Thursday, January 26, 2017

USA : The Protests in US against Trump - Trump's Orders Against Refugee's stirs the conscience and builds movements against Trumps Executive Order

Build Bridges not Walls - for Full Spectrum Opposition to Trump

Christopher Gunderson wrote:

Trump's Executive Order targets travelers from seven Muslim countries, supposedly to protect the US from terrorism. Interestingly, It would not have stopped any of the 19 September 11 hijackers as they were from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE. 

It would not have stopped the couple who carried out the San Bernardino mass shooting. She was from Pakistan and he was from Chicago. Nor would it have stopped the shooter at the Prism Nightclub in Orlando. He was born in New York. His parents were from Afghanistan. 

The shoe bomber was British. The underwear bomber was from Nigeria. The Fort Hood shooter was American.

As far as I can tell not one attack or attempted attack in the US was carried out by anyone from the targeted countries. The Buffalo Six, all from Yemen, who plead guilty to attending an Al Qaeda training camp but we're not charged with involvement in any planned action, are the only case associated with any of the countries target by Trump' order.