Friday, December 19, 2014

Morocco : Hunger Strikes in jails of the Moroccan reactionary State : Solidarity actions needed NOW !


Democracy and Class Struggle calls for solidarity actions with our Moroccan Comrades - our brothers and sisters in struggle.

Protest to your Moroccan Embassy on behalf of our brave comrades in Moroccan prisons.

The fate of the comrades in Morocco is also our fate - we are one struggle for Marxism Leninism Maoism and they are our proletarian family - protest now - free our comrades.

Long Live Marxism Leninism Maoism

The communist movement in  Morocco, undergoes, for several decades, the blows of reaction

The Moroccan State  carries out  either abductions, night of murders or imprisonment  repetitively, almost daily militants of revolutionary left who are fighting for the popular democratic revolution. 

It is in this context for the arrest of a group of fellow Marxists - Leninist - Maoists - comrades who now constitute a real danger against the reactionary class in power.

By the struggles that they are involved with the masses, with the masses students and with all Proletarians.

This danger to the power also comes from the fact that these comrades defend and apply the ideology of the proletariat developed at its highest level: Namely, Marxism - Leninism - Maoism.

Some of these fellow inmates ( 4 of the 6 still in detention ) commence regular hunger strikes as a weapon inside the  prisons, to turn these into a bastion of fighting  against the reaction.

These strikes are mainly conducted to denounce the conditions of detention of comrades and to secure their rights violated.

Who are these comrades?

Aziz Elkhalfaoui was arrested on 04.09.2014. his case is still in progress: No sentence was pronounced against to this day. This is a pure political trial.

This comrade  was the head of the mass movement of the 20 february and the masses of student Marrakech.

This is a an authentic communist and has been one of the leaders of the student movement Moroccan Marxist - Leninist - Maoism

He leads a hunger strike since 03.12.2014 in the prison in Marrakech.

Rédouane el Aadimi was arrested too on 04.09.2014. his case is still in progress:

No sentence was pronounced and is one of the activists of the trend students of the democratic path basiste maoist of Marrakech.

He has actively participated in the reconstruction of this trend ideological, political, and organizational.

That this person have received a blow in the year 2008. these two comrades are waging a Hunger strike for several reasons:

* to lift the isolation in which they find themselves.
* to restore the right to visit their families.
* for the acceleration of their trial.
* to wrest the authorization to pursue their studies.
* so that they can benefit from the library of the prison.
* to denounce daily harassment of prison guards.
* to denounce the ban their is made for the use of phones in the prison In order to be able to communicate with their families.

The health of these comrades is worsening day by day.

Comrade Elkhalfaoui was taken last monday in a hospital, outside of the prison, While he was in a coma. It is suffering, in addition, acute pain in the stomach -  accompanied by diarrhoea and blood loss. In addition, it is no longer able to speak or to move. Finally, it should be noted that the comrade has asthma.

Rédouane el Aadimi, too, began a hunger strike since 03.12.2014., he Suffers from acute pain in the head and can no longer either move or speak . finally, it should be noted that these two mates are threatened to be thrown to the cachot s ' They are toiling in their hunger strike. After several days of hunger strike, two other comrades imprisoned in the prison of Tiznit, South of Morocco, have joined them in this hunger strike:

Aziz Elbour is one of them. This comrade has - as for him - was arrested on 15.02.2014 and sentenced to 3 Years imprisonment. He was also activist in the trend student democratic path basiste maoist of Marrakech.

He began a hunger strike open since the 10.12.2014 in solidarity with his comrades of Marrakech and also to claim his right to continue his studies. This comrade had already begun with his comrades Emouden, Elmskini, Talhaoui, several hunger strikes:

One in solidarity with Georges Ibrahim Abdallah ; another in solidarity with the uprising of the people in Turkey last year ; another still in solidarity with the people's movement and the political prisoners in Morocco.

Because of these hunger strikes repeated, his state of health is becoming catastrophic, and it has already been transferred to the hospital several times.

Mohamed Elmouden was arrested on 15.02.2013 ; he was sentenced to 3 years prison  It is one of the leaders of the trend students of democratic path basiste maoist of Marrakech.

This is the second time he gets arrested because of his activism.

It will start a new hunger strike on friday 19.12.2014 in solidarity with the comrades of Marrakech.

He also has already commenced a number of hunger strikes with his group of 10.

These comrades will constitute the  solid core as a rock of the reactionary regime could not break. These are militants Marxist - Leninist - Maoists.

Their only purpose is to advance the revolutionary process at the highest point in order to solve the contradictions. The difficulty that exists between the alliance révolutionary against the alliance of dominant classes.

The activists are among the best communist activists in Morocco.

This is why it is the duty of each and all of the support by all means.

Solidarity is our weapon. It should be in used

Long live the proletarian solidarity!

Long live the international  and Moroccan revolution !

Long Live Marxism Leninism Maoism !

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