Most interesting regards this is the Patriotic Fringe Response , so sad and soppy in their 'Wimpish Worries' as to what Shipton writes and oh dear their patriotic 'Medieval Memories' being attacked by the Labour Party. All going to prove just how much this Patriotic Fringe as totally lost the plot regards what Rali Cilmeri was founded for by the Patriotic Front and what both Cofiwn and Y Cyfamodwyr used it for, as a Radical Nationalist platform from which to launch some real radical Nationalist Struggles as against Investiture'69, Sarhad'83 and not my bag really but for Y Cyfamodwyr it was. Am talking of course 'Mewnlifiad' and an issue again on the horizon as 'Affordable Housing' the major concern of an 'Alternative Nationalism' increasingly moving to the right and reactionary Patriotic Politics as of the RCA and Jac O' North which Rali Cilmeri might just become the platform for, keeping in mind that last year for first time ever some really racist songs were heard at Tafarn Llywelyn after the annual posing and posturing at the Cenotaph! No! No! the way forward not the expected and called for knee jerk reaction but now is time to get off the fence and call for a real start of a fight back! Fighting back against Tory Cuts, Unemployment and Depopulation and not least against the new Colonialism of Cheque Book Conquest Land Grabbing of the Renewables Robber Barons, Green Carpet Baggers and all TAN 8 TREATY TRAITORS and that Includes Plaid Cymru and it's companions Y Crachach Newydd - England's Client Tribe in Wales.

Patriots really is time to become Partisans, you will be more service to yourselves, your Communities and Country if you now stopped all the pathetic pitiful retro response that now distracts you and diverts effort to some real, I said real not fbf stuff but real STRUGGLE and you do not have to look far as to where to begin such STRUGGLE but now more than ever possibly on your doorstep at the WINDMILL PLANTATION CLOSEST TO YOU AS A FEW HAVE BEEN DOING ON MYNYDD Y BETWS ALL YEAR AROUND - Whilst What have you been doing and will more than likly not be doing over the months ahead up to
Rali Cilmeri?

As one of the original founders of Rali Cilmeri in the 'Sixties', I would like to make a few points as to it's history and as to my bemusement over the arising bother about what Patriots get up to once a year at this commemoration. But first, lets deal with the FWA and White Eagle Cross association with regards to Rali Cimeri in the past and present. In the past, as from Adfywiad Gwladgarol 1962 - 69 and over the years, depending on who was organising Rali Cilmeri, the use of such Radical Nationalist 'militant' symbolism has had major or minor role and significance. In the 'Sixties' Rali Cilmeri, founded by the Patriotic Front,came to be the annual rallying ground of all those who opposed the Investiture as, in particular, the FWA and many other Nationalists - including a great many Plaid Cymru members (and certainly those of it's Youth Association) some CYIG members, as well as the Celtic League.

What is important about Rali Cilmeri is that it continues to be an important commemoration though, myself, I consider that it has reached it's 'Sell By Date', if one goes by the measure that from the 'Sixties' right up to the 'Eighties', it retained a good measure of radical Nationalism - not least under Cofiwn, in that movement’s work and campaigning against WTB Gŵyl y Cestyll - ' Sarhad'83. Likewise, under the auspices of Y Cyfamodwyr, Rali Cilmeri became a focus to opposition of the Mewnlifiad and, as the PF had been associated with the FWA, they became associated with the Meibion Glyndŵr - which did not help either movements to survive but provided the state security service with reasons and opportunities to crush both movements. This is a warning from History to Balchder Cymru.
Lets now get something straight, despite what ''Nostalgists'' wish otherwise with all their YT presentations and otherwise 'Dreams of Freedom' Tramping about the Country, as, for the most part, fbf (fb fusiliers) rather than the FWA - and certainly no where near MAC or Meibion Glyndwr, The FWA exists no more - and in fact, it's leaders surrendered at Swansea Court House on 1 July 1969 and signed a treaty of no more resistance to English Rule. This was not a treaty that the Patriotic Front members on trial participated in and thus, I have continued my struggle of resistance which at this moment is in campaign with others such as a few members of Balchder Cymru and other radical Nationalists but not, I may add, members of Plaid Cymru. Thus, I am bemused with Jill Evans who, as Leanne Wood,are politically correct pacifists and 'Green Washers' both better known for CND activities and flirting with the English Radical Fringe, apart as from being quite as happy to clap on a militant Palestinian Struggle, but ‘abhor’ any expression of such in our country. Members of Balchder Cymru need to wake up take this aboard and in light of these media exposures of these two Tan 8 Traitors, not be so keen and quick to cosy up to they or Plaid Cymru. If anything good is to come out of this presnt Rqali Cilmeri fiasco, it will be Balchder Cymru and other Patriotic Fringe radical nationalists getting off the fence and joining fully not as an hobby but right on in the fight against all who are signed up to the TAN 8 TREATY!
As to the ceremonial at Rali Cilmeri, I do not find such things bizarre only, as I have already said, ‘bemusing’ for reasons stated above. As far as I am concerned I have 'invented' ceremonial myself but, not this 'Water Treatment' of Nationalists version of a Victorian 'Water Cure', this is a Balchder Cymru original and one I do not condemn - other than hoping that in future it will be carried out with more decorum and privacy. One can hear on the video much giggling and swearing at the well by those involved in the baptism. It also concerns me that one person can be seen taking 'Mug Shot' fotos of everyone being baptised, why and what for and for whom? So please, despite the fact that Llywelyn's head could not possibly have been washed in this brook, as the Cilmeri site of his death was a Victorian Tourism Invention and the brook baptism, a BC recent addition - as the wearing of the Ivy was a Cofiwn 'Invention' of the distant early 'seventies'.
Time all had a new learning curve and got to grips with a more accurate historical truth as presented by the late Anthony Edwards RIP, that is, that Llywelyn was assassinated and his bodyguard slaughtered at Aberedw, and their deaths brought about by a great treachery and conspiracy between Edward I and the Archbishop of Canterbury with Welsh Traitors such as the Bishop of Bangor and a gang of 'Old Chiefs' fed up with having to fund Llywelyn III as Tywysog Cymru, remember he had to pay Edward I a great sum for this privilege. That's the historical truth, live with it but learn from it! This is why I prefer Owain Glyndwr he made no bargains and was not interested in treaties only Welsh Independence,
full stop! A far as I am concerned Gwynedd was the 'Prussia of Cymru' as much interested in it's own domination of Wales as any Unity and Independance, see the Politics of Llywelyn ab Iorwerth and his dealings with Powys and Deheubath, selling out the latter and making deals with the Normans of Gower.
As for my views as to Rali Cilmeri 2012 and there after, I am not one to be pathetically bothered by the fact that the Media has made a big deal out of this Rali Cilmeri 20111 business, that's their job to sell newspapers, and as for Labour Party using it to attack Plaid Cymru, what do you expect from them, that is the political game. If anything, what does one expect when such ammunition was provided by sticking these videos on YT, maybe a bit politically naïve. It’s just as naive to think that Plaid Cymru will stick by Balchder Cymru and that Plaid Cymru will ever again be associating themselves with such Radical 'militant' Nationalism, even though it is mostly pomp, parade and posturing; a rather timid patriotism but which, nevertheless, serves a Patriotic Purpose to a degree but not if that is it? So, I would support BC Rali Cilmeri 2012 and thereafter but would suggest that FWA Banner gets dates put on it 1962 - 1969 so that no one is fooled into thinking that the FWA is still about when it is not. That can only be useful to WECTU and the Media - as we have seen.
Further, those the media, seem to think are Para –Militaries, need to be clearly told that they are not, but rather, are a BC 'invention', a worthy one to represent 'The 18' Body Guard Llywelyh III at Rali Cilmeri as an 'Honour Guard' for again ceremonial purpose. What is wrong with that? and it would be quite aborrant for the Labour Party to condemn as they attend enough English Royal Ceremonials annually. However, in this context, far better the armbands bore the Arms of Llywelyn III/Gwynedd and not the White Eagle Cross which, by the way, was never just an FWA 'Iconic' symbol but used by others in the 'Sixties' and since, as a Welsh Cross of Resistance much as the Cross of Lorriane was used. Thus go on 'White Eagle Warriors', lets see a Sea of White Eagle Cross Welsh Resistance Flags at Rali Cilmeri 2012, stuff it to all who dislike it as Leanne Wood for example, no doubt Jill too?
To conclude, I’m afraid that I must say it… that those who attend Rali Cilmeri and, indeed, Dydd Dewi parading about but have not made yet the slightest effort to be involved in the struggle to 'Save Stryveland' are themselves hypocrites or maybe just tame taffies. Other than this, it is my final summary to all this that I seriously suggest that the time has come for all present day Political Activists to remember and commemorate, not so much Medieval Welsh Princes, but more the People of the
Pike and the Pichfork.

Gethin ap 'Iestyn' Gruffydd.


Cymrwch Y Tir Yn Ol