Sunday, January 29, 2017

Steve Bannon's hands all over refugee and migrant executive order : Bannon also placed on National Security Council

Democracy and Class Struggle say the placing of  alt right neo fascist Steve Bannon on the National Security Council should ring alarm bells.

Mass purge of US State Department - Statecraft has come to an end for the time being the military are coming under Bannon's command.

The US Deep State is in civil war.

These are dangerous times.

We are still only days not months into Trump Administration and its real character is quite clear Proto Fascism will give way to Full blown Fascism if Steve Bannon gets the upper hand.

The good news the opposition to Trump is widespread and deep it just needs leadership and organisation and must be full spectrum.

It must also recognize that Obama was a precursor of Trump in the field of immigration control and deportations.

                                        Bannon Alert

Steve Bannon answering question on Putin at Right Wing Human Dignity Institute in the summer of 2014.

“When Vladimir Putin, when you really look at some of the underpinnings of some of his beliefs today, a lot of those come from what I call Eurasianism,” said Bannon. 

“He’s got an adviser [Dugin] who harkens back to Julius Evola and different writers of the early 20th century who are really the supporters of what’s called the traditionalist movement, which really eventually metastasized into Italian fascism. 

A lot of people that are traditionalists are attracted to that"

Certainly Bannon is aware of Dugin but Breitbart and Bannon criticises Putin as a kleptocrat.

There are contradictions between Bannon and Dugin but both are strongly influenced by the neo fascism of Julius Evola and Julius Evola's spiritual racism.

Hence have no illusions about Bannon's Spiritual Neo Fascism and its murderous implications.