Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump and Militarization of National Security : Machiavellian Trump - prepare for the Bump

Democracy and Class Struggle says study your enemy above and the contradictions within the US State machinery - remember these are enemies of the real American people that are at Standing Rock not just the rest of the World.

Still smoke and mirrors by the showman Trump always watch his actions not his words.

RT and Russia so desperately want to believe in detente with Trump that they buy the Trump smoke and mirrors act  of this all American Showman - even going to far as to sound like a Russian version of Info Wars and become arsebarkers attacking the mass mobilization of women as just being just a Soros funded event rather than a defense of women's rights and planned parenthood against Trump's threat's to women's rights.

There are more realist Russian voices on Trump but you do not see them on RT why ?

Our explanation is that the Russian Oligarchs love their mirror image Donald J Trump. 

Russian proletarians should remember 1917 and the real road to peace is ending Capitalism and Imperialism.