Sunday, February 12, 2017

"A Warmongers International " by O.W.Kuusinen (1951)

Democracy and Class Struggle say the Liberal Social Democratic Socialists have not changed from 1951 they still provide cover for US Imperialism with their "Socialist" International

They love the European Union - the capitalist cabal as they loved the former customs union formed in the 1950's then Benelux.

Communists like O.W. Kuusinen opposed anti national cosmopolitanism as we pointed out in the Bolshevik long before the far right high jacked the anti EU platform of the revolutionary communist movement.

In the UK it was the Fascist Oswald Moseley who from 1945 led in his British Union of Fascists to fight for the European Union. 

In 1951 the communist movement recognized the national question in the struggle for socialism and the communist movement will only become relevant when it recognizes it again.