Sunday, December 30, 2018

Jordan Peterson Is Everything He Criticizes (And Can't Read)

The China and Mao Nonsense from Jordan Peterson was exposed in the Sun Jingxian Study at Jiangsu Normal University in Great Leap Forward here.

We have been informed that the Sun Jingxian Study has been translated into English but for some unknown reason has not been published in West yet.We can guess the reason why.

Jordan Peterson Normalizes Nazism for a real non Jungian Psychology  of Nazism which exposes Nazi Patriarchy visit.

Jordan Peterson claims to have read "Ordinary Men" and uses this to normalize Nazism rather than expose the racist elitist capitalist nature of Nazism.

For Jordan Peterson capitalist exploitation of Labour is "natural" order.

Do not be surprised - he hates egalitarianism so he can hardly be ideologically against the anti egalitarian racist elitism of Nazism when he promotes "natural man" against feminism - all echo Nazi fight against Cultural Bolshevism..

Patriarchy was fundamental to Nazism 


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