Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Battle for Scotland - Seize the political space

If you want to study the National Question in Scotland and the views of Republican Socialists here are some links :

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Scottish Left Review


Scottish Republican Socialist Forum


Democracy and Class Struggle says the Scottish National Party like Plaid Cymru in Wales stands for a fake bourgeois led independence not real independence which can only come with a Scottish Socialist Republic.

Such a Scottish Socialist Republic was envisaged by John Maclean and now Scottish comrades must enter the political arena to expose the SNP and fight for Maclean's ideas and not just be the hunting dogs for SNP bourgeois nationalism.

The SNP promotes the same eco - colonialism as their Welsh cousin Plaid Cymru and is a monarchist party to boot and needs through exposure for their class collaborationist policies.

The political space opened up by the Scottish referendum in the British Isles gives revolutionary socialists and communists new political opportunities - we must seize the time..

For writings of Scottish Revolutionary John Maclean visit here :

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