Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Norway: Serve the People interviewed the recently released partner of Kjell Gunnar Larsen.

Serve the People interviewed the recently released partner Kjell Gunnar Larsen.

We call her Helga since the name has not been made ​​public in the case so far . Helga has been active in anti-racist activity for thirty years, mainly in SOS Racism .

She was arrested along with Kjell Gunnar Larsen on April 28 and is now charged with " money laundering ".

Hey comrade, first of all we will say that many comrades have thought of you and Kjell Gunnar since we got the news of his arrest. How are you?

I am fine - I thank you for all the support statements .

Can you tell us what happened yesterday, how the police came and what awaited you in the apartment when you were released late at night ?

They arrived just after 09.00 . They were no less than 8 police.

First came the three plainclothes up the apartment - and we learned that we both be arrested - and that the apartment would be searched .

I was first down before a police car - and waited outside five men in uniform.

We were driven to jail - department and searched thoroughly - and assigned a cell. Was at this time are not made ​​aware of what I was charged .

The arrest was straightforward - and in a short time I got blankets , reading material and food.After a few hours I was taken for interrogation , made ​​aware of the charges and I even asked about what they had seized in the home .

Got to know that all PCs , phones and cash were taken .

Much of the hearing was plain sailing ; was asked if I could tell about my activities in SOS Racism . Was asked about recruiting , training and especially about lots that had to do with economics .

And I was asked what connection I had to Serve the People . This question I had no comment on .

Around 20.30 I was released . Knew that I had to expect me some chaos when I got home.

Let's put it like that raid is raid - and that police do not get paid to clean up after themselves.

That being prosecuted for money laundering - was quite surprising. But I think the main reason I was taken - was to put pressure on Kjell Gunnar.

Kjell Gunnar sits still imprisoned and we hope he will be released soon. What can people do to support him now?

All supporting statements will certainly help him too. The best we can do is to " rap on " . Making sure that there are a hell of a good May 1st around the country. And when this day is over - work  steadily with all our other stuff .

Not the least ; mobilize like hell to summer camp.

I have no doubt that it's been great prestige in this matter.

SOS Racism and Serve the People have for many years been a growing thorn in the bourgeoisie side.

In four years ( yes it's really that long ) that have Dagblad  have persecuted us 

But the great hope that we collectively would lie down and die.

Serve the People is stronger than ever - the struggle continues .'

Serve the People

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