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May Maoism Go On to Take Command of the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution! IMPOSE MAOISM AS THE ONLY COMMAND AND GUIDE OF THE WORLD PROLETARIAN REVOLUTION! PCP-Central Committee

Democracy and Class Struggle has published a number of documents on the 3rd of December on Peru and Marxism Leninism Maoism - this article from the PCP Central Committee contrasts with the last 3rd of December article on Peru also said to come from PCP Central Committee. I think comrades can easily see which is genuine revolutionary line. Democracy and Class Struggle welcome's contributions on the two line struggle in Peru.

“In the midst of a complex system of wars of all types, imperialism and world reaction will fall and socialism will rise; accordingly, the revolution and the counterrevolution are conscious that only through war the political changes are defined.”
 “The proletariat generates a political apparatus: the Communist Party, totally opposed and different from all the other parties, with the objective of taking political power; that is how Marx defined it. 

Lenin established the characteristics of the Party of the new type, combating the undermining influence of the old revisionism that generated bourgeois workers’ parties based on the workers’ aristocracy, the union bureaucracy, parliamentary cretinism, and adapted to the present order. 

Chairman Mao Tsetung developed the construction of the Party around the gun and put forward the construction of the three instruments. 

Chairman Gonzalo established the thesis of the militarization of the Communist Parties and the concentric construction of the three instruments.”
International Line

The Communist Party of Peru develops the revolution in Peru as a part of the world proletarian revolution applying the International Line. We consider that it is necessary to start from our Maoist principles in order to solve new problems in this stage of the world revolution, the strategic offensive.

 It is an urgent necessity that the Communist Parties firmly uphold and apply our ideology of today; there are problems of understanding concerning the fundamental point of Maoism: the power, the conquest and defence of the power for the class; the new power is born and sustained through the barrels of the guns, and it is furthermore subject to the fluidity of the people’s war as the military theory of the proletariat.

Another point is the construction of the militarized Communist Parties. The Party is the vanguard of the proletariat for initiating and leading the people’s war. The struggle against revisionism is another issue that we think is necessary to discuss; the new brand of revisionists put forward that the new power can coexist with the old reactionary power, according to Prachanda who sold out the revolution in Nepal.

Other revisionists attempt to revise our ideology of the proletariat, looking for the good in bourgeois ideologies, supposedly “distilling” them, in order to adapt them to the new stage of strategic defensive, proclaimed loudly by Avakian, Öcalan and others. All of them converge in sowing capitulation and dragging the communist parties to elections, invoking new conditions, thus renouncing our Maoist principles. Revisionist leaders who have run away repeatedly from the debates put forward by the PCP and through the contacts with the MPP.

The development of a correct handling of the two line struggle within the Communist Parties, that have initiated or are going to initiate people’s war, is important. The red faction must unmask and crush contrary lines; the communists must prove their condition by upholding, defending and applying Maoism. We communists must grasp the slogan May Maoism Go On to Take Command of the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution!

We call the Peruvian people and the world to grasp the masterful Speech of Chairman Gonzalo, which serves as a combat weapon to understand the international situation and the tasks it demands of the communists, to fulfill pending tasks.


Chairman Gonzalo starts from Lenin’s thesis to judge the situation in the world: “Imperialism’s economic relations constitute the core of the entire international situation as it now exists. Throughout the twentieth century, this new, highest and final stage of capitalism has fully taken shape” and from the fact that the distinction between oppressing and oppressed countries is a distinctive trait of imperialism.

Therefore, to see the present situation we cannot start from the fundamental contradiction of capitalism, because we are in its highest and last phase, imperialism.
The international situation reaffirms what Chairman Gonzalo and the PCP established concerning the crisis of imperialism, concerning the collusion and struggle between the imperialist powers, concerning the plans for capitulation and revisionist “peace accords”.

The plan of yankee imperialism is to maintain the exploitation and misery in the oppressed nations and incorporate Russia and Eastern Europe to prolong its hegemony as sole gendarme.
We see the same contestants as in the 1st and 2nd World wars, yankee imperialism is unfolding more than a hundred wars through its Special Operations Command. Their “experts” emphasize that Moscow, New Delhi and Peking are about to create a new world order.

The deployment of yankee military forces is to encircle and swallow Russia and China using the masses as the arena of combat.

Andrew Bacevich Turse, a retired colonel of the U.S. Army, says: “the utilization of Special Operations forces during the Obama years has decreased military accountability, strengthened the ‘imperial presidency,’ and set the stage for a war without end.”.

The government of the genocidal Obama is killing en masse with missile and chemical weapons bombardments against the peoples of Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, and Syria.

Timothy Gatto, in the portal “The People’s Voice”, says: "the wars we [the U.S.] have been fighting in the Middle East have been for resources, mostly oil. When something happens in other parts of the World that are devoid of resources, we invariably ignore it",“If the country isn't in a strategic area, or it has no resources we want, we ignore whatever is happening there”.

The head of the headquarters of the Armed Forces of Iran, Hasan Firuzabadi, says: “The takfiri group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is a trick of the regime in Israel (and of the U.S.), trying to create a safe margin for the Zionists. The ISIL terrorists, with the support of the Israeli airforce, have attacked several locations in Syria in 2013-14”. Concerning this point, keep in mind that McCain led a meeting in Syria in May 2013.

In the Middle East the reactionary world press promotes the formation of an international coalition against the Islamic Emirate, a runt created by yankee imperialism with the objective of destabilizing the whole Middle East, expel the people of Gaza, ethnical genocide in Iraq, the creation of a pro-yankee government in Syria as the antechamber to the new redivision of the world.

The international situation is sharpened with the economic crisis of imperialism, deepened in 2008 with the plans of the “emerging new world order” (BRICS) and principally with the struggle of the peoples that develop in the oppressed nations, that has exacerbated the collusion and struggle of the imperialist powers.

In this situation yankee imperialism tries to prevent the initiation of people’s wars in the world, trying to restrain and derail the people’s wars initiated in Peru, India, Philippines, Turkey with the help of the revisionists; to prevent the triumph of the proletarian revolution and the development of earth-shaking cultural revolutions that continue the sweeping away of imperialism from the face of the Earth.

Concretely, they desperately fear that Maoism goes on to take command of the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution, in an armed sea of masses led by Communist Parties. European experts predict that the humanitarian expenses in the world will rise to 18 000 millions of dollars for 2014. They continue with their policy of making trouble and failing.

Facing this situation, we reaffirm ourselves in upholding the omnipotence of the revolutionary war, that is the people’s war, as the highest military theory of the proletariat, outlined by Chairman Mao and that must be specified to each type of country, be they imperialist or backward countries. Thus, the world people’s war is the correct response that serves to prevent the imperialist war, or if this becomes a fact, transforming it into people’s war. But as communists we wage war to destroy the war through the war and establish the “lasting peace”.


The Communist Movement has made way in struggle against the positions of the bourgeoisie in the bosom of the proletarian movement. Marx and Engels fought Bakunin, Dühring and others. Lenin fought and crushed the revisionism of Kautsky, Bernstein, Plechanov that emerged from the 2nd International. Comrade Stalin fought the revisionism of Trotsky and his henchmen. Chairman Mao fought against the restoration of capitalism in the USSR, against Khruschev’s revisionism, against the revisionist thesis of “peaceful coexistence”, the revisionism of Teng, Liu, Lin Piao, Tito, Thorez, Togliatti. It was Chairman Mao who led two great milestones of the world proletarian revolution: the Chinese revolution in 1949 and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-1976).

In this process it was Chairman Gonzalo as Great Leader of the Party and the Revolution, and of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru, who in hard struggle carried out the reconstitution of the Party in 1970, defining Maoism as the new, third and higher stage of Marxism; that had repercussions in the RIM, which assumed Maoism in spite of the opposition from the expert sophist Avakian from the RCP.

Facing the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo and the inflexion in the Party, a ROL was structured, led and nursed by CIA agents, who organized in the prisons, preparing them to lay the foundations for the “4th stage of the Party”, renouncing the people’s war, and calling for handing over the weapons and the People’s Committees like Prachanda did later, proclaiming that there are no conditions, that we are in the strategic defensive, among other nonsense belonging to their parliamentary cretinism.

            Today the PCP, maintaining the course of the revolution in spite of not having the Great Leadership close, and confronting the inflexion, continues in its development and advance, being forged in its all-out struggle against revisionism, combating all capitulation here in Peru and on the international level combating the new revisionism of Avakian and Prachanda, and the capitulationism of Öcalan and others.

So the black heads are outlined, they are the new standard bearers that attempt to revise Maoism, raising the black banners of capitulation; they have become the promoters of yankee imperialism, for it to continue as world gendarme. It is up to the revolutionary organizations to implacably bombard the headquarters of revisionism; we communists march forward over this pus.

The Communist Parties of the world must assume their condition in this period; this must be concretized in initiating and developing the world people’s war. The people’s war in Peru, India, Philippines, Nepal and Turkey has developed in an uneven way.

This whole ardent struggle of communists, of the peoples’ heroism, as well as the spilled blood of its best sons and daughters, shows clearly to the world that the proletariat struggles ceaselessly for its emancipation; we communists have the obligation to firmly hold on to and start from our principles to command The New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution! led by MAOISM, crushing the banners of capitulation and peace accords.

In the PCP we start from what Chairman Mao established concerning the need to build the three instruments of the revolution: Party, Army and United Front interrelatedly. It was Chairman Mao who solved the construction of the three instruments in a backward, semifeudal and semicolonial country, through the people’s war. Concretely, the construction of the Party around the gun, and that it is the heroic combatant that leads its own construction, that of the Army and of the Front.

We firmly apply the militarization of the Communist Parties and the concentric construction of the three instruments. The militarization of the Communist Parties is a political guideline that has strategic content, being the “whole of the transformations, changes and adjustments that are necessary to lead the people’s war as the main form of struggle that creates the new state”; therefore the militarization of the Communist Parties is the key to the democratic, the socialist and the cultural revolutions.

On the ideological-political base, the Party simultaneously builds the organizational, in the midst of the class struggle and the two line struggle, all within and serving the armed struggle for the conquest of power, and we link the whole process of construction to the fluidity of the people’s war, starting from the fact that “fluidity in the war and in our territory produces fluidity in all fields of construction in our base areas” as Chairman Mao says.

We consider that it must be built in this way because we are in the strategic offensive of the world proletarian revolution; we are experiencing the sweeping away of imperialism and reaction from the face of the Earth in the next 50 to 100 years, an epoch characterized by violence, in which all kinds of wars are expressed. We see how the imperialists and all the reactionaries are militarizing more and more, militarizing the old states, their economy, developing wars of aggression, trafficking with the struggles of the peoples and aiming for a new world war, but since revolution is the principal tendency in the world, the task of the Communist Parties is to uphold the revolution and realize the main form of struggle: the people’s war, to oppose the counterrevolutionary world war with revolutionary world war.
We must ward off the capitalist restoration.

When the bourgeoisie loses power it introduces itself inside the Party, uses the army and tries to usurp the power, destroy the dictatorship of the proletariat to restore capitalism.

Therefore, the Communist Parties must militarize themselves and exercise the all-embracing dictatorship of the three instruments, forge themselves in the people’s war and strengthen the armed organization of the masses, the people’s militia, so that it may swallow the army.

Therefore, every militant is forged in the people’s war and against every attempt at restoration.

We would like to reiterate that we are marching towards a militarized society. Militarizing the Party we realize a step towards the militarization of society, which is the strategic perspective for guaranteeing the dictatorship of the proletariat. The militarized society is the armed sea of masses that Marx and Engels talked about, which protects the conquest and the defense of the conquered power.

We take the experience of the Chinese revolution, of the anti-japanese base in Yenan, which was a militarized society where everything came from the mouths of the guns, Party, army, state, new politics, new economy, new culture. And thus develop war communism.

In conclusion, the Communist Party is the vanguard of the proletariat for initiating or leading the people’s war, taking the Party as the axis of everything to build around it the army, and with these instruments, with the masses in people’s war, build around both of them the new state. That the militarization of the Party can only be carried forward through concrete actions of class struggle, concrete military actions. This does not mean that we only realize, exclusively, military actions of different types (guerrilla actions, sabotage, selective annihilations, armed propaganda and agitation), but that we must principally develop these forms of struggle to encourage and develop the class struggle instructing it with doctrine through actions, in these types of actions as forms of the principal struggle of the people’s war.

The Party, as has been established since Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao, has the objective of conquering the power and defending it, and is inseparably linked to the people’s war, be it to initiate it, develop it or waging it to defend itself; a Party sustained by the masses, be it by the people’s war itself as a war of the masses or by the United Front which, being a front of classes, is based on the majority of the masses.

A Communist Party is not for going to elections and governing to exploit the people with old reactionary state sustained by the reactionary armed forces like Prachanda and Öcalan peddle; the new state comes from and is sustained by the guns, the joint democracy does not come from parliament.

The PCP is forged in the struggle against revisionism since its foundation.

Concerning revisionism we stress that it is the outpost of the bourgeoisie in the ranks of the proletariat, and that to fight imperialism one must fight revisionism, since they are two sides of the same coin. Lenin emphasizes that revisionism aims to divide the union movement and the political movement of the proletariat and that it generates the split in socialism.

In times of revolution new organizations must be made, we must set up clandestine apparatuses for the mass work. Therefore the heads of revisionism have been defined and their positions unmasked.

We categorically reject those who put forward that the masses do not want the revolution or that the masses would not support the people’s war. The problem is not in the masses, because they are ready to rebel, but in that the Communist Parties assume their duty to lead them to rise up in arms.

We combat and separate ourselves from those positions that today argue for the “accumulation of forces”, that put forward calmly bringing the masses together through the use of the so-called “democratic spaces” or the use of legality; an accumulation of forces that does not correspond to this moment of the international and national class struggle, there is no room for it in the type of democratic revolution that we unfold, and in the socialist revolution it would have other characteristics since we are in a revolutionary situation in uneven development in the world.

We are against and we condemn the opportunist positions of bringing the masses to tail behind the big bourgeoisie, for the road of elections or for armed action under the command of a superpower or power.

The Central Committee emphasizes the decisive importance of maintaining the course until our final goal. Therefore we have considered it necessary to specify concerning these points and continue the debate in order to embody our proletarian ideology. The International Communist Movement will be built in the midst of people’s wars and struggle against revisionism.

Finally, once more we call all the communists and revolutionaries of the world to maintain the course of the people’s war, to denounce and crush the plans of reaction and imperialism, and to demand the public presentation of Chairman Gonzalo, live and direct. We reaffirm ourselves in the call of our Great Leadership, to continue the people’s war, to culminate the democratic revolution, conquer the power in the whole country and continue until our final goal Communism.





September 2014
PCP-Central Committee

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