social democracy and revisionism, new populist electoral forces that use reactionary demagogy to divide the masses and take them to the chariot of the ruling classes are advanced in the interest of the bourgeoisie and the imperialist states. Populism fuels fascism and neo-Nazism.
Communists and avant-garde proletarians work to turn the rebellion of the masses into a victorious revolution, of New Democracy in the countries oppressed by imperialism marching towards socialism, and in proletarian and socialist revolutions in imperialist countries marching towards communism. The communists, based on the ideas of Marx, Lenin and Mao applied to the concrete reality of each country, build and develop new genuine revolutionary communist parties, united fronts directed by the proletariat of all the exploited and oppressed masses, combat forces and revolutionary and popular armies.
Only where the masses have these instruments, their heroic and generous struggles can win.
On a world scale, the popular wars led by the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties are the decisive and essential strategic indication.
The people's war in India, directly affecting one of the main bastions of imperialism and reaction in the world, is a powerful reference point, along with popular wars in the Philippines, Peru, Turkey. Today they concretely show the way to overthrow the system of exploitation and oppression of imperialism and of all reactionary reactionary forces, for the construction of a new power and a new society.
The mlm communists must unite and strengthen their unity, freeing the ranks of the international communist movement from revisionist and capitulationist tendencies, without at the same time falling into the sterility of petty bourgeois revolutionism, of dogmatism.
The construction of the communist parties is only possible in the fire of the class struggle in close connection with the masses, as a function of the authentic revolutionary struggle for power.
 In thr 200th anniversary of the birth of K.MARX declare with force
 Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is the Marxism of our age! The essential basis for the unity of communists all over the world.
Proletarians of all countries, Unite!” the great slogan indicated by Marx, it is the red flag of proletarian internationalism, it is the weapon for the construction of a new Communist International.
The future of communism is in our hands.
1 May 2018

Committee for Building the Maoist Communist Party, Galicia, Spanish State
Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan
Communist Nucleus Nepal
Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist)
Democracy and Class Struggle, British State
Maoist Communist Party – Italy
Maoist Communist Party Manipur
Maoist Revolutionary League – Sri Lanka
Organisation de Travail Communiste – Tunisie
Parti des khadéhines – Tunisie
Revolutionary Communist Party - Canada
Union Obrera Comunista (MLM) – Colombia
Workers Voice – Malaysia

Communist Party of India (Maoist)*

*we cannot if the text arrives in India and when we know the reply
in all other years indian comrades sign the Joint Declaration
**the text has sent very late  and it is possible that others signatures arrive after May Day

1er Mai 2018 “Prolétaires de tous les pays, unissez-vous!” Karl Marx

1er Mai 2018 “Prolétaires de tous les pays, unissez-vous!” Karl Marx

Le 1er mai 2018 – le 200e anniversaire de la naissance de Karl Marx et le 170e anniversaire de la première édition du Manifeste du parti communiste, écrit par Marx et Engels – est une grande occasion de faire valoir leur actualité et leur puissance, comme des armes vivantes des communistes et des prolétaires d’hier, d’aujourd’hui et pour toujours.

« L’histoire de toute société jusqu’à nos jours est l’histoire de luttes de classes. »
« La société entière se scinde de plus en plus en deux vastes camps ennemis, en deux grandes classes qui s’affrontent directement: la bourgeoisie et le prolétariat. »

« Le pouvoir étatique moderne n’est qu’un comité chargé de gérer les affaires communes de la classe bourgeoise tout entière. »

Ce système produit des crises continues – écrit le Manifeste ; ce sont des crises de surproduction qui traduisent le fait que « le système bourgeois est devenu trop étroit pour contenir les richesses qu’il crée ».

Comment la bourgeoisie parvient-elle à surmonter les crises ?
« D’un côté, en imposant la destruction massive de forces productives ; de l’autre, en conquérant de nouveaux marchés et en exploitant plus à fond des anciens marchés. »

Mais cela ne fait que préparer de nouvelles et formidables crises.
La bourgeoisie n’a pas seulement fabriqué des armes qui produisent la mort, mais aussi les hommes qui peuvent utiliser ces armes pour mettre fin à son système.

Ces hommes sont « les ouvriers modernes, les prolétaires […] qui ne vivent qu’à la condition de trouver du travail et qui n’en trouvent que si leur travail accroît le capital ».

« De toutes les classes qui, à l’heure actuelle, s’opposent à la bourgeoisie, seul le prolétariat est une classe vraiment révolutionnaire. Les autres classes périclitent et disparaissent avec la grande industrie ; le prolétariat, au contraire, en est le produit le plus authentique. »

« Les prolétaires ne peuvent s’emparer des forces productives sociales qu’en abolissant le mode d'appropriation qui leur était particulier et, par suite, tout le mode d’appropriation en vigueur jusqu'à nos jours. »

L’histoire de la lutte de classe est « l’histoire de la guerre civile, plus ou moins larvée, qui travaille la société actuelle, jusqu'à l’heure où cette guerre éclate en révolution ouverte, et où le prolétariat fonde sa domination en renversant par la violence la bourgeoisie ».

Le but des communistes est clair et précis : formation du prolétariat en classe, renversement de la domination bourgeoise, conquête du pouvoir politique par le prolétariat.

La tâche des communistes est dessinée en forme éternelle et essentielle dans le Manifeste, ils « combattent pour les intérêts et les buts immédiats de la classe ouvrière ; mais dans le mouvement présent, ils défendent et représentent en même temps l’avenir du mouvement ». Ils travaillent à « développer chez les ouvriers une conscience aussi claire que possible de l’antagonisme violent qui existe entre la bourgeoisie et le prolétariat, afin que, l’heure venue, les ouvriers […] sachent convertir les conditions politiques et sociales que la bourgeoisie doit nécessairement amener en venant au pouvoir, en autant d »armes contre la bourgeoisie. »

« Les communistes appuient en tous pays tout mouvement révolutionnaire contre l’ordre social et politique existant. »

« Les communistes – aujourd’hui plus que jamais, nous enseignent Marx et Engels – se refusent à masquer leurs opinions et leurs intentions. Ils proclament ouvertement que leurs buts ne peuvent être atteints que par le renversement violent de tout l’ordre social passé… les prolétaires n’ont rien à y perdre que leurs chaînes. Ils ont un monde à gagner. »

Le capitalisme, analysé par Marx, qui est devenu l’impérialisme comme l’a par la suite analysé Lénine, continue de traverser une crise économique profonde et de la décharger sur les prolétaires et les peuples du monde.

Les capitalistes parlent de « reprise », mais la seule chose qui reprend est la course au profit, à la richesse et à l’armement.

Pour les prolétaires et les masses populaires, nous avons le chômage, la précarité, l’exploitation et l’esclavage, la pauvreté, le vol de matières premières et de ressources énergétiques, la dévastation de l’environnement et des territoires.

Contre cette situation, les prolétaires et les masses populaires se rebellent dans les pays impérialistes comme dans les pays opprimés par l’impérialisme.

Aux rébellions des prolétaires et des peuples opprimés, les bourgeoisies impérialistes et les classes dominantes qui leurs sont asservies dans les pays opprimés par l’impérialisme, opposent la répression et les massacres. Les États deviennent toujours plus réactionnaires et fascistes.

Les prolétaires et les peuples résistent et développent leurs luttes et leurs guerres populaires pour affirmer que la révolution est la tendance principale.

Les bourgeoisies impérialistes et les États réactionnaires qui leur sont asservis intensifient les contentions inter-impérialistes, déclenchent des guerres commerciales et des guerres interposées, ravivent la tendance à une nouvelle guerre mondiale de partage.

À la guerre impérialiste ne peut être opposée que la transformation de la guerre impérialiste en guerre civile révolutionnaire et le développement à l’échelle internationale des guerres populaires.
Sur la route de la révolution s’oppose au sein du mouvement ouvrier et populaire la voie du réformisme, la voie suivie par les révisionnistes et les sociaux-démocrates pour favoriser la réconciliation avec les gouvernements et les États impérialistes et faciliter la réalisation de leurs plans.

Devant la crise du réformisme, de la social-démocratie et du révisionnisme, de nouvelles forces électorales populistes s’avancent dans l’intérêt de la bourgeoisie et des États impérialistes, utilisant la démagogie réactionnaire pour diviser les masses et les attacher au wagon de la classe dominante. Le populisme nourrit le fascisme et le néo nazisme.

Les communistes et les prolétaires avancés travaillent à ce que la rébellion des masses puisse se transformer en révolution gagnante – la démocratie nouvelle dans les pays opprimés par l’impérialisme en marche vers le socialisme et la révolution prolétarienne et socialiste dans les pays impérialistes en marche vers le communisme.

Les communistes, sur la base des idées de Marx, Lénine et Mao appliquées à la réalité concrète de chaque pays, construisent et développent de nouveaux partis communistes révolutionnaires authentiques, des fronts unis dirigés par le prolétariat de toutes les masses exploitées et opprimées, les forces de combat et les armées révolutionnaires et populaires.

Seulement là où les masses ont ces instruments, leurs luttes héroïques et généreuses peuvent gagner. À l’échelle mondiale, les guerres populaires menées par les partis marxistes-léninistes-maoïstes constituent l’indication stratégique décisive et essentielle.

La guerre populaire en Inde, qui touche directement l’un des principaux bastions de l’impérialisme et de la réaction dans le monde, est un puissant point de référence, avec les guerres populaires aux Philippines, au Pérou et en Turquie. Elles montrent en pratique aujourd’hui la façon de renverser le système d’exploitation et d’oppression de l’impérialisme et toutes les forces réactionnaires qui lui sont inféodées, pour la construction d’un nouveau pouvoir et une nouvelle société.

Les communistes doivent s’unir et renforcer leur unité, libérant ainsi les rangs du mouvement communiste international des tendances révisionnistes et de la capitulation, sans en même temps tomber dans la stérilité du révolutionnarisme petit-bourgeois, du dogmatisme.

La construction des partis communistes est possible seulement dans le feu de la lutte des classes en relation étroite avec les masses, en fonction de la vraie lutte révolutionnaire pour le pouvoir.
À l’occasion du 200e anniversaire de la naissance de Marx, nous déclarons avec force :
Le marxisme-léninisme-maoïsme est le marxisme de notre époque ! Il est la base essentielle à l’unité des communistes à travers le monde.

« Prolétaires de tous les pays, unissez-vous ! » Le grand mot d’ordre indiqué par Marx est le drapeau rouge de l’internationalisme prolétarien, l’arme pour la construction d’une nouvelle Internationale communiste.

L’avenir du communisme est entre nos mains.

1er Mai 2018

signatures – en enlgish -
Committee for Building the Maoist Communist Party, Galicia, Spanish State
Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan
Communist Nucleus Nepal
Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist)
Democracy and Class Struggle, British State
Maoist Communist Party – Italy
Maoist Communist Party Manipur
Maoist Revolutionary League – Sri Lanka
Organisation de Travail Communiste – Tunisie
Parti des khadéhines – Tunisie
Revolutionary Communist Party - Canada
Union Obrera Comunista (MLM) – Colombia
Workers Voice – Malaysia

Communist Party of India (Maoist)*


Issued by the Office of the Chairperson Prof. Jose Maria Sison
International League of Peoples' Struggle, April 29, 2018

The International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) joins human rights organizations and prominent personalities in demanding a thorough and impartial investigation into what has now come to be known as the Gadchiroli Massacre of several scores of Maoist cadres, Red fighters and civilians.

Reports coming from various sources have cast doubts on the official version issued by the Indian authorities on the said incident.

The Indian government has often been guilty in the past of announcing "fake encounters" misrepresenting the massacre of civilians as armed encounters between government security forces and Maoist fighters.

In the Gadchiroli incident, Maoist fighters were reportedly attending a wedding of an Adivasi couple when they were suddenly surrounded by police and paramilitary forces and being caught by surprise could not fight back.

The Maoists were reportedly captured alive but were subsequently tortured and murdered. Civilians were also reportedly murdered in cold blood presumably for being accused of supporting the Maoists.

The renowned Indian writer Varavara Rao has denounced the Gadchiroli incident as another case of a "fake encounter" being foisted on the public by the Indian authorities.

He has accused the BJP-led Indian Government of committing genocide against Adivasis in order to pave the way for foreign companies to loot the mineral wealth of the forest regions populated by the Adivasis.

He has accused the government of unleashing white terror against the Adivasis who are at the forefront of the people's struggles against the intrusion of these foreign companies. He has called on the National Human Rights Commission and international human rights groups like Amnesty International to look into allegations of human rights violations in the country.

Allegations of widespread human rights violations have been raised against the BJP-led government in connection with its Operation Green Hunt -- a so-called counter-insurgency campaign targeting the Communist Party of India (Maoist), its people's army and mass base.

This counter-insurgency campaign has been characterized by massacres, illegal arrests, rape of women, enforced disappearances and other forms of violence against the people in the countryside as well as in the cities.

The Indian government's massive crackdown against dissent has resulted in the incarceration of some 10,000 political prisoners which include prominent intellectuals like Prof. G.N. Saibaba, lawyers, student leaders, artists, trade union leaders and others.

The International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) takes this opportunity to express its solidarity with Indian masses and revolutionary forces led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) in their struggle for national and social liberation through protracted people´s war.

The ILPS condemns the BJP-led Indian government for carrying out a brutal war against the Indian masses and revolutionary forces in the interest of foreign monopoly capitalists and the local ruling classes of big comprador capitalists and landlords.

The ILPS calls on all peace-loving and freedom-loving people of the world to likewise condemn the brutal BJP-led regime and to give their support to the just struggle of the Indian masses for national and social liberation

Solidarity with Indian comrades : Statement from Tjen Folket - the Norwegian Communist League - Serve the People

Solidarity with Indian comrades

Statement from Tjen Folket - the Norwegian Communist League - Serve the People.

We condemn the latest attacks from the Fascist Indian State against the revolutionary movement. Commandos of the reactionaries have killed tens of people, in their genocidal war against the poor.

Operation Green Hunt is a repressive campaign to destroy the Maoist led new democratic revolution in India. It has been ongoing for years. The Communist Party of India (Maoist) has been branded threat number 1 against the Indian state. The new power has the support of millions in the inner poorest parts of the country. We support the Maoist party, the Peoples’ Guerilla Liberation Army and the new power of the revolutionary masses.

The details of the latest massacre is not clear or confirmed. But some sources speak of a massacre on the participants of a wedding, and of 40 communists being killed in this vicious attack. Sadly, it is nothing new that the old reactionary power use brutal terror in their counter revolutionary activity.

Our warmest solidarity goes out to the families and comrades of the killed. They live on in the struggle for people's power and communism.

Our warmest solidarity also to the political prisoners in the dungeons of the Indian State. We don’t forget our fighters. 

We will remember them on the Red First of May - as our martyrs, they pay the price of struggle and resistance with the risk of their own bodies and minds. It is a burning beacon of inspiration.

Our ideology, Maoism, gives guidance to fighters all over the world. From Peru to the Philippines, from India to Turkey - and even in the belly of the imperialist beasts, like the USA, Germany and Norway, we find revolutionary youth prepared to give their life for the revolution of our class.

We pledge a unconditional support to the Protracted People’s War of India and to the new democratic revolution as integral part of the world proletarian revolution. We pledge to engage in revolutionary struggle in our own countries. Through the hardships of ice and fire, red warriors are steeled.

Long live international solidarity and the People’s War of India!

Long live the Communist Party, People’s Guerilla Army and New Power of India!

Long live Maoism!

May 1st 2018 : Solidarity with Struggle of Indian Comrades - Dandacaranya - The Song

Dandacaranya - the Song by Oskar from the group Naxaliterna (the naxalites)

The Sun is rising in Dandacaranya

the eyes of the trees see a people so proud

The Sun is shining and the rivers run free 

Praise the people of  Dandacaranya

The Heart of India covered in darkness, 

Souless soldiers villages burn

For nothing but money so turns this world

Guns to our head 

But we are not dead

No Stay ! Adivasis say 

The Indian Army must run away

A future worth fighting for

Deep in the forests of Dandacaranya


We sing our song to sounds of drum from the forest of Dandacaranya

We cry for our dead and we know what to do

We feast - raise your glass

Salute the People's War that shines out of Dandacaranya

The Sun gives the day

The poor writes the law 

In the forests of Dandacaranya

Smash the plans, their wicked designs

To starve Dandacaranya

The shadow of evil blocks out the sun over the hills and valleys

The enemy flees when the people fight even though blood was spilt

That turns the river red - our flag is flying in Dandacaranya

Resistance never dies , it multiplies 

A forest of people descends on Delhi

Darkness and shadows fades away with the light from Dandacaranya



Israel Carries out Missile Strikes on Syria : 47th Brigade at Arms Depot Hama attacked by Israel and many killed

May Day ! May Day ! Stop Greenhunt Now ! Protest at Indian High Commission- London at 3pm-4pm on 1st May


Sunday, April 29, 2018

Towards May 1st - PFLP Under the Red Banner

The Day of the Liberation of Palestine is Coming !

Brazil's March for Land against a law that will strike off the map most of the country's indigenous land.

The International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) welcomes the historic meeting between DPRK Leader Kim Jong Un and ROK President Moon Jae-in as a positive step in realizing the aspiration of the Korean people for peace, prosperity and unification of their country.

Issued by the Office of the Chairperson Prof. Jose Maria Sison
International League of Peoples' Struggle, April 28, 2018

The International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) welcomes the historic meeting between DPRK Leader Kim Jong Un and ROK President Moon Jae-in as a positive step in realizing the aspiration of the Korean people for peace, prosperity and unification of their country.

The historic meeting marks a high point in the efforts of both Koreas to improve inter-Korean relations. It was brought into motion by the New Year speech of Chairman Kim Jong Un wishing success to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and pointing to the need for taking positive measures to "improve inter-Korean relations, avoid acute military confrontation and remove the danger of war between north and south."

In that speech, Kim Jong Un said that the time was right to undertake positive steps in improving inter-Korean relations in view of the 45th anniversary of the July 4, 1972 South-North Joint Communiqué and the 10th anniversary of the October 4, 2007 Declaration.

The July 4, 1972 South-North Joint Communiqué signed during the time of DPRK President Kim Il Sung called for the peaceful unification of the country without outside interference while the October 4, 2007 Declaration signed during the time of DPRK President Kim Jong Il called for close cooperation for the development of north-south relations, peace and prosperity in the Korean Peninsula.

At the historic Inter-Korean Summit Meeting held in the 'Peace House' at Panmunjom on April 27, 2018, the two leaders Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in announced before the 80 million people of Korea and the whole world their commitment to end the state of war and to start a new era of peace in the Korean Peninsula. They cited the following main points of agreement:

1. South and North Korea will reconnect the blood relations of the people and bring forward the future of co-prosperity and unification led by Koreans by facilitating comprehensive and groundbreaking advancement in inter-Korean relations. Improving and cultivating inter-Korean relations is the prevalent desire of the whole nation and the urgent calling of the times that cannot be held back any further.

2. South and North Korea will make joint efforts to alleviate the acute military tension and practically eliminate the danger of war on the Korean Peninsula.

3. South and North Korea will actively cooperate to establish a permanent and solid Peace regime on the Korean peninsula. Bringing an end to the current actual state of armistice and establishing a robust peace regime on the Korean peninsula is a historical mission that must not be delayed any further.
US imperialism remains as the biggest stumbling block to the peaceful reunification of the country. 

Its interference in Korea in 1950-53 resulted in the death 3 million Koreans and 50,000 US soldiers. The US maintains 28,500 troops in the south. It deployed in April 2017 the THAAD (Terminal High-Altitude Area Defence) system over the protests of local residents and opposition from Moon Jae-in who was then the front-runner in the May 2017 presidential elections in south Korea.

We, the International League of Peoples' Struggle, reiterate our support for the just aspiration of the Korean people for the peaceful reunification of their country. 

We support the will of the Korean people to unify their country without outside interference. 

We support the desire of the people of the two Koreas to develop cooperation on a broad range of areas for the realization of shared prosperity.

We reiterate our demand that the US cease issuing threats of nuclear annihilation, stop imposing economic and military blockade and other forms of sanctions and stop conducting provocative war exercises against the DPRK. 

We demand that the US negotiate a peace treaty with the DPRK to end the state of war and tensions in the Korean peninsula.