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India: APCLC district president Vijay Kumar, vice-president Harinatha Reddy and general secretary Bommaiah were also taken into custody and were put under house arrest to restrain them from attending the meeting of 42 people’s organisations scheduled to be held in Tirupati on Sunday to highlight their demands. They were released from house arrest on Sunday evening.

Kurnool: Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee president and state convenor of Operation Green Hunt Vythireka Porata Samiti Prof S. Seshaiah has been taken into custody and put under house arrest by Anantapur police on Saturday night. 

APCLC district president Vijay Kumar, vice-president Harinatha Reddy and general secretary Bommaiah were also taken into custody and were put under house arrest to restrain them from attending the meeting of 42 people’s organisations scheduled to be held in Tirupati on Sunday to highlight their demands. They were released from house arrest on Sunday evening.
It is reported that the police have stepped up surveillance on their houses  and tapped their phones to know their movements.

APCLC leaders demand that Revolutinary Democratic Front assistant secretary and Delhi University Prof G.N Saibaba be released immediately. They also demand that a judicial probe be instituted into the death of Telangana Praja Front former president Akula Bhommaiah.
Besides, they have also beend demanding the government to stop the Operation Green Hunt, provide livable conditions to the tribals and withdraw para mitlitary forces deployed in the Agency areas.
They also want the government to stop combing operations and cancel all the deals signed with the multinational companies.


Netanyahu-Modi Forging a Global Zionist-Hindutva anti-Muslim alliance


Netanyahu Meets PM of India, Seeks Strengthened Ties'

“We are both ancient peoples but we are also two "democracies", Netanyahu tells India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

By Ben Ariel, Jerusalem Post,, 9/29/2014

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met on Sunday with India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in New York, marking the first meeting between an Israeli Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of India in more than a decade.

During the meeting, Netanyahu and Modi spoke of the danger of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, and the threat posed by Islamic terrorism around the world.

                                                    Modi Prime Murderer of India

In addition, Netanyahu suggested to Modi that the two countries cooperate in technological innovation, with an emphasis on developments in the field of agriculture and water. He also updated Modi about his decision to establish a national cyber authority, and suggested that Israel and India hold contacts on the issue.

At the start of the meeting, Netanyahu invited Modi to visit to Israel and said, “This is an opportunity for Israel and India to continue to expand our relationship. We are both ancient peoples, one of the oldest in the world, but we are also two democracies, we take pride in our ancient traditions but also want to hold on to the future. I believe that if we work together we can do it for the benefit of both our peoples. Therefore, in this spirit, it is a wonderful opportunity to meet you here and I want to invite you to visit Israel. We are excited about the possibilities of stronger ties with India, and the sky is the limit.”

Modi in turn told Netanyahu “India is the only country where anti-Semitism has never been allowed to come up and where Jews have never suffered and have lived as an integral part of our society.”
The meeting with Modi marks the start of Netanyahu’s trip to the U.S., where he is scheduled to meet President Barack Obama and give a speech to the United Nations General Assembly.

Speaking just before take off on his way to New York, Netanyahu reiterated his pledge to “refute the lies” against Israel at the UN General Assembly, particularly in the speech by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who accused Israel of “genocide” and “war crimes”.

Indo-Israeli relations have included Israeli developed aircrafts without pilots, used in India to fight Maoists in the jungle. (2010)

SOURCE: http://revolutionaryfrontlines.wordpress.com/2014/09/30/netanyahu-modi-forging-a-global-zionist-hindutva-anti-muslim-alliance/#more-28142

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Turkey’s PKK peace process ‘at risk’ from Syria crisis


By Guney Yildiz BBC News -
A top Kurdish politician has warned that Turkey’s peace process with the Kurds risks collapsing in the face of Islamic State (IS) attacks on the Kurdish Syrian border town of Kobane.
Speaking to the BBC from Brussels, a leading member of the Kurdistan National Congress, Adem Uzun, said that Turkey had been helping Islamic State militants in their attacks against Syrian Kurds.
He was one of the Kurdish politicians who negotiated a peace deal with Turkish officials in the first round of peace talks between Turkey and Kurdish rebels in Oslo in 2011.
The all-out attack by jihadists on Kurds in Syria is the most significant threat to the peace process since its official start on 21 March 2013, when the imprisoned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Ocalan ordered a ceasefire and asked PKK militants to withdraw from Turkish borders.
Turkey’s attitude towards Kurds in Syria was the reason behind the peaking of the PKK’s war with Turkish army in 2012.
Following statements by the then Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that Turkey would not tolerate a “terrorist structure” on its borders – a reference to the Kurdish administration in Syria – the PKK stepped up its attacks in Turkey in a bid to divert Turkey’s attention from Syria.
Taking significant risks, the PKK carried out audacious attacks across Turkey and held control of a large territory in the south-east corner of Turkey for weeks.
That peak in the war was followed by a historic peace process which halted 30 year-old hostilities in Turkey’s Kurdish- populated east and south-east.
Since then, the peace process has proved less fragile than many observers foresaw. Results of the Turkish presidential election on 10 August indicated strong public support for the peace process with one of the architects of the deal, Mr Erdogan, getting 52%, and Selahattin Demirtas, a Kurdish left-wing candidate, getting around 10%.
However, following the crisis in Kobane, the PKK’s armed wing carried out several attacks on Turkish security forces despite the ceasefire.

PKK loyalties
Unlike the Iraqi Kurds, who are allied with Turkey, Syrian Kurds are closely affiliated with the PKK.
Many of them have fought against the Turkish army in the ranks of the PKK since 1984. Some of them have become the top commanders in the PKK’s armed wing.
The Turkish government’s declaration that it wishes to establish a buffer zone on the Syrian side of the border – which would mean effective control of Kurdish areas in northern Syria – also met strong criticism from PKK officials.
The Turkish government is expected to announce a “road map” for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question by the end of September.
“We have our own road map,” Interior Minister Efkan Ala told reporters. “We are leading the solution process. It’s not being shaped by others who want to lead us.”
Asked about the demands of the Kurdish side, Adem Uzun said: “The Turkish state should start by stopping all kind of support it has been extending to jihadist militants and should start dealing officially with the Kurdish administration in Western Kurdistan [northern Syria].”
According to Mr Uzun, Turkey should also provide opportunities for the imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan who, he says, has the last say on the issue, to establish links with his organisation.





Morocco : Free Our Comrades on hunger strike

                                                          Comrade Abelhak Etalhaaoui

Our comrade Abdelhak Etalhaoui
(the picture in the jail)
Arrested third time.
He joined the hunger strike of several comrades in 24 septembre..
Today he is in 7 days !

Solidarity from Democracy and Class Struggle

Lenin by Sergei Kirichuk of Borotba


”Today the oligarchy is experiencing a "golden age," when participants of any protest can be declared terrorists. And to break up demonstrations, they are using Nazi militants."

Тегі матеріалу: україна, війна, срср-ex, киричук
30 сентября 2014
In Ukrainian city of Kharkov, the monument to Vladimir Lenin was recently torn down. The organizers of this operation did not conceal that it was revenge for an attempt by Communist Party activists to hold a Peace March. As you know, the March was broken up by the police in conjunction with the Nazi gangs.

Here is what Minister of Interior Arsen Avakov wrote on Facebook: "Lenin? Let him fall ... If only people were not injured. If only this bloody communist idol, in leaving, had not added to his victims. If only rogues and scoundrels had not taken advantage of the storm of emotions of Kharkovites, using it for the next wave of clashes." That is, the minister recognizes that the act of vandalism could cause an escalation of tension, but still indulges the Nazis. They make sure that everything is under control. A.Avakov writes: "The Interior Ministry Special Forces and the National Guard are ready to face provocateurs who want to exploit the situation. So, even don’t try to do it."

We have no doubt, by the way. No doubt that “provocateurs” will be the label for any participants in any protests which result from the policy of the current government.

Inna Bohoslovska (a prominent member of the Yanukovich’s “Party of Regions”), who is now, of course, a supporter of the new regime, rejoices in the demolition of Lenin: "

For so long we struggled for normal police in Kharkov. And now, 20 percent of police officers are absolutely patriotic. Police took over the crazy work, and every day they catch terrorists and separatists."

I.Bohoslovska has never been an independent politician, she was always a "talking head" for oligarch Pinchuk. Her voice speaks for the Ukrainian oligarchy. They are building the state of their dreams, where they can loot and pillage while any dissenters are called "terrorists." Our liberals openly rejoice, as the country goes direct route to 1970s Latin American-style dictatorships of neoliberal economy against the backdrop of military dictatorship. Towards Pinochet - the idol of neoliberal public.

Today the oligarchy is experiencing a "golden age," when participants of any protest can be declared terrorists. And to break up demonstrations, they are using Nazi militants. Of course, this system requires furious inflation of hysteria and extensive brainwashing in matters of history. The whole history of the territory of modern Ukraine (from the invented "proto-Ukrainians" until now) is described as the nation's struggle for independence, leading to the necessary establishment of the current political regime. This is not just a war between civilization and barbarism.

Ukrainian Nazi-ultras vandalising monument to Lenin in Kharkov

Kharkov was the first capital of Ukraine; it built planes and missiles, split the atom and created the T-34 tank, and created turbines for power plants which have been shipped around the world. Kharkov without Lenin is narrow-minded nationalism, simplistic obsession with traditional decoration, degradation of education and science.

It’s not for nothing that a few of the Nazis were injured during the destruction of the monument - their level of education is not enough even to destroy an object, not to speak of building one.

Of course, to say that Lenin was the founder of Ukraine would be an exaggeration, but the fact is Ukraine exists in its present borders as a result of the activities of Lenin and his political party. The Nazis’ demolition of the monument to one of the founders of the country is actually a death sentence for its further existence with the present-day borders.

Sergei Kirichuk

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India: Indian police in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat have arrested more than 200 people after violence between majority Hindus and minority Muslims

NEW DELHI: Indian police in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat have arrested more than 200 people after violence between majority Hindus and minority Muslims, a senior officer said Monday.

The clashes in the western city of Vadodara were sparked by a distorted image posted on social media that offended Muslims, prompting authorities to block mobile Internet and bulk text messaging, the officer said.

The violence coincides with Modi’s visit to the United States where he is expected to meet President Barack Obama during a trip to push for foreign investment to promote economic growth.

Members of the two communities threw stones at each other and set vehicles alight in several days of clashes that started on Thursday, while one person was stabbed.

“We have now arrested over 200 people from both the communities in the last three days,” said D.J Patel, additional commissioner of Vadodara police. Police said Sunday 40 arrests were made.
“The man, a teacher, who posted the controversial message on WhatsApp has also been arrested,” Patel told AFP.

 Patel declined to describe the offending message and image but local newspapers have reported that a distorted photo of the Muslim holy land of Makkah was circulated on social media.

 Modi contested and won Vadodara when his Hindu nationalist party swept to power at the general election in May, although he gave up the seat after the polls for another that he also secured.
Gujarat was hit by religious riots in 2002 that left more than 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, dead. Modi, the state’s chief minister at the time, has rejected criticism he failed to stop the bloodshed.

Source: Agence France Presse — Tuesday 30 September 2014

Spanish Independence Movements and the Recolonization of Southern Europe

Democracy and Class Struggle says interesting interview with Sister Teresa Forcades who discusses Spanish debt, movements for independence. Class Struggle in the Catholic Church over austerity ?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Ленин такой молодой - Lenin is Young Again

Ukrainian Fascism in Kharkov care of United States NATO and British Government - we will not forgive we will not forget

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Lenin Lives ! Lenin by Ernst Busch and at the call of Lenin "Hindi Song" Lenin Lives ! Long Live Marxism LENINISM Maoism


"Er rührte an den Schlaf der Welt
Mit Worten, die Blitze waren.
Sie kamen auf Schienen und Flüssen daher
Durch alle Länder gefahren

Er rührte an den Schlaf der Welt
Mit Worten, die wurden Brot,
Und Lenins Worte wurden Armeen
Gegen die Hungersnot.

Er rührte an den Schlaf der Welt
Mit Worten, die wurden Maschinen,
Wurden Traktoren, wurden Häuser,
Bohrtürme und Minen --

Wurden Elektrizität,
Hämmern in den Betrieben,
Stehen, unauslöschbare Schrift,
In allen Herzen geschrieben."

Long Live Marxism LENINISM Maoism - Leninism Lives in the hearts and minds of the People of Kharkov

Forwarded from Union Borotba (Struggle):

Nazi Sabbat in Kharkov CONTINUES.
Kharkovites beaten at Freedom Square and Shevchenko Park.
There are battered and wounded.

Half an hour ago, more than a hundred masked ultras gathered at the tent opposite the ATO Hoag, with sticks, bats, knives, electroshock and gas cartridges. The convoy proceeded to the monument of Lenin, where there were more than a hundred civilians.

Those who did not have time to move were attacked. We know of at least three severely beaten Kharkovites near the monument.

Ultras in groups of 8-10 people roam Shevchenko Park in search of "separatists."
At least two Kharkiovites were badly beaten Kharkovites in the park.

Troops are idle. On Mironosickaya arrived 4 police wagons accompanied by National Guard [Nazi battalions].

Take safety measures to not become a victim of fascism.
Information updated ..
Eyewitness: 20.55 

Near the pedestal on Liberty Square began hassle. Gathered about fifty people in masks. Likely ultras. When they appear rally of Lenin immediately fled. It was there before hundreds of people. Ultras took a pedestal. Flowers that carried Lenin were scattered. Everyone who comes and starts yelling about Bandera and fascists is just beaten. It was three skirmishes. Medical help is needed

Democracy and Class Struggle says the vandalism and Fascism of the Ukrainian Junta has manifested itself once again.

Has more statues to Stephan Bandera the Nazis Collaborator are erected in the Ukraine - they smash the statue of Lenin in Kharkov.

Leninism lives in the hearts and minds of the people of Kharkov and the working people of the world and will outlive any Nazi vermin like Bandera and any Ukrainian Junta..

Such  act shows, shows the sick failed state of the Ukrainian Junta who can only smash statues.
It even showed its incompetence in the smashing of the statue inflicting injuries on themselves.

It has importantly failed to smash the People's Movement in the Donbass -  the living democratic movement that history will cherish.

The red flag burning or the destructions of statues reminiscent of the Nazi period is a sad day for the Ukraine and a reminder to the rest of Europe that Fascism is alive in the Ukraine and that the international working class movement should do all in it power to aid those that will smash this evil in the heart of Europe.




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Ireland : The 1913 Lockout - Unfinished Business

For the Citizen Army - James Connolly (1915) : Ann Matthews launches her book "The Irish Citizen Army" in the GPO Dublin, Introduced by Eamon McCann


For the Citizen Army


From Workers’ Republic, October 30, 1915.
Transcribed by The James Connolly Society in 1997.

The Irish Citizen Army was founded during the great Dublin Lock-Out of 1913-14, for the purpose of protecting the working class, and of preserving its right of public meeting and free association. The streets of Dublin had been covered by the bodies of helpless men, women, boys and girls brutally batoned by the uniformed bullies of the British Government.
Three men had been killed, and one young Irish girl murdered by a scab, and nothing was done to bring the assassins to justice. So since justice did not exist for us, since the law instead of protecting the rights of the workers was an open enemy, and since the armed forces of the Crown were unreservedly at the disposal of the enemies of labour, it was resolved to create our own army to secure our rights, to protect our members, and to be a guarantee of our own free progress.

The Irish Citizen Army was the first publicly organised armed citizen force south of the Boyne. Its constitution pledged and still pledges its members to work for an Irish Republic, and for the emancipation of labour. It has ever been foremost in all national work, and whilst never neglecting its own special function has always been at the disposal of the forces of Irish nationality for the ends common to all.

Its influence and presence has kept the peace at all labour meetings since its foundation, and the knowledge of its existence and of the spirit of its members has contributed to prevent the employers and the government from proceeding to extremes against the fighting unions. It has in a true and real sense added many shillings per week to the pay of the union members, since it and it alone has prevented the Government doing in Dublin what it has done in Barry, namely, send soldiers in to do dockers’ work during a strike. Nationally it has done much more.

When the great betrayal was perpetrated on Ireland, and John Redmond and his followers, aided by all the capitalist press of the country, joined in a conspiracy to rush the young men of Ireland into the ranks of the British Army, the first stirring blow struck against that betrayal was the historic meeting in Stephen’s Green on the night of Redmond’s Mansion House fiasco.

Who took the field that night in spite of the massed battalions of the British Army, waiting the word in every barrack square in Dublin? It was the Irish Citizen Army sprang into the gap, and by its fearless presence gave new heart and hope to the dismayed and betrayed people of Ireland.

When the first deportation order was issued to the first victim, Captain Robert Monteith, who leaped to arms and invited the people of Dublin to hurl their defiance in the teeth of the Government? Who rallied to the meeting despite torrents of rain, and in face of the open demonstration of armed force by the Dublin garrison? Again it was the Irish Citizen Army.

Who on every occasion on which the enemy has struck his blow at those who stood for freedom has ever hastened to the side of the victims declaring their cause to be its own? THE IRISH CITIZEN ARMY!

Who, when the protest meeting was held in the Phoenix Park under directions of the Volunteer Committee, were the only armed body to attend and declare their adhesion to the cause of their imprisoned brothers in arms? THE IRISH CITIZEN ARMY!

An armed organisation of the Irish working class is a phenomenon in Ireland. Hitherto the workers of Ireland have fought as parts of the armies led by their masters, never as members of an army officered, trained, and inspired by men of their own class. Now, with arms in their hands, they propose to steer their own course, to carve their own future.

Neither Home Rule, nor the lack of Home Rule, will make them lay down their arms.
However it may be for others, for us of the Citizen Army there is but one ideal – an Ireland ruled, and owned, by Irish men and women, sovereign and independent from the centre to the sea, and flying its own flag outward over all the oceans.

We cannot be swerved from our course by honeyed words, lulled into carelessness by freedom to parade and strut in uniforms, nor betrayed by high-sounding phrases.

The Irish Citizen Army will only co-operate in a forward movement. The moment that forward movement ceases it reserves to itself the right to step out of the alignment, and advance by itself if needs be, in an effort to plant the banner of freedom one reach further towards its goal.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ruling By Fooling "Home Rule on the Statute Book" by James Connolly : Echoes of British Strategy Today in Scotland,North of Ireland and Wales


Ruling By Fooling
“Home Rule on
the Statute Book”


From Irish Worker, 19 September 1914.
Transcribed by The James Connolly Society in 1997.

The greatest strategic move by the British Forces this week took place, not on the fields of Belgium or France, but on the floor of the House of Commons. In that fortress the forces of the enemy are too firmly entrenched to fear defeat, and therefore their strategic move was crowned with brilliant success.

The problem was not how to defeat a nation in arms battling for all that makes life worth living, but how to fool a nation without arms into becoming the accomplice of its oppressor.

And the strategic move in question is already being hailed as a great landmark of national progress.
As the reader guesses I am alluding to the great debate on Home Rule, to the great fight between Home Rulers and Unionists and the dramatic march-out of Mr. Bonar Law and his followers. And as the reader must also guess I believe the whole thing to have been a carefully-staged pantomime to fool Nationalist Ireland. All the evidence points in that direction. Listen. To any reader of the Irish Worker who can point out any real difference between the proposal of Messrs. Asquith and Redmond on the one hand and that of Bonar Law and Carson on the other I will give the first brass farthing with their name upon it I find floating down the Liffey on a grindstone.

Now, Mr. Printer, will you please put the proposals of the two parties side by side that the readers might get an opportunity of judging them apart from the lying rant of the Party Press:


That the Home Rule Bill should not be put on the statute book until the end of the war, and should then be considered along with an Amending Bill.


That the Home Rule Bill should be put on the statute book, but “no steps taken to put it into practical operation” till the end of the war, when an Amending Bill will be passed to “alter, modify and qualify” its provision.
Again I ask, will some person tell me please what is the difference? There is none! What, then, was the reason for the great ‘scene’ in the House of Commons?
The reason, simpleton, why the reason is plain. When Carson consented to encourage his Volunteers to enlist in return for a promise on the part of the Government that the Home Rule Bill would be hung up high and dry he had to agree not to betray the fact of the compact to the public lest it destroy the chances of recruiting in the Nationalist district. And for the same reason it was necessary that the Tories who are delighted at Asquith’s surrender should pretend to be indignant. The scene in the House and the alleged disappointment of the Tories will be a great help to recruiting. Lord Crewe declared
“He was quite confident that when the Government of Ireland Bill had been placed on the Statute Book there would be a rush to enlist in the army on the part of the whole of Ireland. (Ministerial cheers).”
And the matchless leader of the Irish race, John E. Redmond, alluding to the recruiting mission of Mr. Asquith, hastened to hold out the same hopes of an inexhaustible supply of Irish food for powder. He said
“The Premier had announced that he was going to address a meeting in Dublin. Let him beg him to go soon. He hoped to have the honour to stand on the platform beside him, and he could promise him that he would have an enthusiastic response to his appeal.”
The great American humorist, Artemus Ward, declared during the American Civil War that he was prepared to sacrifice all his wife’s relations in the sacred cause of the American Union. Our leaders are better than that. They are prepared to sacrifice all the sons of the poor, and all the soul and honour of their nation for the deferred promise of a shadow of liberty.
And so the great scene in the House of Commons was but a fresh staging of the old game of treachery and intrigue making its own price with compromise and weakness. That is understandable, but that compromise and weakness should masquerade as patriotism and statesmanship is for Irishmen a humiliating confession.

Home Rule is postponed until after the war. After the war the game will be entirely in the hands of Sir Edward Carson, according to the following words of Mr. Asquith
“It might be said that those whom Sir Edward Carson represented had been put at a disadvantage by the patriotic action they had taken. The employment of force for what was called the ‘coercion of Ulster’ was an absolutely unthinkable thing. As far as he and his colleagues were concerned it was a thing which they would never countenance or consider.”
These words were a plain intimation to the Orange forces and their leader that if they stand firm they will win. A hint they are surely wise enough to take.
Meanwhile the official Home Rule press and all the local J.P.’s., publicans, land-grabbers, pawnbrokers and slum landlords who control the United Irish League will strain every nerve in an endeavour to recruit for England’s army, to send forth more thousands of Irishmen and boys to manure with their corpses the soil of a foreign country, to lose their lives and their souls in the work of murdering men who never harboured an evil thought of Irish men or women, to expend in the degradation of a friendly nation that magnificent Irish courage which a wiser patriotism might better employ in the liberation of their own.

Yes, ruling by fooling, is a great British art – with great Irish fools to practice on.

Democracy and Class Struggle says plus ca change plus c'est la meme chose, the more things change the more they stay the same.

We are being fooled again in 2014 - thanks to Simon for making me aware of Won't Get Fooled Again by the Who.

Hope you enjoy and lets hope we learn this time around.




Ukrainian Death Squads by Andrey Manchuk

“We can only guess: how many other victims of “Aidar” will be known over time – when the patriotic hysteria in Ukraine rushes back as well as the waves of pointlessly shed blood.
Then, many of today’s “heroes of Ukraine” will appear before public in their real form – as racists and criminals"

25th  September  2014
In Lugansk my friends placed me to spend a night at the home of local electrician who just came back from the hospital. The week before he went to his relatives to a nearby village – north from the town of Schastye that was held by the rebels that time. The war was just starting to flare in Lugansk region, though there were already some shortages with bread supply as well as with other foodstuff. Igor [the electrician] has uploaded his car with loaves of bread and canned food, but some kilometers before the end of his way he was stopped on the road by armed men in camouflage uniform. He pulled out his passport, explaining that he was born in this region, though they threw him on the pavement face down, kicked several times in the back, breaking ribs, then – they took his wallet, foodstuff and finally even tried to pour off the petrol from his car.

From this story I’ve heard for the first time about the ‘territorial battalion’ “Aidar”. Igor didn’t understand the meaning of the tricky words from the vocabulary of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry and called it just a ‘terrorist battalion’. Igor didn’t try to dramatize the incident – he was quite happy just staying alive and that his old car was not stolen. He didn’t hide that voted for ‘UDAR” party of Klichko. Although, after the experience of meeting ‘Aidar” battalion he didn’t join the Donbass militia but started to get ready to evacuate his family from Ukraine. “They will continue robbing us. They may even kill us. We are the enemies for them – one doesn’t behave oneself this way with own people” – said Igor. Thus, Ukrainian “paramilitaries” – as their colleagues from “death squads” are called in Latin America – deprived this (quite loyal to Kiev) man any illusions about the aims and means of their ‘liberation’ policy in the land of Donbass. And soon his fears proved to be confirmed in the most terrible way.

Battalion “Aidar” with the symbol that includes the motto “God with us” was one of the first nationalist volunteers’ battalions that came from Kiev, Lutsk, Rovno, Cherkassy and other cities of Ukraine so that to participate in the crusade for Donbass ‘liberation’. The core of the battalion was the “Maidan Self-Defence” and rightwing football ultras who never hide their Nazi views. The active PR-campaign by their chief Sergiy Melnichuk provided them with broad popularity in Ukrainian media. One by one they produced bravely-militaristic reports about their heroic routine of the “territorial battalion” causing tears of emotion of some patriotic Philistines who collected funds for “the defenders of Ukraine”. Victorious reports, showing how the militants of “Aidar” topple Lenin monuments, collected an abundant harvest of “likes” in Facebook.

In turn, the evidences of eyewitnesses - who claimed and reported in social media that the “volunteers’ terrorize the residents (like Igor) of the ‘liberated territories” since June – were hopelessly lost in the stream of praise. And this is despite the fact that complaints over the terror of “Aidar” battalion came even from the regular army militaries. Ukrainian liberal intelligentsia immediately and completely rejected all the complaints as “false” or the “enemy’s propaganda from the Kremlin”. Some of them also quite cynically hinted at the fact the “heroes of the nation” could not beat or kidnap Lugansk residents just for nothing – therefore, if somebody was abused – then, clearly there were “some reasons for it”.

And on the contrary, Nadezhda Savchenko (nickname “Bullet”) – the mercenary, who used to fight in Iraq, then was captured by the Donbass militia and accused in involvement in Russian journalists’ murder – Kiev immediately called “political prisoner” and awarded with the order. That eventually led her to the top position in the “Fatherland’ party electoral list (even despite the fact that “The Bullet’ was charged additionally for torture of the prisoners).

Meanwhile, the scale of the crimes made by “Aidar” (that de facto controlled northern parts of Lugansk region during 2 months), took such proportions that many of these systemic human rights’ violations became even the subject of the special report by the Amnesty International:


According to the AI representatives, the local residents accused the battalion in “abuses, including abductions, unlawful detention, ill-treatment, theft, extortion, and possible executions.”
Moreover, the AI general secretary Salil Shetty (quite loyal to Kiev government) has personally voiced the facts, stating also that he told it to the Ukrainian PM A.Yatsenyuk during the conversation over liberation of the captured “Bullet”. And Ukrainian PM had to accept the fact of the inconvenient “problem”.

The Amnesty International report - which cannot be (despite all the desire of Ukrainian patriotic audience) attributed to the Kremlin’s propaganda – clearly reveals all the brutality of rightwing militants’ crimes. Their victims are peaceful civilians, including bedridden disabled person and elderly woman. Moreover, under the guise of “searching for planted everywhere enemy agents” the rightwing militants hide usually the banal robbery.

So, e.g. on August 23, the members of “Aidar” broke into the house of Alexandra Serova (the 82 y.o. resident of the village Alexandrovka) accusing her in links of her grandson to “separatists”. They started to shoot in her house and seriously wounded the elderly woman in the stomach. To save her life the doctors had to make 7-hours long surgical procedure. Her grandson managed to pay off, giving the assaulters his money and car which was then illegally sold by the rightwing militants of “Aidar”.

And just in 2 days after the incident, the militants of “Aidar” kidnapped 4 miners from the town of Novodruzhesk, including a person with lung cancer treated by a course of chemotherapy. According to him, the militants of “Aidar” broke into his home, threatened him with guns throwing to the floor and began to beat him breaking his jaw. Then they tied him up, rolled  scotch-tape around his head, and brought him to the organized by “volunteers” temporal prison, already containing “12-15 persons”. He heard the cries of those who were tortured in the next room.

The ill man was released only in some days, though the “Aidar” members took his keys, the wallet, money and banking cards. Another detained man, who was held in a secret prison of Severodonetsk-town, tells that the kidnapped persons were forced to “recite” the national anthem of Ukraine, while those who refused to sing it were brutally beaten.

On August 25 near the town of Starobelsk, the members of “Aidar” kidnapped a local small entrepreneur directly on the road, taking his money, car, mobile phones, and gold jewelry. They put a mask on the head of the abducted man, brought him into garage, where they began to beat him with riffle butts and axe handle, threatening to shoot him down in the field. After that, they asked him directly how much he is ready to pay for his release.

“In nearly all cases documented by Amnesty International the victims were subjected to beatings at the moment of capture and/or during interrogations, and either had to pay ransom for their release, or had possessions, including money, cars, telephones, and other valuables seized by the battalion members” – says the AI report about the crimes of the “Aidar” militants. It is obvious that they were acting on the territory of Lugansk region so as any occupying army of an enemy state would rather hesitate to act.

“Aidar” participated in the “cleansing” in the town of Schastye [Lugansk region], which ended with the death and kidnapping of many people. And Igor Rodchenko, one of the “Aidar” commanders, told human rights activists that his militants used the “light procedure of detention”, i.e. unlawful capturing the “suspicious” (from their point of view) persons.

“It’s not Europe. It’s a bit different… There is a war here. The law has changed, procedures have been simplified… If I choose to, I can have you arrested right now, put a bag over your head and lock you up in a cellar for 30 days on suspicion of aiding separatists” – openly told to the Amnesty International the commander of “Aidar”.

These words so shocked the human rights activists (who have heard so much about Maidan struggle for “European choice” of Ukraine and democratic rights for citizens) that they put them in the epigraph of their report about the crimes of “Aidar” battalion.

“We are called scumbags” – proudly told to the correspondent of Kiev media “Insider” one of the “Aidar” militants who participated in seizing the town of Schastye. And the militant didn’t hide that there are members of Nazi unit “White Hammer” fighting in the battalion. The members of “White Hammer” were previously detained for murders.

The militant of “Aidar” also didn’t hide the facts of cynical execution of the wounded in the seized town:

“There was no sense in taking captives because only the heavily wounded left there. They were finished off – said another “Aidar” member – Our surgeon then earned the nickname “Doctor Death”. Once he came up to the wounded and dying separatist, started to find something in his bag with drugs – then looked at the wounded and said to him – “I’ve got nothing for you” – and finished him off from the Kalashnikov” – recalls Oleg from “Aidar”. 

Another “Aidar” militant under the nickname “Gutsul” told the reporter that he was going to cut captive’s ear but the commander convinced him not to do it.

According to police of Severodonetsk, there are 38 criminal cases immediately opened against the members of the battalion. The cases are brought the Interior Ministry and Defense Ministry – however, official Kiev “washed its hands”, rejecting to punish the culprits, and even publicly promised to grant “Aidar” the status of the special police unit. That’s why the human rights activists without any surprise have noticed that local residents quite often fear to witness in public against the “heroes of the nation” and “saviors of Ukraine” who robbed them.

These people from “Aidar” are still the “authorities’ in many towns in the North Lugansk region. Moreover, after their retreat from Lugansk (the city that was indiscriminately shelled also by “Aidar”) the commander of the battalion Sergey Melnichuk publicly announced that his men have mined Lugansk thermal power station in the town of Schastye – and they made it despite the fact that the destruction of such objects is forbidden by international conventions regulating the military actions (because their destruction affects lives of hundreds thousands locals).

And on September 16 there was a huge blast in the station – half a million people left without electricity. Although, official Kiev predictably accused “separatists”, but after the public confessions of the “heroic” supporter of the ‘scorched earth tactics’ only the most devoted and naïve “Aidar” fans can believe it.

Neither the report of Amnesty International, nor the promises of the Ukrainian PM to stop the political and criminal terror could effectively stop it. Moreover, the “paramilitaries” only expanded the territory for their terror campaign. On September 9 the opposition journalist and editor of the Nikolayev newspaper “Our city” Alexander Vlaschenko was kidnapped. The persons who presented themselves as battalion “Aidar” and battalion “Azov” have captured him, taking his mobiles and personal belongings. They put a sack on his head, pushed him in a car, where the journalist was interrogated and beaten. Then the abducted journalist was taken out of the city, where the militants imitated his execution. They demanded from the journalist to inform them about the people dissatisfied by the Kiev regime policy.

And on September 17 the resident of Lisichansk – Ekaterina Naumova – told that she was looking for her 31 y.o. son Alexander Minchenko during 2 months. On July 21 - when he tried to evacuate his grandmother to Kharkov – he was captured by “Aidar” members. The grandmother then appeared in the hospital, but Alexander disappeared as well as his car.

“Alexander was driving the SUV Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon and I think that the main reason is his car. My son is completely apolitical; he is for the integrity of Ukraine and totally against any violence. Moreover, the militants of the battalion didn’t answer me where is the car” – said the woman looking for her son.

While reading the reports I remembered the electrician Igor who was happier after meeting the death squad “Aidar”. We can only guess: how many other victims of “Aidar” will be known over time – when the patriotic hysteria in Ukraine rushes back as well as the waves of pointlessly shed blood.

Then, many of today’s “heroes of Ukraine” will appear before public in their real form – as racists and criminals who murdered, robbed and tortured own citizens.

Dozens of paramilitary battalions are fighting in Ukraine, being legalized by Kiev. And the entire report of the Amnesty International dedicated to “Aidar” points only at the visible top of the iceberg made up of the crimes committed by these battalions.

However, this day will come. And then it will be important to recall all the actual accomplices of the crimes, that is – Ukrainian media that covered up and promoted those rightwing thugs, intoxicated with feeling of total impunity, as well as the authorities that patronized them.

Andrey Manchuk


Translation: Dmitriy Kolesnik

Germany "The information war for Ukraine" - Satirical German program "Die Anstalt" (English Subtitles)

Make sure the English Subtitles are switched on and enjoy this German Satire on the "Information War for the Ukraine"

This programme makes points about the Information War for Ukraine and exposes Western Media and in particular German media complicity in lies about the conflict.

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MH17 Crash: Ukrainian media stories about looting of toy and wedding ring proven FAKE



I refused to be Treated like an Animal - Brother Eddie Conway on his 44 years in prison

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USA: 10 Year Anniversary Of the CPI (Maoist): Victory To The Indian Revolution! New Communist Party (Liaison Committee)

Where there was no unity, we can have unity: The Liaison Committee for a New Communist Party congratulates the Communist Party of India (Maoist) in its 10th anniversary.


Dear Comrades,

It is with revolutionary joy that we salute the Communist Party of India (Maoist) [CPI(Maoist] in its tenth anniversary. This anniversary is the continuation of a long history, that began in the late 1960s, of the struggle against imperialism, semi feudalism, and for proletarian power that was begun by the Naxalite insurrections. From these first struggles, and the shake up of the revisionist, stale, and sold-out “Communists Parties” that emerged from or gave way to the Naxalite struggle, emerged the forces that would later form the CPI(Maoist).

The revisionists have in many cases become nothing more than the left mask of reaction and fascism. Many of the most terrible criminals against the people emerged from these “Communist Parties”. The CPI(Maoist) stands as a testament of actual communist politics being possible in India in spite of these opportunist, often criminal, reactionaries. It has been forged in the struggle against these reactionaries as much as it has been forged in the struggle against the State and the ruling class they so loyally serve.

The forces advocating the communist politics of protracted people’s war have themselves marched a long march, often riddled with antagonism, disunity, and with treason and revisionism emerging from within. However, by correctly pursuing a democratic centralist policy, and by believing in unity-struggle-unity as a principle of engagement, the forces that steadfastly pursued the communist policy – Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) People’s War and the Maoist Communist Center – where able to consolidate after decades of struggle into the CPI(Maoist).

They were among the first forces to raise the flag of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and thus important to the Int, The forming of the CPI(Maoist) represented an example to the International Communist Movement that when the ideological, political, and military perspective that puts forth the importance of principled unity based on common synthesis in concrete action among the people, unity is possible where unity was thought impossible. To paraphrase Mao Zedong: correct line determines everything: where there was no unity, we can have unity.

CPI (Maoist) and CPI (Marxist-Leninist) Naxalbari recently continued this tradition of consolidation and struggle, announcing their merger in Mayday this year. These processes of consolidation far from being one of unprincipled unity have been a result of summation, self-criticism, criticism, and rectification.

While an example to all of us outside of India, it is in particular important for us in the United States of America where the communist movement is only now re-emerging after the historic setbacks of right-opportunism and Avakianist liquidation as well as those who would want to hide the flag of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as inconvenient in our context. The process of organizational struggle and consolidation is one shown in the experience of the CPI(Maoist) as protracted and as possible and as necessary as the struggle for liberation and socialism itself. Where there was no unity, we can have unity.

In the moments when the fascist and Hindu chauvinist government of India moves into a naked repression of even the most moderate elements of the revolutionary forces, we need to pay attention to India as the future of revolution for socialism in the 21st century. It is in the Adavasi forest that the new world is being born, a world in which patriarchy, caste, racism, homophobia, and the scorched earth reality of capitalism are replaced by the people in power, were reaction and hate are not the policy of the State, but rightfully considered crimes deserving punishment. It is a leading force of proletarian revolution  our times.
As communists, it is our responsibility not only to celebrate and support the CPI(Maoist), but also to make revolution at home. The USA as one of the centers of imperialism is not only responsible directly or indirectly for the suffering of the Indian masses, but also represents one of the most reactionary ruling classes in the world. At the same time, as a prison house of nations, as the nation with the most jailed people, as a place with wide disparities in spite of huge (stolen) wealth – the USA presents an opportunity for revolutionary action.

For socialism to finally defeat imperialism and capitalism it must fall everywhere: our task as communists is to make revolution, no matter where we happen to be at. The Liaison Committee will continue the struggle to raise a communist pole in the USA inspired by the example of the CPI(Maoist) – at the same time learning and summing up from our own experience and long path towards unity and consolidation. We raise our fist in salute, and will, sooner rather than later, walk the path of revolution in the belly of the beast. We hope to repay ten fold the lessons and inspiration the Indian revolution has given us.

We celebrate the victories of the CPI(Maoist) as our own: for the victory of the CPI(Maoist) is a victory for the world’s peoples and its proletariat. This is the first pivot for unity the solidarity of struggle.
Long live the revolutionary peoples of India!

We shall shatter the shackles of imperialism and feudalism and destroy this rotten system!

We shall build our future with our own hands !

Onwards to victory!

Lal Salam!

SOURCE: https://ncplc.wordpress.com/2014/09/26/41/

A Legal Move in US to Put Narendra Modi on Trial for Gujarat Massacre


Court summons for PM Narendra Modi in US

Economic Times, 26 Sep, 2014

A federal court has issued a summons to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his alleged role in the 2002 Gujarat riots.

NEW YORK: Barely a day before he was scheduled to land in the United States, a federal court has issued a summons to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his alleged role in the 2002 Gujarat riots.

Multiple media reports indicate that the summons was issued by the Federal Court of Southern District of New York in response to a civil case filed by the human rights group American Justice Centre (AJC) on behalf of two Gujarat riots victims.

More details about the lawsuit are likely to emerge on Friday when the American Justice Center will hold a press conference at the Grand Hyatt in New York.

According to the reports, the summons requires Modi to respond within 21 days after once it is served. It is highly unlikely that it will be served.

The prime minister will be in New York till and Monday afternoon, when he will fly to Washington for meetings with President Barak Obama and other US leaders.

Modi is not the first Indian leader to be sued in US courts on rights issues.

A group called Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) filed a case against Congress leader Sonia Gandhi, alleging that she played a role in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, and attempted to serve her with a subpoena when she was in New York City last September. That case was also filed in Federal Court of Southern District of New York.

SFJ had also filed similar cases against former Prime Minister Manmohan and Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal at a US federal court in Washington, DC.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Wales: Red Salute to International Conference to Support Peoples War in India from Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr (The Great Unrest)

                                                            Bara neu Waed

                        Bread or Blood the cry of the Proletariat  - From Wales to the World

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr sends its greetings from Wales to the Milan Meeting of the International Conference to Support the People's War in India.

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr supports People's War against The Indian State and its murderous and bloody Operation Green Hunt.

We will do all in our power to make the people of Wales aware of your struggles for democracy and socialism and support you in the People's War against the Indian Comprador State.

We will do our very best to expose the role of British Imperialism in supporting the murderous activities of the Indian Comprador State in its War on the People of India.

Red salute to your Conference - success to your organisers.

Long Live Proletarian Internationalism - Long Live the Struggle of the People of India for Democracy and Socialism - Victory to People's War in India

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Marxist-Leninist Communist Organization – Proletarian Way (France) message to International Conference in Support of Peoples War in India

Message to the International Conference in Support of the People’s War in India (Italy, September 27th - 28th 2014)

Dear comrades,

We regret not being able to join you at this conference, when we had taken part in the one which took place in Hamburg last year. We hold up that supporting the Indian Revolution is an important demarcation in the International Communist Movement.

We reaffirm our support for the revolutionary organizations of the Indian State that conduct People’s War on the path of New Democracy and Socialism, as well as for the popular and democratic movement in this country, and all those who oppose Imperialism, Feudalism and Capitalism. As communists of France, we have a responsibility to pay particular attention to the interference of our own imperialism.

We wish full success to this Conference, and we congratulate it organizers.

Long live international solidarity with the Indian Revolution !

Marxist-Leninist Communist Organization – Proletarian Way (France)

Source: http://www.vp-partisan.org/article1324.html

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Battle for Referendum Democracy in Scotland : 90,000 plus petition calling for a revote has Police investigate Postal Ballot "irregularities"


Historic Additional verse of God Save the King/Queen
Lord, grant that Marshal Wade,
May by thy mighty aid,
Victory bring.
May he sedition hush,
and like a torrent rush,
Rebellious Scots to crush,
God save The King

Democracy and Class Struggle says the battle for Referendum Democracy in Scotland may be viewed in England has sedition and the British state may want to crush the rebellious Scots has this verse relates but this is not 1745 but 2014.

Despite the British Media's silence on the "irregularities" in both postal voting and actual voting on the day - the information concerning voter fraud  is out all over the internet social networks - and they will find the Scots a much tougher nut to suppress in 2014 than in 1745.

Here is a report from the Herald of Scotland :

The concerns surfaced after Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, declared 45 minutes after the polls closed last Thursday that the campaign had been "incredibly encouraged" by the results of a "sample opening" of the postal ballot that she said had taken place over the previous few weeks.

She said agents were able to "take tallies" of postal ballots and "the reports have been very positive for us".

It has been confirmed that ­the ­Electoral Commission, the independent elections watchdog, has referred a number of complaints it received to the police as the allegations may be of a criminal nature.

The development comes as the Yes campaign was challenged to accept it had lost the referendum vote instead of sowing division with conspiracy theories and claims No voters were "tricked".

Complaints sent to police and the Electoral Commission surrounded agents being able to see the ballot papers and communicate how the vote was going during opening sessions across Scotland in the days running up to September 18.

According to Elections Scotland guidance, agents present at the opening of postal votes "must observe the requirement of secrecy". Failure to observe the requirement is a criminal offence punishable by up to 12 months in prison and/or to a fine of up to £5,000.

The Electoral Commission decided to pass complaints it received to the police after making an initial assessment over whether there was any case to answer.

Agents representing each campaign are allowed to oversee the postal vote opening sessions, where checks are made to verify signatures and dates of birth against records. Elections Scotland instructions on postal votes accept that while staff are required by law to keep ballot papers face down, there may be occasions when the front of the document becomes visible.

"However, it is an offence for anyone attending the opening of postal votes to attempt to ascertain how any vote has been cast or to communicate any such information obtained," it adds.
An Electoral Commission spokeswoman said a breach of the rules laid out in the Scottish Independence Referendum Act 2013 would be "for the police to investigate".

"As such, any complaints we have received in relation to this matter have been brought to the attention of the Police Service of Scotland," she said.

A Police Scotland spokesman said the complaints were being assessed.

A Scottish Conservative spokesman said: "We acknowledge the concerns of the Electoral Commission put to Police Scotland. We will cooperate with regard to any complaints made if asked to do so."

One complainer is understood to have been concerned that information from the votes might have informed Better Together's decision to send the three main party leaders north of the Border and issue "the vow" over extra powers for Scotland.

Footage of Ms Davidson filmed during the referendum coverage has been forwarded to the police and Electoral Commission.

A spokeswoman for Mary Pitcaithly, chief counting officer for the independence referendum, said all ballot papers were kept face down when postal voting packs were opened in the presence of postal ballot agents and observers before polling day to check the personal identifiers - the date of birth and signature - match those held on file.

She said: "All postal vote observers and agents, like everyone else who attends a postal vote opening session, are required to abide by the requirements for secrecy as stated in the Scottish Independence Referendum Act."

Source: http://www.heraldscotland.com/politics/scottish-politics/elections-watchdog-calls-in-police-over-no-camp-postal-vote-claims.25423662

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USA: The Frame Up of Eddie Conway of the Black Panther Party

Brother Conway tells the story of his arrest and trial, and being "represented" by a lawyer whom spent 45 minutes with him before going to trial

Brother Conway says prisoners were treated like animals; and because he resisted and organized, he was in lockup twenty three and a half hours a day for six years

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How Powerful is Russia ?

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Philippines: US to use joint exercises to camouflage US basing in Palawan -- CPP

At least 3,500 US troops from the US base in Okinawa, Japan, are set to participate in the joint military exercises... These fully armed and combat-ready US troops will be trampling on Philippine sovereignty with the full cooperation of the puppet Aquino regime.


 CPP Information Bureau
23 September 2014

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemns the scheduled joint naval exercises to be conductd by the US and Philippine military forces from 29 September to 10 October. This annual Amphibious Landing Exercise (PHIBLEX) is being used by the US to deploy large numbers of its troops on Philippine soil. The 2014 PHIBLEX, in particular, will be used by the US to pursue its plan of strengthening its military basing in Palawan.

At least 3,500 US troops from the US base in Okinawa, Japan, are set to participate in the PHIBLEX. By descending on the Philippines, these fully armed and combat-ready troops of the US will be trampling on Philippine sovereignty with the full cooperation of its puppet regime.

The US military has long been eyeing Palawan as a forward base for its operations encompassing the Pacific, particularly to project its power and build up its armed presence along the trade routes of the South China Sea. The US military has been providing financing to the Armed Forces of the Philippines to expand the naval bases of the Philippine military on Oyster and Ulugan Bays. The US’ objective is to have these serve as military bases for US naval warships, war materiél and combat troops under the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA).

The Filipino people denounce the hypocrisy behind the US’ plans of providing "humanitarian services" during the joint exercises. In exchange for minimal funding, such token services serve only to make US military intervention seem acceptable in order to disarm the people from opposing the massive presence of US troops.

The CPP calls on the Filipino people to protest the PHIBLEX and demand the immediate pullout of all US troops in the Philippines.

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10 Years of The Communist Party of India Maoist - Mehangai from Chakravyuh

SEE ALSO  RED ANT DREAM  HERE :http://democracyandclasstruggle.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/10-years-of-communist-party-of-india_20.html