Friday, February 17, 2017

Trump : Saving Democracy by Destroying it ? The False Dichotomies of Bourgeois Thought

Deutsche Bank and Donald Trump and the laundering of Russian Money - Russian Oligarchs and Trump the real love affair.

Economist James Henry explains why we should take Deutsche Bank's findings about Trump's assets with a grain of salt.

Democracy and Class Struggle says that the coming implosion of the Trump Regime will leave a lot of collateral damage - the further countries like Russia are away from Trump the less damage will be done.

It is Trump's Perestroika ( Restructuring) and will have the same result as Gorbachev's - disaster.

If people insist on protecting him they will go down with him  - that is countries (Israel) as well as individuals.

Keep your distance this is the internecine bourgeoisie's  war not the proletarian class war  - we will pick up the pieces in 2017  - an evocation of 1917.