Saturday, January 14, 2017

China, Russia, US Tensions - China & Russia warn of unspecified countermeasures against the US’ deployment of THAAD in South Korea

Democracy and Class Struggle see the Kissinger Trump Foreign Policy and the THAAD deployment unifying China Russia and North Korea.

The contradictions between China, Russia and North Korea has exercised western intelligence and Foreign relations analysts like Kissinger who guides Trump for some time.

However exploiting contradictions between China Russia and North Korea - the Kissinger Trump Foreign policy wet dream - will have the opposite effect of unifying them.

That strategic unification of China, Russia and North Korea will require some cleansing in Moscow of foreign relations "experts" who have been spreading illusions and are even  deluded about Trump and Kissinger.

Beijing has  some similar "experts" but they are much smaller in number and tend not to make their views public.

The Annual US/South Korean mock military and nuclear attacks on North Korea must be ended before any conversations can be opened up with North Korean leadership.