Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ukraine : Kiev Putschists attack Slavyansk : Ukrainian troops APCs, choppers amid burning checkpoint in Slavyansk

6 Self Defence Forces and 1 Policeman killed by Ukrainian Army in attack.

Fighting erupted again just outside Slavyansk, eastern Ukraine. Kiev restarted anti-terrorism operation leaving a checkpoint in ruin. Ukrainian troops take photos alongside APCs as Choppers fly overhead.

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Kiev of a deterioration of relations because of the military operation against the protesters in Slavyansk. “If these people [in Kiev] have opted for a hot stage, which in fact is a counterinsurgency operation, it will definitely have certain consequences for those who make such decisions, state-to-state relations included,” said Putin at a media forum of the All-Russian People’s Front.

The president said that only the Ukrainian parliament has “elements” of legitimacy, whereas other branches of the current authorities in Ukraine are not legitimate for various reasons.

“Given what they have done today, the authorities in Kiev have become a junta, a kind of cabal, so to say,” Putin said.

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