Friday, April 18, 2014

John Kerry the serial liar used photoshopped forgery of letter in Donetsk False Flag

The letter that John Kerry said was from Donetsk People's Governor has been exposed has a fraud.

The letter which Kerry referred to was stamped and signed by Denis Pushilin, who was identified on it as “People’s Governor.” Pushilin denied the alleged letter, claiming it is fake.

He noted that he is not and never was the so-called People’s Governor.

 “No one has ever elected me as one,” he told RT. He also added that the stamp on the letter is bigger than the stamp's actual size. “The stamp on the letter is larger and looks like it has been photoshopped.”

PS be reminded that Kerry lied 35 times has Seynour Hersh reminds us about the sarin chemical attack last year in Syria which nearly brought about full scale War.

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