Sunday, April 23, 2017

Parti Communiste Maoiste on Marine Le Pen and Front National

Today the National Front, which incarnates this rise of fascism, has its place in the second guaranteed turn. 

The FN has secured the support of the police, important parts of the army, and is beginning to penetrate education, among senior civil servants and in the university. 

The bourgeoisie is increasingly openly choosing fascism to stabilize capitalism by the most brutal means

If it is unlikely that Marine Le Pen will be elected, it will certainly be present in the second round, weighing on the political life of the next few years. 

It is possible that this "defeat" in the second round will push a part of the FN to try to replace it. 

Indeed, the line of the ideologist Florian Philippot supporting the "social" aspect of the FN to radicalise the party created significant tensions within it. 

But fascism is a movement, of which Marine Le Pen is only one of the representatives. 

It will inevitably strengthen in the coming years, driven by the general crisis of capitalism and by the collapse of the historical parties of the right and the left.

Translated to English from Document Below of Parti Communiste Maoiste 


A few words about "anti-systems" from Parti Communiste Maoiste

Another phenomenon is that of declaring himself an "anti-system candidate", just as Trump had done in the United States during his campaign. 

It is more and more likely that neither the PS nor the Republicans (ex-UMP) arrives in the second round. 

The two representatives of bipartisans, who have organized political life and managed the country for decades, have lost so much credibility that their support has collapsed. 

This was first seen with the PS, which after this lamentable quinquennium left with almost no chance. 

This may have seemed more surprising for Republicans, who are likely to lose an election that they thought was untenable. Alain Juppé and Manuel Valls, both favorites of the right and left primary, were largely swept away despite the media forecasts.

This is also how we interpret the "antisystem" posture of all the main candidates: no one wants to embody continuity with traditional politics.

It is obvious that these so-called antisystems are not opposed to anything but wind. 

There is no longer any shame for them to say against the system, although they are often at the very heart of the system: former students of ENA type schools, career politicians and even bankers at the Rothschilds for Macron

They represent all the interests of the ruling class and consequently none of them is of course able to oppose the main representative of the rise of fascism Marine Le Pen, also another "antisystem" which has as a simple legacy a political party and being born into a rich family to aces in a house in Saint-Cloud.


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