Thursday, January 19, 2017

USA: 100 Days of Resistance Starts with the Inauguration of Trump

Democracy and Class Struggle says we must take advantage of Trump-  the transparently ugly face of US imperialism who uses smoke and mirrors deception in foreign and domestic policies.

We to must expose the lying right - we quote Norman Finkelstein who said we must learn the language of our enemies, master the facts and destroy their lies.

Trump is a Proto Fascist - a Precursor of American domestic Fascism and limits have to be set on him in first 100 days - resistance later will be harder than resistance NOW !

We need to expose Trump continuities with Obama on deportations not just his smoke and mirrors foreign policy that feigns peace but means WAR.

The new generation in USA must not be defeated like that in 60's and 70's we must learn the lessons and give this new generation in the USA a chance at Liberation.