Friday, December 19, 2014

Nepal : Next Front denounces Biplav has Focoist and propagator of the "Cuban Revolution"

Democracy and Class Struggle will intensify its study of the new Nepalese Maoist Party to see whether this criticism has any validity.

These days Nepalese Maoist Movement is facing some unexpected obstacles. Prachanda-Baburam have abandoned the path of New Democratic Revolution and they are exercising ”peaceful transformation”. Netra Bikram Chanda ‘Biplav’, with his band, has left the CPN-Maoist, and has formed another party.

He is pleading the ”Theory of Unified Revolution”. He has abandoned the path of New Democratic Revolution and has taken the path of Che and Debray that is Focoism.

He use to take the name of armed struggle, but not the Maoist People’s War.

He has lost his faith in Proletarian class and pleads —that the role of urban Middle Class will be vital for the Nepalese revolution.

In fact, Biplav has abandoned the Maoist Road and has taken the road to ”Cuban Revolution”.

Now he is bargaining for the power sharing in the reactionary government.

No matter, in the name of the revolution, Biplav band has taken the road to Armed Revisionism.

We urge our well wishers and Fraternal Party and Organisations to study the role and activities of Biplav minutely…

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Anonymous said...

This observation by the Next Front once again shows the confusion in Nepal, and that it is imperative for the revolutionaries of Nepal to take up the New Synthesis of Communism by Bob Avakian.