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Victory for Italian Comrades : CARC Party - We have won the struggle against a persecution started with a first prosecution twenty years ago and ended with the eight prosecution on 17 October 2012

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Milan 19.10.12

We have won the struggle against a persecution started with a first prosecution twenty years ago and ended with the eight prosecution on 17 October 2012

All of us acquitted because no offence was committed! On 17.10.2012 the Court of Assizes of Bologna has put an end to the prosecution on charge of subversive association with terrorist purposes (article 270 bis of the Penal Code) opened nine years ago against the (n)PCI, the CARC Party and the  Association for Proletarian Solidarity (ASP) by deputy prosecutor of Bologna Paolo Giovagnoli: all the comrades were “acquitted because no offence was committed”!

The report of what happened in the courtroom is brief, because the comrades decided to not present themselves in Court. The preliminary objections and also the texts cited by comrades’ lawyers were rejected, then the Court accepted only a single witness (indicated by the prosecution), the deputy superintendent of DIGOS (the political police) of Modena Alberto Sola, author of the information that according to him was the base for the prosecution. The diligent Sola began babbling of weapons, economic funds illegally collected, forged documents, occult structure, subversive plans, etc. The Public Prosecutor Gustapane repeatedly asked him if the investigations done lead to gain evidence of his claim and Sola has consistently replied that “no, but ...” “No, but it seemed that they had the intention to ...”. The Public Prosecutor concluded the examination by saying that suspicions are not enough for the charges which the article 270 bis is referred to. We need evidence of effectiveness and relevance of the facts. He stated that also antagonistic ideologies must be accepted otherwise democratic principles are canceled and asked the Court to confirm the judgment of acquittal for lack of concrete evidence. Our lawyers joined him for such request. After retiring for about half an hour, the Assize Court stated for complete discharge. 

In the square (near the station of Bologna, one of the landmarks of State slaughters) we denounced that the only real terrorists in our country are the Prime Minister Monti, the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, the manager of FIAT Marchionne, the Pope Ratzinger with the retinue of their cronies and accomplices: their weapons of mass destruction are the decrees, the laws, the taxes that steal rights and resources of workers, of all laborers, of pensioners and of all the popular masses. They are the freedom for corporations, the trickle of companies that are closing or delocalizing, layoffs and job insecurity. They are the finances of the Vatican and its banks, the fees that the masses pay for the Vatican who repays with the daily work of moral pollution in order to induce them to resign to this hell on earth. When in our country we shall establish justice truly worthy of the name it will be these people to sit on the benches of the accused to be judged by people’s courts.

We called to participate in the NO Monti Day on 27 October in Rome to oust this illegitimate and illegal government of bloodsuckers who rob the masses, send education and healthcare down the drain, ravage the territory to meet at all costs and in every way the lust for money of a bunch of bankers, financiers, speculators and rich. We called to sign the referendum for defending worker rights, to power the struggle for a “useful and decent work for everybody” because in our country there is an immense work to be done: there are 20 million people who work, we need at least as much to ensure the territory again, to clean up polluted areas, to retrieve and place the public and private buildings, to run decent public services, to produce goods and services necessary to the life of families, companies and for collective uses: these are the great works useful to the community and the country! We called to organize, coordinate and mobilize ourelves to establish an emergency government of of workers and people’s organizations able to launch a General Plan of Work, to eliminate activities harmful to humans and to the environment by converting companies, to abolish the debt (protecting small savers), to put under public control the banks, to nationalize the FIAT and other large enterprises, to establish relationships of solidarity, cooperation and exchange with other countries.

After celebrating the victory with songs and slogans we marched to the station of Bologna to lay a wreath in memory of the victims of 1980 fascist massacre hatched by the state that killed 80 people. We shall struggle for them, too, in order to break the veil of secrecy and complicity that binds together the leaders who pretend to be in charge of finance, clergy, government, armed forces and police, business (the vertices of the Papal Republic) and finally truth will out and we shall do justice!

A victory for the whole communist movement, the popular resistance movement and true democrats in our country, a blow to the reactionary and subversive right wing

It is not a brag nor a stuck-up attitude. This judgment upsets the attempt to outlaw as terrorist organizations the (n)ICP and the organizations of his caravan, that is to say the ones who share his conception, line and strategy. The comrades on trial, in fact, were not charged with specific crimes, but with belonging to the (n)ICP and to organizations such as CARC Party and ASP that support and cooperate with his plan to make Italy a new socialist country. It was an overtly political process: if the attempt to condemn as a terrorist organization the caravan of (n) PCI was scored, the way would be opened for the Courts to outlaw Communism and communists. The equation communist = terrorist = outlaw could become effective for any communist organization considered by the class dominant a threat to their power. As our comrades under investigation have repeatedly said in their statements in Court, there were at stake the freedom of association, opinion, expression and propaganda (the democratic freedoms - or what remains of them - won with the victory of the anti-fascist Resistance) of communists and starting from communists of anyone who is or may become the center of organization and mobilization of the masses to “not pay for the crisis of the masters.”

We are not able to say who among the leaders of the Papal Republic has kicked off and pulled the strings of the project. It is sure, anyway, that Giovagnoli did not act on his own and in isolation. He had the active cooperation by people like Francesco Gratteri, the policeman who led the repression against demonstrators in Genoa in 2001, when Carlo Giuliani was killed. Along with Giovagnoli and Gratteri, senior judges and other judges, leaders of the political police and intelligence services , members of the Italian and French governments had formed the “Bilateral Italian-French Group on Terrorism and Serious Threats.” Availed itself of the complicity of the French judiciary (in the person of anti-terrorism judge Gilbert Thiel) which in 2003 arrested and held in prison for a year and a half comrades Giuseppe Maj and Giuseppe Czeppel and for six months comrade Angelo d’Arcangeli. He relied on hired journalists who contributed to the campaign of criminalization against “CARC and (n)PCI terrorists”. He was able to throw a lot of public money (of the popular masses) around for searches, wiretaps, surveillance, infiltration attempts, etc. He was backed by the Chief Prosecutor of Bologna Enrico Di Nicola who appealed to the Supreme Court against the nonsuit judgment rendered in 2008 by the Preliminary Hearing Judge of Bologna Rita Zaccariello and when he sued some leaders and members of the P. CARC and ASP for defamation against him (for having been called “new Torquemada”). He was supported by the Public Prosecutor of Ancona (who sentenced at first instance two comrades investigated for defamation) and by the Supreme Court in the person of the General Attorney Giovanni Salvi who upheld the appeal presented by him (although Salvi himself had dismissed an investigation against the caravan of (n)PCI just in 2003, that is when Giovagnoli opened his prosecution).

The judgment of the Court of Assizes of Bologna is a blow struck not only to Giovagnoli, but to all the reactionary right wing on whose behalf Giovagnoli had opened the prosecution to outlaw us in 2003. We have no illusions that this will put an end to the subversive and anti-democratic projects of the reactionary right wing, but it certainly is one more hurdle for the next prosecutions, it weakens all the repressive judicial apparatus that threatens and hinders the resistance movement of the popular masses.

Strong as we are also thanks to this victory, we face head-on the other trials still carried out against CARC Party and other organizations of the caravan of (n)PCI: in Bologna the trial for “Cop’s Hunt” whose last hearing will be held on February 12, 2013, at Ancona that for “defamation” of Giovagnoli (we did appeal against the conviction at first instance), various prosecutions for anti-fascist activities in Tuscany and in Campania for the struggles to conquer and defend the jobs, for anti-fascist activities and for participation in bourgeois elections.

The “Two Legs Struggle” and “Breaking Trial” pay! They are mainly our resistance to repression and the struggle, the people’s mobilization and solidarity that led to 17 October judgment. In these years, in order to face the judicial repression (not only Giovagnoli’s investigation, but the political persecution that the Authority are carrying out for last thirty years against our political area) and turn it in favor of the new birth of the communist movement, we have developed

the line of the Two Legs Struggle: initiatives of solidarity and mobilization of the popular masses and specific actions among the sincere democrats;
and the turn of the trial into a Breaking Trial: to not collaborate in the charade of “neutral” and “equal to all” justice “, but turn ourselves from prosecuted into prosecutors.

Breaking Trial means that we have not primarily to give the judges to understand that they are mistaken and that the allegations are unfounded, to prove that we are innocent, but to turn the prosecution into a trial to the authorities who violate their own laws and against the interests of the popular masses that are legitimate even if they are not recognized by the law. Both when the legal bluff is clear both when who is on trial processed really did what he is charged with, when “there is evidence”. They are not the real or invented “crimes” the actual content of investigations and prosecutions, but to hit and isolate, to make desist from fighting communists, revolutionaries, political opponents and those who organize and promote resistance to the measures of blood, sweat and tears of masters, governments, speculators and war mongers’ international community.

Giovagnoli has tried to pass off the clandestine nature of the (n)ICP as a synonym for terrorism “forgetting” Gladio the Masonic lodge P2, the diverted secret services and parallel bodies, state, military, commercial, banking, industrial secrets, massacres and other crimes that punctuate the history of our country from war to date with their mysteries,. There is nothing more clandestine than operations, activities, relationships and real decisions of the leaders of the ruling class, of the worms hidden behind the façade of the theater of politics.

It is going on a profound subversion of the organization of our country, of its material constitution even before of its written constitution still in force, at least formally. The outcome of last June’s referendum on public water and other common goods, the will expressed by 27 million people’s vote, not only has not yet been implemented, but Monti’s government is openly violating it. In Susa Valley authorities and police try to bend the “popular sovereignty” to the interests of a handful of profiteers and speculators claimed to be “national interest”, using the militarization of the area, police charges, criminalization and arrests. The Constitution establishes local governments’ autonomy of, but Monti’s government deprive Municipalities and Regions of funds for public services, want to tie their hands with the Single Treasury and the Stability Pact and reduce them to the role of collectors on behalf of the central government. The military intervention in Libya is the latest war mission (though renamed “humanitarian missions”) that tramples and violates the constitutional prohibition to resort to war as a means of settling international disputes. The Defense Reform by the Minister Di Paola institutionalizes this situation (“the Italian armed forces must develop the ability to intervene quickly and efficiently even at a great distance from the homeland, they must operate in areas of strategic interest”). The new order introduced by FIAT manager Marchionne expels FIOM, the metal workers’ trade union federation, from the company, pace the freedom of trade union representation and formally still in force. Red areas, prohibitions and charges the police throw the freedom of expression in the dustbin, the orders to resume work in fact limit the right to strike. More than 10 years later, the political instigator of the massacre at the Genoa G8 have not even been investigated. The fundamental human rights and international agreements for the protection of migrants are not in force in the centers where migrants are locked, in the Strait of Sicily. Casa Pound, Forza Nuova and other organizations “of the third millennium fascists”, who have returned to fill with blood Italy, enjoy supports, covers and complicity in high places, even if fascism, as well as illegitimate, in our country is also illegal. The Constitution places the work as foundation of society and the country establishes the right to work and a decent wage for all adults, but our country is becoming a graveyard of factories. Unemployed, temporary workers, cheap labor, new forms of slavery are rising: money and wealth become the only foundation of society, the only true law. The right to reinstatement on the job of those who are dismissed without a just cause is an unbearable burden: the will of the master must become law everywhere. In such a situation to rebel, to disobey, to fight with no ifs and buts, it is not only legitimate, but also the way to establish the only law worthy of the name, the one based on the interests of the majority of the population.

Let’s strengthen and extend the class and political solidarity, let’s make a united front against repression. The bourgeois leftists who in recent years have given credit or have even worked with police officers, policemen and inquisitors making scorched earth around the “terrorists” of the CARC and the (n)PCI must draw a lesson from our battle and its outcome. But even more important for us is that our battle and its outcome will serve to strengthen and extend solidarity with those in our field are attacked by repression among the masses of the people, among the most advanced of them, among those who have the red flag in their hearts. The criterion that must guide us is to set before everything the fact that we belong to the same class, that we stay on the same side of the barricades in the fight against the crisis of the masters and their system. Our criterion must not be whether a comrade is “innocent” or not (and neither the ideological and political divergences). The penal code was made by the masters to protect their interests and maintain the popular masses subjugated. We must oppose masters’ penal code with the principle “everything is legitimate that serves the interests of the masses, even if it is illegal.” Masters’ penal code is for masters. Our solidarity cannot depend on it. Our solidarity must depend only on the side of the barricade where somebody place itself: to make the popular masses pay for the crisis or to make masters pay for it.

Judgment of Bologna and People’s Bloc Government. Often people says the line of the People’s Bloc Government is not right because the leaders of the Papal Republic will never allow us to establish it, that they will use their police, their courts and their power to prevent it. The judgment of Bologna confirms instead the opportunities we have. The growing recognition by the bourgeoisie itself of the impotence to cope with the worsening of the crisis and its devastating effects, together with our initiative to build the People’s Bloc Government, exacerbate divisions in the bourgeoisie and increase divisions and contradictions in the Judiciary, within the police, the bourgeois parties and the clergy, the government officials, etc.

 Even now in the Judiciary, next to Giovagnoli and Caselli, the judge who persecutes people struggling against the High Speed Train in Susa Valley, who agree to actively use the “violent arm of the law” against the communists and the popular masses, there are the Gustapane, the Guariniello and others who are reluctant to do the same , to directly and personally to violate the laws and the Constitution. Even now, even among the police there are those who do not accept or are intolerant in front of the dirty work and the infamous tasks that bourgeoisie gives them (or do it with difficulty). Even now, there are representatives of the bourgeois parties and even of the clergy who are against the policies of Monti’s government’s policies and even in favor of the claims and mobilizations of the popular masses. The government of popular organizations could play on these contrasts and these divisions to implement its program. We can and must use these contrasts and these divisions to build it today, the struggle to increase and strengthen the confidence that is possible as well as necessary.

More generally, communists’ task is not primarily to denounce enemy’s evil, his plans and his plots, the devastating effects they have on the masses, the power that its most reactionary forces have also among the masses (e.g. the alarm that “fascists advance, the masses follow them”) Their main task is learning to see and to show that there are cracks in bourgeoisie’s camp, to enlarge them and to use them for our purposes, in order to successfully fight until up to victory.

The Third Congress of the CARC Party. On 3 and 4 November in Florence it will be held the Third Congress of CARC Party (see the trailer). Now the pride for having won a long battle joins the determination to move forward in the fight to make Italy a new socialist country. The caravan of (n) ICP, which our Party is part of, does not yet head large mass movements, does not yet direct large mass organizations. The long persecution that the authorities have waged against us, however, is a confirmation that we are on the right track, as we have written on the eve of the Bologna process: “the only logical explanation for such painstaking” attention “is that an authoritative part of the bourgeoisie believes the caravan of (n) ICP is a threat to his power. That is to say they fear that the analysis, strategy and plan it proposed are those required to advance the struggle of the working class and the popular masses to “complete the work that the first PCI did not complete: to make Italy a socialist country and thus contribute to the world proletarian revolution “(the Founding Declaration of the (n) ICP-October 2004).”

We conclude by thanking all the comrades, workers and those who have supported us in various ways with their solidarity in these years, the communist parties and organizations of other countries that have been morally close to us (and in some cases even during the hearings) in name of proletarian internationalism. A special thanks to our lawyers who have contributed to this battle to defend democratic freedoms and to bar the reactionary right and his plans subversive and anti-democratic. Thanks to the family of our comrades under investigation who never failed to lend their support, their encouragement: we hope with all our heart that this victory could light (or strengthen) in them the fire of the struggle to make Italy a country of true civilization, progress and democracy!

Let’s dare to dream, to fight and win!
Communism is our future!

Gladio  a secret paramilitary stay-behind kind structure, promoted during the Cold War promoted by NATO to contrast a possible attack from the forces of the Warsav Pact.

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