Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hong Kong Protests - The End ?

We support the demand of the people of Hong Kong for more democracy and directly electing the chief executive.

However we are also aware that the Hong Kong people are being used by their local Hong Kong capitalist oligarchs, supported by US and British Imperialism.

These local capitalist oligarchs who do not wish to lose out to the capitalist princeling pigs from the mainland and are rallying the Hong Kong masses to their cause.

We must expose this inter capitalist fight and promote the class struggle for socialism in Hong Kong.

We must promote the mass line and not populism

We oppose the populism of the Oligarchs like Jimmy Lai and uphold the mass line of the democracy of the people.

The popular movement must fight neo liberalism and free market economy and not promote it has some in the Hong Kong populist movement do today.

Students carrying the old Hong Kong Flag with the Imperialist Union Jack at protests is a symptom of the confusion created by the likes of OTPOR Canvass and George Soros and Pierre Omidyar and their Hong King clones.

Chinese NGO operatives funded by the US National Endowment  for Democracy  and the National Democratic Institute should be excluded from any genuine people's movement.

Hong Kong Populists are trying to direct the people's movement towards capitalist imperialist ends rather than that of democracy and socialism and social justice.

We must firmly reject the house slave mentality of some Hong Kong Chinese towards Imperialism - we represent the Chinese anti imperialists led by our late Chairman Comrade Mao Zedong.

We must combat the enemy within, the Hong Kong Oligarchs as well the Bureaucrat capitalists from China.

The principal enemy is always at home.

We must expose the anti socialist, anti communist populism and promote democracy and class struggle not just for Hong Kong people but also for all China people who should have their mayors elected not appointed.

No to appointments by Beijing bureaucrat capitalists yes to Chinese mass democracy.

The People of China and Hong Kong should wage the same brotherly struggle against bureaucrat capitalism and neoliberalism .

That will not happen if the  Hong Kong democracy movement becomes a proxy for western imperialism - we need a mass line of democracy and class struggle in Hong Kong not populism.

The people of Hong Kong and China must unite - they need to reject the pseudo democracy of both of the capitalist oligarchic clans in Hong Kong and the bureaucrat capitalists In Beijing

The political idea of the mass line and mass democracy of Mao Zedong will outlast all his neo liberal critics.

Above all we need Marxism Leninism Maoism has our guiding ideology and leading light.


Statement from Democracy and Class Struggle

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