11 December 1282

When the Day Turned To Night.

However, during the following century we witness the beginnings of popular revolt and outright rebellion as upon Stryveland 1282 - 1334, 1294 first National Anti - Colonial Revolt, 1315 - 16 Llywelyn Bren Revolt and also Revolts at Harlech 'St Valentines Day Massacre' 1345 as well as at Rhuddlun and Beaumaris. Where else, that was not recorded? but for sure Outlaw Resistance was on the rise with 'Adar y Greim' of the woodlands of Wales making life tough for English Traders and Borough settlers. All building up for the big one that is boiling up amongst as much a Colonial Underclass as is what is left of the native Welsh Aristocracy, Lords and Chiefs. The Lords might have sparked it on 16 Medi 1400 and with their retinues gathered their Raiding Party on Caerdrewyn on 18 Medi 1400 but at Ruthin the first 'English Town' to be attacked in the 'Great Raid', quick to join up and provide Glyndwr with the foundations of his largely peasant Army were Workers, Artisans and Y Clerwyr - 'Tafarn Balladeers; as Ieuan ap Bleddyn Workman of Ruthin, Gruffydd 'Pannor' of Colleigion a Fuller and another Fuller Maldwyn of Lyndyfrwdwy, Gwillym le Corvisor of Llanelidan a Shoe Maker, Ken 'Tudur Thill' Tailor and Morgan also a Tailor, Ieuan ap Judde a 'Flesshewer' also Llywelyn Cayo (Surely not Julian time travelling?) an Harper. I dare say, if more reserch was done we would see the names of more of these 'Common Folk', later many to become post War Y Gwerin Owain' Outlaw Rebel Resistance our Maquis or maybe we should call them 'Eithinwyr' (men of the Gorse, I thought that one up when on Gelliwastad above Abertawe and having to walk thru huge Gorse bushes. Not only would such hide Rebel Outlaws well but the thorns make enemy mounted soldiers get off their horses and thus easier to ambush and kill. Intend to stick that in a novel one day I keep promising myself to do).

NB: I have in mind raising funds for a Partisan Cymru Plaque at Ardd Arwyr Glyndwr, Cefn Caer naming these early 'People of the Pitchfork', see previous post as well. Anyone interested in contributing to such do get in touch.

NOW TO CILMERI 2011, 2012 and hence?

As one of the founders of Rali Cilmeri in the 'Sixties' and then in the 'Seventies' to the 'Eighties' with Cofiwn regualrly attending, since I have only attended occasionally for a particulur purpose. As to protest against the treachery of Plaid Cymru Dr John H. Davies and Labour Party Ray Davies using the Western Mail to attack Nationalists they considered 'Extremists' (interesting Dr John is repeating such again in a letter to Western Mail of late). Ironically, I had supported these two in their criticism of Radical Nationalist of unknown quantity taking over Rali Cilmeri but for the back stabbing via the Western Mail, as it turned out following this Brad Raly Cilmeri 2004, elements of that 'Unknown Quantity' in main Balchder Cymru made it's peace with the aforementioned Davies 1 & 2 and have been happy to cooperate in joint continuation of the Cilmeri Commemoration that is up to the recent WM attention concerning Jill Evans PC MEP 'Bizzare Babtism''. The reason for peace breaking out between what appeared to diversely opposing Nationalist elements was largely due to Band Cambria, a BC Initiative that proved a good addition to the annual Rali Cilmeri Commemoration and useful to Dr John as much as it was to the early days of Cambria Band.

Further 'Nationalist Unity' was achieved by an interest in Rali Cilmeri Commemoration being seen as useful to Cambria Magazine Editor Henry Jones Davies whom with fellow 'Knight of St David' Sculptor David Petersen taking an interest in the event. The latter as now taken to leading the Tafarn Cilmeri to Cenotaph march as he regularly does at the Dydd Dewi Parade in Cardiff annually. Henry Jones Davies, now as a member of 'Y Gorsedd' (that was quick?) and once prospective Plaid Cymru Candidate, not so sure if now as a Right Wing Nationalist if he as much supports 'Leanne Left' Plaid 'green' Cymru. Now a 'respectable rightist', I doubt if he would like to be reminded or the video being seen of Rali Cilmeri - The Cyfamodwyr Years which has been circulating in the Patriotic Fringe for some years. Showing he at Tafarn Llywelyn, translating a speech being made by former FWA Commandant Denis Coslet in 'Uniform' whilst an FWA 'Nostalgist' pulls on a Black hood. A wonderful piece of Patriotic Fringe 'Amatuer Nationalist Dramatics', nothing wrong with that as I have done it myself from time to time. Dressing up in FWA Uniform to visit the NLW and Margam Military Re-enactment fetival as well doing satirical foto feature for my Pwca Power blog:


4 May 2009 – Sorry but you will have to make your own New FWA Uniforms ok! In below fotos, I will ... May (2). PWCA AS RADICALS & REVOLUTIONARIES?

There has been a purpose to this, in main to wind up Plaid Cymru and Y Crachach Newydd and 'Welsh Establishment/Intelligentsia' whom would like to bury a radical past which does not conform to their version of contemporary History. Thus forget Lewis Lewis, Edward Morgan, Dai Cantwr, Sioni Sgubor and Frances Evans, the Worker Radicals of later years down to Welsh Radical Republicans and Nationalist 'Freedom Fighters' of the FWA, MAC and later Meibion Glyndwr. My post Millenium connections at attendance with Rali Cilmeri Commemortion has been to make tributes to former 'Old Comrades' Toni Lewis and Glyn Rowlands also to go there to make speech in defence of Denis Coslett who had been much maligned by Author John Humphries in his book 'Wales Forgotten War', then I put on an my 'FWA Reenactment Society' (joking)- ''FWA Uniform'' to pay tribute to Denis and again to wind up the 'Welsh establishment'. Such as these Crachach Characters below, the first of who I last heard was working for the Electoral Reform Society - Wales, possibly a case of Cultural 'Affirmative Action' taking us towards a Crachach 'Zardoz' Cymru. This is where I diverge from any 'Nationalist Unity, I am not a mindless Crachach Camp Follower'.

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobatby OL ap Gareth - 2009 - Related articles
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Who'd have thought Mr Urdd had a dark past? - Wales News - News ...

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They and the Quisling Collaborationist 'Welsh Establishment' would as the Cymru Fydd crowd in the past, kick into the shadows radicals. Today it is contemporary Nationalist/Republican radicals of the 'Sixties' in particular whilst they today 'Y Crachach' boast themselves up as once being 'Radical'. Just go see St Fagan's so called National History Museum representation of those times and also exhibition at National Museum on Wales and Royalty in which it makes out that the only opposition to English Royalty has been CyIG 'Crachlets'. That of course is a big lie as proof that is much of Welsh History being 'Crachachcentric' and 'Gwyneddcentric' as much as 'Anglocentric', an history that up holds middle class patriots of the 20th century as the 19th century betrayed Wales in their 'English Royal Grovelling' Eisteddfods and worse of all in the 1911 Investiture, read the writings of Hywel Teifi Edwards in particular:

Hywel Teifi Edwards: Historian of Victorian Wales and the National ...

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Now Partisans Cymru are not of a Cambro - Brit Left nor are we of a Plaid Cymru Rainbow Republican 'greenwasher - radical chic', we can politically question and dispute much of the 'Sixties' Radical Nationalism which I was part of but now do question politically. As I do the knee jerk Crachach Camp Following FWA 'Nostalgists' and others of the Patriotic Fringe still so stuck on Rali Cilmeri Commemoration when myself consider it was a mistake in the first place but recognize it is a fact to live with even though I consider it to have reached it's 'Sell By Date' with now indications of it possibly becoming a Right Wing Reactionary Nationalist Political Platform hence? If, indeed now as result of the 'Jill Evans Cilmeri Affair' the knee jerk response of 'Labour Bashing' continues particularly on fb from some pretty awful Pathetic Fringe knee jerking non political thinking Patriots of the sort which Welsh Republican Intellectual David Lawrence has seen for what it is at this years Cardiff Bay Republican Day. An event which drew to it as much reborn 'I Love Leanne' Rainbow Republican Keith Parry who along with others present at this CBRD are regulars at the Cilmeri Commemoration with Keith from time 'masked up'. Most of these old and new 'Patriotic Fringers' do fall into the following catogary as David Lawrence referred to as being; ''that the level of political education in a roomful of people whose " republicanism " amounted to nothing more than anti-monarchism and that amounted to nothing more than sniggering at savage poems'' .

Really is time to wake up and I mean politically, thus best by Patriots becoming partisans, it is no use just repeating endlessly the mantras of Welsh Cultural Nationalism. It is not that simple and any Patriot who considers it so, is really very badly in need of a real Welsh History lesson. As far as what Gwynfor stated below, yes much truth in it but keep in mind that it was the 'Lawyers of Free Gwynedd' pre 1282 who really had us adopt the use of the name 'Welsh', I will let you research why as the exercise might do you some good. Plus please keep firmly in mind that it has been the post 'Richmond/Tudor' crowd to the Society of Ancient Britons 1715, Cymrodorion 1745 to later post Cymry Fydd Crowd to 1911 Cambrians who have gone on and on about we being 'BRYTHONS' aka 'BRITISH'. a concept that like a virus continues to spread in bodies as Welsh Socities, WRU and no doubt in certain Gorsedd Circles. Even within those who might follow Leanne into the 'British Confederation', an idea she had passed on within Plaid Cymru from Gwynfor Evans himself.

See : Nickglais on the Cosmopolitan Left and the National Question:

May Day 2012 Statement of Great Unrest Group for a Welsh Socialist Republican Party

Wales - Depopulation and Immigration and Emigration

See Also : http://youtu.be/NO8WY0EBV-c

Sign the petition for a Welsh Land Act and protect Wales against greenwashing for corporate greed.


Reject Plaid Cymru's Great Deception

Democracy and Class Struggle says while we had political differences with Gwynfor Evans we agree with the quote above to some degree.

We also believe that Gwynfor Evans would never have stood by and let his county of Carmarthenshire be despoiled for corporate greed by Tan 8 terrorists. Those attending Rali Cilmeri Commemoration what today with at least two Choirs in attendance, I suggest all learn the song of t

hose voices singing from Llanllwni Mountain singing against Industrial Scale Windmilling of Wales would also be the voice of Gwynfor Evans.

Today, even though having moved left, and turning down an invitation to attend Rali Cilmeri 2012, I do not oppose others attending. I would just hope for three developments to be taken aboard.

I urge now all patriots and not least, those who attend Rali Cilmeri who I might criticize for being 'Camp Followers' and 'Knee Jerkers', I will not condemn they or their ceremonies, if that is their bag then so what! Nor will I criticize Balchder Cymru who I have been much critical of in the past, as this year on three occasions it has been some of their members who have supported the Anti - Windmill Campaigning not Plaid Cymru, CyIG and not those of the Cambro - Brit left who are as much into long playing so called ''Internationalist'' knee Jerking and Camp Followers too, as I will deal with some time at a future date. Suffice to say and conclude in Rali Cilmeri Commemoration connection.

1: Please get into the history of Nationalism, cultural and otherwise as well as the history of the People of the Pitchfork and Pike:


5 Oct 2012 – PITCHFORK and PIKE. An Alternative To Cofiwn's Focus on Medieval Welsh History, this blog is in area of an HANES CYMRU GOCH - A RED ...

2: Consider embarking on some campaigning as much as your commemorating, start here in spirit of the People of the Pitchfork & Pike:


5 Oct 2012 – CYMRWCH Y TIR YN OL/TAKE BACK THE LAND. Campaigning Against an Old Conquest and a New Conquest of Wales by Means of Cheque ...

3: Forget the labour Bashing, despite the leadership many of their members are our natural allies against the Tories whilst there are many in Plaid Cymru Cultural Nationalist circles who would be quite happy to welcome the Tories as allies in a future 'Cymru Rydd'. How do you think Plaid Cymru made such a big advance in rural Cymru against Labour over the years , quite simply because a great many of Tory mind and rural Conservative/Liberal Values voted with Plaid Cymru to get rid of Labour Rule in rural Cymru. So a knee jerk response to WM articles and LP comments is politically naive and to waste time slagging off the LP would only suit a right wing reactionary radical Nationalist agenda. Such elements grow stronger by the day, already there have been accusations of racism at Rali Llanelli 2011 and Rali Cilmeri 2011. This might be BNP/EDL/WDL 'entryism' at work, do remember that the NF 'Political Soldiers' tried that path into the Patriotic Fringe 'Alternative Nationalism' not so long ago in the early 'Eighties'. Not that Welsh Nationalist 'Rightist Reactionaries' are as Anglo - Welsh Fascists mentality but still out there in and around the Patriotic Fringe are elements as 'The Knights of St David', Reclaim Cymru Alliance and 'main man' on the Nationalist Right 'Swansea Jac' via his Jac O' The North blog. Whatever, just found this on web and to bring balance to my criticisms thought it worth your attention, not least because BC members are Football fans:

Patriotism vs Nationalism « tweets_rhymes_and_life

6 May 2011 – The spectre of separatism still looms with the ideals of nationalism, whether left or right wing. Is the Welsh nationalism of Plaid Cymru the same ...

To conclude: When we started Rali Cilmeri in the 'Sixties' it was very much done for Patriotic Political reasons to oppose the Investiture and it was only on my return from an Irish Exile in early 'Seventies' that we founded Cofiwn and Rali Cilmeri got more into the History associations but not without still using it for political campaign reasons as Cofiwn V Sarhad'83 and Y Cyfamodwyr V Mewnlifiad. If there is still to be a political use for Rali Cilmeri and I think there should as well as the Historical stuff. Then hopefully it will be to a good purpose of calling for campaigns as for Sovereignty and against Tory Cuts, Unemployment and Depopulation these are more important issues for all Welsh Political Activists to be concerned with than worrying what the Western Mail and Labour Party hacks have to say.

Other than this fact it would be not only be a complete waste of a Radical Nationalist Commemoration as is being planned and presented by Balchder Cymru to make it a rally to promote a spurious so called 'Nationalist Unity, what with Tan 8 Treaty Traitors? I remind one and all intending to attend Rali Cilmeri and spend possibly two days in Canol Cymru that in December of 1282 Llywelyn III took a Welsh Army into Canol Cymru to defend that land from the English King, Robber Barons and yes Welsh Traitors too. Now take a look at the below, it is the same Canol Cymru centuries later and in danger of being over run by 'New Conquistadores' of Renewables Robber Barons of which a number are Welsh and Members of Plaid Cymru, not least Llywelyn Rhys, Eryl Vuaghan and a nulmer of the now dead Dr Dafydd Huws 'Ceredigion Crachia and their Crony Green Carpet Bagger Collaborators as Cynog Davis as well a of course English Lord Dafydd Elis Thomas.

Wind Farm Planning in Mid Wales: Home


Welcome to 'Mid Wales Wind Farm Planning' a website providing the essential details of all Mid Wales' operational, consented and proposed wind farms. In Mid ...

So, patriots (and Partisans too?) when you go into Canol Cymru this December, to what purpose? Pointless or Positive Patriotism? If pointless carry on Knee Jerking at Rali Cilmeri but if you want it to be positive then do some Anti - Windmill Plantation Post Campaigning, YES?

The Save Stryveland Struggle Continues and it's about time some Socialists got involved, YES?

Certainly. Partisans and other Socialists should be to the fore in the coming struggle to defend Mynydd y Gwair from further Exploitation by English Aristocrat of the 'Beaufort Bunch'.

Gethin Gruffydd.

PS: Llywelyn III and his Body Guard were slaughtered at Aberedw not Cilmeri, that was a Victorian Tourism Invention much like 'Gelert's Grave' but no matter the 'Sixties' reinvention made it important as a focus and platform for Radical Nationalist Struggle. Well at least in times of Pobl Cofiwn and Cyfamodwyr, not so sure about since and now in these times?