Sunday, January 22, 2017

China US relations the Dark Cloud of 2017

Democracy and Class Struggle see the China talk in the video above of positive balance in US China relations is idealist neo Confucian nonsense.

If you want a materialist realist analysis of US China relations you are more likely to find it in People's Liberation Daily and the Chinese military-  not in this wet dry diplomacy above which is quite frankly nonsense.

There are real material contradictions between Chinese bourgeoisie and US bourgeoisie and they have been apparent since 2011 since Obama's speech on the Asian Pivot - this contractions cannot be contained any more.

Trump is even talking about meeting the Dalai Lama - it is not just Taiwan -- or even North Korea - the Chinese bourgeoisie have never been good at protecting China's National interests - it is time for a real Marxist Leninist Maoist communist movement to come forward in China and to demonstrate its militancy at the forthcoming 19th Party Conference in October 2017.

You do not show neo Confucian weakness to Trump but strength the only thing Trump respects - the American People know that - so should the Chinese.