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PCM Italy fully supports and supports the boycott of the elections that the PCM of France is carrying out in various forms, mainly in the lower-income neighborhoods.

PCM Italy fully supports and supports the boycott of the elections that the PCM of France is carrying out in various forms, mainly in the lower-income neighborhoods.

The elections in France take place in the context of the rise of modern fascism which sees as a sword Marine Le Pen, combining the traditional fascist line with a wave reactionary populist anti-immigration.

This campaign during these elections finds favorable ground in the crisis  of the corruption of the parliamentary parties

In the years of government of Holland and the "socialists",  power is discredited and is the easy target of the Le Penist demagogy.

The forces of the government and the opposition of the same kind are divided, even if they say essentially the same things.

The right of the government, after a confused internal battle, ended up naming - to the great disgrace of Sarkozy-Fillon as candidate representing the same interests, but who "stumbled" in the family clientelist policy.

On the left fell one after the other the candidates of Holland, and the emergence of  those not quite in line with Holland;

That represented by the young politician in ascension, Macron, strongly linked to the employers' organizations and determined to gain the voting sectors of the middle and petty bourgeoisie.

In Macron we owe the law on precariousness, which later became Labor Law, and is the nearest candidate to Renzi in Italy.

(Renzi is currently in decline after the defeat in the referendum, which wants Win both the Democratic Party conference and the upcoming elections with a Macron program, image and line, taking into account the importance that Macron is not the "French Renzi", as Renzi aspires to Perhaps the "Macron Italian", especially in the event Macron wins the election).

The official candidate of the Socialist Party is Hamon who won, with some surprise, the primaries, while trying to distance himself from Holland and the brutal fall of the Socialist Party.

Hamon, although he was also a statesman, tried to be approved and admired as a "young and modern" socialist, closer to a Vendola than a Bersani. But this characterization has become weak in the face of the strong interests defended by the Socialist Party and Holland itself, and these forces will eventually converge on Macron and not on Hamon.

For this, beyond the polls it is difficult to think of a solution other than a second round between Le Pen and Macron.

At the extreme left, beyond the traditional "national candidates" of the NPA and LO whose main interests are self-propaganda and the preservation of its members and sympathizers, and whose real line in the general struggle depends on the positioning by the ballot paper, there is the advance of the Left Front of Mélenchon, which, over the years has been transformed, with a parliamentary activity which has accepted to place itself in the general interest of the " French imperialism (see support for anti-terrorist laws), and with the unending crisis of the PCF, the ecologists and even the Socialist Party, met under the banner of the forces of a traditional left, reformist and revisionist, Marxist-Leninists of the PCOF;

A candidate that is increasingly progressing in order to reach and perhaps overtake in voice, the official candidate of the Socialist Party.

In this context, it is clear that there is no "lesser evil". In a state and an imperialist regime within a political system like the one under way, the French electoral system allows for a polarization even more radical than that in Italy, but with a presidential system that allows only alternate committees, Enterprise of the bourgeoisie.

The rise of modern fascism, in its explicit form of Le Pen, can not be combated on the electoral plane. 

To combat it in this form means not to regard as internal the tendency to modern fascism: the police state, the imperialist wars, the national economy, the war economy, and the candidates of the other two sides. Political, tactical and strategic error.

Consequently, the boycott is just and reasonable, not only to make known the strategic vision of the proletariat, the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communists, but also to expose all the forms embodying the tendency of the bourgeoisie and its state , And who can not adapt to the winner of the election.

On certain issues, such as immigration, salary, job protection, presidential candidates can involve the proletarian sectors of the ballot, even those in the struggle, but this can not change the need to assert that on this ground,

The struggle and not the vote is the way forward.

Who does not fight cannot lead to results

PCM of Italy

4th April 2017

Translation By DCS

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