Thursday, September 18, 2014

Democracy and Class Struggle Statement on Victory for No Campaign in Scottish Referendum: Some defeats are only installments to Victory

Some defeats are only installments to Victory
Jacob Riis

Democracy and Class Struggle says that Scottish Independence Movement with its 1.6 million votes is no longer just a political movement but a social movement with deep roots.

The radical independence movement and the national collective contribution to the Independence social movement in Scotland is something that other national independence movements can learn from and emulate.

Obama yesterday tweeting his support for the No Campaign shows what we have always said is that US Imperialism is against Scottish Independence and that large sections of the British Left are as Social Imperialist as they were in 1914 promoting British Nationalism in Scotland..

The movement for National and Social Liberation in the British Isles will not go away - defeats are more instructive than victories and now the struggle for democracy will extend to England, Wales, Kernow and Northern Ireland and the lies that Cameron told to win the referendum will be exposed in the coming months.

PS  45% voted for Scottish Independence 55% Against Independence



Of those aged 16 and 17 - who were given the vote for the first time - 71 percent voted yes compared to 29 percent no, according to... his figures.

Most of the no voters were aged 65 and above, with 73 percent voting no, and 27 percent voting yes.

Of those who voted Conservative in the 2011 Scottish elections, 95 percent voted no and 5 percent voted for independence. For Labour voters those figures were 63 percent and 37 percent. Of SNP voters 86 percent voted yes and 14 percent voted against Scottish independence.

SOURCE: Figures from Lord Ashcroft look at how people voted by age and political persuasion

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