Monday, February 6, 2017

President Bannon and Chump Trump

Democracy and Class Struggle says the source of the above story is the New York Times and Donald Trump has denied the story - but there are other sources - expect more as the feuding in the White House continues.

Bannon and the Church Militant below - Apocalypse Now !

The Apocalypse -  Steve Bannon view of the Clash Of Civilizations the mirror image of the ISIS viewpoint - both will meet on the battlefield and the world will end - this is the person who is on the National Security Council of the United States - goodnight !

He forgot the heroism and communist zeal of the Red Army and Russia's disproportionate contribution to defeat of Hitler but remembers USA and D day - but his attitude to the Nazis shows signs of ambiguity in the Church Militant.

Guarantee that edited versions of this video will appear on ISIS websites where they will say Bannon speaks for the West.

Bannon does not and the sooner he is replaced the safer we will be.