Monday, January 30, 2017

Lawrence Wilkerson : Why the Republicans are divided on Russia and to what ends the Trump administration might go to justify war with Iran

Democracy and Class Struggle agree's with Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson on Trump manufacturing a false flag incident or false intelligence to launch an attack on Iran by the United States.

We find Russia Today in the fever grip of  the Trump delusion that is getting progressively worse in 2017 and will end terribly badly for all concerned.

Russians for Trump (RT) - its house leftists are no more than a fig leaf for network increasingly resembling  Alex Jones Info Wars - where illusions and delusions flow freely.

Democracy and  Class Struggle are Russophiles not Russophobes and we sense real danger.

The real dangers of regime change in Venezuela promoted by Trump are ignored.

The US support of Israel and the implications of moving US Embassy to Jerusalem and the covert work to launch an attack on Iran basically ignored.

That leaves aside the South China Sea problems with US and the miltarization of Japan. 

We have not lived in such dangerous times since the Cuban missile crisis when there were rational people in the White House - Today we have an unstable and erratic Trump who will stiff Russia before his morning coffee as he has done to his "friends" before and RT turns into his PR machine.