Friday, December 12, 2014

India: Maoists snoop on cop, find nexus with mafia

KOCHI: Police tapping phones of Maoists and their supporters is well known. But, Maoists tapping the phone of police and acknowledging the same is unusual.
Kattuthee (Wildfire) a clandestine information bulletin of the alleged armed squads of CPI (Maoist) operating in the Western Ghats region including Kerala has published a transcript of a conversation between a police official in Wayanad and private money lender.
The bulletin claimed that the technical wing of the Kabani Dalam had tapped the phone. Incidentally, the conversation is that of a police official of Vellamunda police station in Wayanad, the scene of exchange of fire between ultras and a team of anti-Maoist commandos of the police few days ago.
The conversation published with the headline ‘Operation Kubera: A Fraud’, the police official was heard saying to the money lender identified as Nassar that there was an order to conduct a raid against him.
Nassar, then asked the police official whether he should talk to the higher ups in police. But the official told the money lender not to do it and said that the higher ups had directed him to keep some papers with him. On asked whether it would create a problem, the official said nothing to worry in the long run.
The Bulletin asked all people to unite for the elimination of the private money lenders known popularly as ‘Blade Mafia’. It had also asked people to report complaints to the Maoist Dalam or activists.

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