Monday, April 24, 2017

Once Burnt Twice Shy ? Russia's Support for Fascist National Front

Democracy and Class Struggle says you have only to watch RT or read Sputnik to see evidence of Putin's Kremlin's media support for Marine Le Pen.

The RT  denials of support for Marine Le Pen are not plausible however many times they point to a Chris Hedges or Lee Camp their resident house Leftists to show they are unbiased.

It appears as we have said before that Russia has learnt nothing from the Trump catastrophe and might stupidly be attempting a re-run in France - Lavrov's speech to Russian Military in Moscow normalising Le Pen was more confirmation if that was needed.

We know there are many people in Russia against this policy - they need to speak out in the names of those millions of Russians that died fighting Fascism in Europe.

The message is clear in 2017 Putin is no Lenin and plays with both sides of the street extreme right and left. - he is a critic of Lenin and his accomplishments - see video below.

Before the Russian Central Bank withdrew its license to the First Czech Russian Bank it had lent the National Front 9 million euros in 2014. 

In the same year, party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen’s political fund Cotelec received another 2 million-euro loan from a Russian-backed fund based in Cyprus, news website Mediapart reported. 

Saint Just said Cotelec helped fund the party’s 2015 regional campaign.

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