Monday, December 1, 2014

Nepal: Secret meeting of Chand supporters decides to lead "rebellion" Plus Press Conference

                                                            Netra Bikram Chand

KATHMANDU, NOV 30 – A secret meeting of CPN-Maoist dissenters led by party Secretary Netra Bikram Chand concluded on Saturday with a decision to form a new party to lead another “rebellion”.

The four-day meeting held in Chitwan has decided to name the party as CPN (Maoist), said leaders who attended the meeting. CPN (Maoist) was the party led by UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal during the decade-long ‘people’s war’.

The Chand faction last week severed its ties with the party establishment, calling Chairman Mohan Baidya “incapable” of leading the party and class struggle ahead.

The leaders said that it would be a few more weeks before an official announcement of the new party. They are planning for a general convention next month to finalise the party’s guiding principle, organisational structure and strategies.

The meeting has formed a seven-member committee under Chand to decide new party’s political doctrine, immediate and future strategy.

Other members of the committee include Khadga Bahadur Bishwokarma, Dharmendra Bastola, Santosh Budamagar, Tilak Pariyar and Ishwori Dahal. Chand’s document talks of going for another armed rebellion in a long run with the help of rural peasants and urban working class, said leaders.

The party plans to take its activities in “semi-underground” manner forming parallel local bodies and paramilitary structure at the local level. “

The decisions of the meeting will be made public on Monday,” said CC member Sudip Malla, without divulging details. Khadga Bahadur Bishwokarma had last week told the Post that the party would also raise the demand of all-party conference, originally raised by the CPN-Maoist, for the timely promulgation of new constitution.

He said the party would not accept the constitution promulgated through the Constituent Assembly, ruling out suggestions that they were to indulge in underground activities immediately.

Baidya confirms Chand’s release On Saturday, CPN-Maoist Chairman Baidya officially confirmed that Chand had been released from the party.
At press conference in the Capital on Saturday, Baidya insisted that Chand had decided to “divorce” with the party for power instead of genuine ideological differences as the latter had claimed.

He said the Chand faction disassociated with the party after a failed “bargain” for the leadership.

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First Draft Summary of speech

Netra Bikram Chand  saying no instant armed struggle - unless attacked or suppressed.

Said that state must be overhauled, its admin, its army and judiciary.

If not then dual power would be revived.

Main enemies compradors and bourgeois capitalists - esp NC & UML.

Ready to struggle/sacrifice for national sovereignty.

Accused Cashist leaders of corruption.

Where was Rs 4 billion for ex-combatants? Said siphoned off by Dahal.

Also going to inform UN of reneging on CPA by the status quo. 

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