Saturday, April 28, 2018

Indian Song of Resistance : gaon chodab nahi (we will not leave our village)

Democracy and Class Struggle says the fighting spirit is an unquenchable fire - Naxalites Never Die they Multiply - the Indian Hinduvta Fascist State  has underestimated the fighting resolve of its own  people -  the murdering of comrades feeds the soil for rise of more comrades until the earth will shake with thunder.

The Indian Fascist Hindutva State  has declared War on the People but truly the People have declared War on the Indian Hindutva Fascist State and the Indian People's thunder will be heard around the world.

It is the law of the universe that action will lead to reaction - the Indian State has lite a fuse of its own destruction by killing its own people.

The protection of the earth comes from the people's heart and mind and we will Smash that Corporate India that kills the Mother that gave us life - and begin people centred and earth centred development

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