Sunday, January 15, 2017

Naval Warfare : China Expands its Amphibious Capabilities - Russian Ekranoplan Fleet of Future

US Naval Hegemony will face asymmetric Naval challenges from China and Russia and also Iran and North Korea in future.

But don't forget the Japanese Navy !!!!


A Costly Victory for United States posited in China US War Scenario Video above  - this without a full scale land invasion which would be even more costly for US.

China can be militarily defeated my times but eventually would recover and be the winner - exactly what Lee Kuan Yew said about Taiwan if China invaded Taiwan she might be defeated two or three times but eventually would win.

If US military has any sense of history even militarily defeating China would not constitute victory - it took China some hundred plus years to recover from humiliations and defeats of 19th Century but eventually China would rise to fight again.

PS : When US Military re -run the Battle of Stalingrad in their war gaming Germany wins - they forget that war outcomes are determined by people - in Stalingrad by the Russian People under Communist Leadership.

Do no underestimate what the Chinese People could achieve if called upon to fight for their country.