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Marine Le Pen - Velodrome d’Hiver — more commonly known as Vel d’Hiv and why her Right Wing Populism does not negate her Fascism

Democracy and Class Struggle says there are many attempts to "normalise" Marine Le Pen in the same way they tried to "normalise" Donald Trump.

Both have a racist bases but promote a Populist image and try hard to manage perceptions.

Russia has tried hard using RT to normalise Trump  and are doing same with Marine Le Pen.

Sergei Lavrov made a speech in Moscow to the Russian military saying how "normal" Le Pen is.

Russia is still trying to come to terms with their Trump miscalculation both domestically and internationally - the truth is that the ideology of Trump and the Kremlin uphold the same capitalist conservative views which makes them global competitors rather than collaborators.

Russia has proved incapable of absorbing the lesson of the Trump Illusion under it current leadership because it continues in practice to spread the new Marine Le Pen Illusion of 
 Patriots verses Globalism rather than the oppressed people's verses Capitalist Global Imperialism - the bourgeoisie verses the proletariat - the struggle between the capitalist and the socialist road in the 21st Century.

They "forget" it was the Russian - Soviet communist movement in the late 1940's that first exposed bourgeois cosmopolitan Globalism as the ideology of Imperialism in the struggle for national and social liberation

In 1942, French police helped round up 13,000 Parisian Jews, shoving them into the Velodrome d’Hiver — more commonly known as Vel d’Hiv — an all-weather indoor cycling stadium. Men, women, and children languished there for days without adequate bathroom facilities or food. They were sent from there to Drancy, the transit camp outside Paris, and then on to Auschwitz.

In 1995, French President Jacques Chirac apologized to the Jews for the French state’s role in the Vel d’Hiv roundup, and for the deportation of some 76,000 Jews from France during the Nazi occupation.

He said France owed “an everlasting debt” to the Jews who were deported:

France, the homeland of the Enlightenment and of the rights of man, a land of welcome and asylum, on that day committed the irreparable. Breaking its word, it handed those who were under its protection over to their executioners.

Chirac’s statement was historic, as French leaders had long insisted that responsibility for the devastation of the Jews lay not with France, but with Nazi Germany.

It was this that Marine Le Pen denied.

"I think France isn't responsible for the Vel d'Hiv," she said, in a televised interview. “I think that, in general, if there are people responsible, it is those who were in power at the time. It is not France.”

Currently, she said, schoolchildren are only taught “reasons to criticise (the country), and to only see, perhaps, the darkest aspects of our history".

She continued: “So, I want them to be proud of being French again.”

But over the past several decades, the French role in the deportation and looting of the French Jews has only become more clear, not less.

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In 2004, French historian Jean-Marc Dreyfus and sociologist Sarah Gensburger came out with a book called Des Camps, Dans Paris, which showed that there were three forgotten Jewish slave labor camps in the heart of Paris itself.

Dreyfus discovered that French moving companies had been contracted by the Gestapo to help strip Jews’ apartments after they were rounded up, bringing all their worldly possessions to depots where they were sorted and redistributed into the Reich for bomb victims. All personal items — photographs, school papers — were burned.

That this kind of evidence now exists makes Le Pen’s comments that much more reprehensible.

In 2009, the French high court issued an official ruling that held France “responsible for damages caused by actions which did not result from the occupiers' direct orders, but facilitated deportation from France of people who were victims of anti-Semitic persecution."

Le Pen immediately tried to explain her position, saying that the real French government at the time was the opposition government in exile, based in London, not the collaborationist Vichy government in France.


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