Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trump's Biggest Donor Firm Bankrolls Israeli Right Extremism plus the Great Illusion of Imperialist Peace

Democracy and Class Struggle says the Oligarchs of the world like Sheldon Adelson  from US to Russia to China are the traitor class - it will become more apparent in 2017 than in previous years when the money interest will clash violently with the national interest.

Trump's deceptive nationalistic words will be tested against reality and found wanting and the Great Illusion of the 21st Century will be shattered.

It is basically the 21st Century Norman Angell Illusion of 1909 that Oligarchs and capitalism would bring peace - Angell argued that war between industrial countries was futile because conquest did not pay.

Capitalism and its final Imperialist form means War as Lenin clearly pointed out in 1916 in his study Imperialism as reality hit home in 1914 -1918 and the Great Illusion was destroyed.