Thursday, July 19, 2018

Japan - A Backdoor Nuclear Power with its Tons of Plutonium enough for 6000 Nuclear Bombs

Look a 4.27 minutes for the Japanese Plutonium Story - enough to build 6000 Nuclear Bombs.

Interesting how this story never makes headlines in view of the North Korean de-nuclearization talks.

Iran: Emerging as a Global Force

Democracy and Class Struggle says the Trump Putin Helsinki Summit will go down in history as the Anti Iran pro Israel Summit.

Any serious attempts to break Hezbollah supply lines by Israel/US or covertly by Russia could spin into a new war in Middle East.

What type of War will be waged as retaliation against Israel and US or covert war against Russian interference we cannot tell.

We are materialists not fortune tellers but it is likely to be asymmetrical.

Syrian Democratic Forces Political Wing Seeks To Normalize Relations With Damascus

Democracy and Class Struggle has been reporting this Kurdish (SDF) move for some time - we also welcome internal forces in Syria being part of a new emerging Syria.

This process long pre dates Helsinki and we do not see it as being part of the Summit Deal which was principally defense of Israel and anti Iran.


The Golan Heights - The Great Helsinki Betrayal ?

"Israel commits not to act against regime of Moscow ally Assad in exchange for freedom of action against Iran and maintaining demilitarized Golan buffer zone".


Betrayal of GAZA betrayal of Golan Heights will be the Helsinki Summit Memorial while others concentrate on the Trump Theatre they overlooking what is the substance of US and Russia Helsinki Summit defending Israel.


Hypernormalization simply explained by Russell Brandt

Democracy and Class Struggle says hypernormalization is explained by Russell Brandt in about as simple a manner as possible.

Democracy and Class Struggle was struck how hypernormalization  is now on steroids at the great theatre that was the Trump Putin summit.

British Labour Party's Anti-Semitism Document: Criticizing Israel Is not Anti-Semitism

Moshe Machover speaks

As'ad AbuKhalil on What the Trump Putin Summit Means for Syria

Democracy and Class Struggle says As'ad AbuKhalil is one of the most intelligent commentators on Middle East politics - he also has the Angry Arab Site.

He has  good analysis of the differences between Hezbollah and Russia and Russia's collaboration with Israel.

Our Views are very close to the views of As'ad AbuKhalil but we see also any serious attempt of USA/Russia/Israel to disrupt the Iranian Iraq Syria Lebanon Hezbollah supply lines will explode into new War in Middle East..