Sunday, September 7, 2014

A poll by YouGov for the Sunday Times sent shockwaves through the British political establishment north and south of the border as it showed the yes camp had 51% to 49% for no, excluding the don't knows

"The people of Scotland are to be offered a historic opportunity to devise a federal future for their country before next year's general election, it emerged on Saturday night, as a shock new poll gave the campaign for independence a narrow lead for the first time.
Amid signs of panic and recrimination among unionist ranks about the prospects of a yes vote on 18 September, the Observer has learned that a devolution announcement designed to halt the nationalist bandwagon is due to be made within days by the anti-independence camp.
The plan, in the event of a no vote, is that people from all parts of Scottish society – rather than just politicians – would be invited to take part in a Scottish conference or convention that would decide on further large-scale transfers of power from London to Holyrood.
A poll by YouGov for the Sunday Times sent shockwaves through the political establishment north and south of the border as it showed the yes camp had 51% to 49% for no, excluding the don't knows. Better Together leader Alistair Darling said: "These polls can and must now serve as a wake-up call to anyone who thought the referendum was a foregone conclusion."

Interesting Speculation from consitutional experts of the British Queen appointing a Governor General for Scotland.
John Maclean
Democracy and Class Struggle  says the fighting Spirit of John Maclean returns has the British State enters into an historic Crisis - the ideas of the most dangerous man in Britain according to Basil Thompson head of British Military Intelligence are in the process of revival.

The idea of a Independent Scottish Socialist Republic

The referendum Yes vote will open the road to future class struggle for a Scottish Republic and Socialism and the re building of a revolutionary Left and Communist Movement in Scotland.

We are under no illusions the class struggle in Scotland is just beginning and the road to national and social liberation for Scotland will be a rough and tough one given the perfidiousness of the British Ruling Class.

The British State has been a dead end for the working class in Scotland, England and Wales and Kernow and its demise or weakening is a prerequisite for opening up the road to class struggle for socialism in the British Isles has a whole.

Lenin was one of those few communists or socialists who saw the opportunity that a national question and national referendums posed in the struggle for democracy to advance the class struggle and defended the Irish Easter Rising against the "pure socialists" which called it a Nationalist putsch in 1916.

Lenin himself in 1913 has written some "pure socialist" words but the practice of 1916 in Ireland informed his thinking and developed his thought on the dialectic of national and class struggle

Today we have the "pure socialists" like George Galloway and psudeo marxists of all hues defending the integrity of the British State has an achievement of the working class (like its declining Welfare State)  - it is like praising the prison governor for letting you have prison privileges.

The British State and the British Ruling Class is an enemy of the struggle of the working class in Scotland, England, Wales and Kernow and historic enemy of the Irish People - its crisis, and its destruction, its potential smashing opens up new possibilities in our struggle in British Isles.

Seize the time and the opportunties to advance the class struggle for socialism - reject the Gallow Ways of the British State for the building of bases for socialism in Scotland or Wales or Kernow to help the final liberation of the English Working Class from its British Ruling Class.

Long Live Marxism Leninism Maoism - For National and Social Liberation in the British Isles

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