Thursday, December 27, 2018

Reality Check for 2019 : A Transnational Class : The Global Power Elite

Nation States - Population containment zones for capital use

Democracy and Class Struggle says the work of Peter Phillips updates Global Class Analysis and our politics should take account of the shift in global class structure.

The contradictions of the Global Elite with the 80 new Chinese Billionaires who are seen as nationalists.

The Trilateral Commission calls for the overthrow of Putin another nationalist the Global Elite does not like

The neo liberal mythology about EVERYBODY being better off insults reality and our intelligence and is the real fake news of the 21st Century.

We take the right wing and proto fascists down by detailed class analysis - the class contradiction has not been superseded by national contradictions but under working class leadership they can align.

Clearly in 2019 we have not gone beyond capitalism - all post capitalist mythology is dead and the class struggle for democracy and socialism is needed more than ever for the survival of the human race.

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