Sunday, January 22, 2017

Conversation with Henry Kissinger at Davos - Listen to the Silences - US Imperialist continuity under Trump not rupture

Democracy and Class Struggle listens very carefully to Kissinger because he is instrumental in creating the framework for Trump's Foreign Policy.

Democracy and Class Struggle see Kissinger  forming the continuity of US Imperialist Foreign Policy from Obama to Trump and not a radical rupture - which it is falsely presented as being.

The anti Iran position of Kissinger is not explicit in this interview - it is a silence that needs to be read.

The bringing of Russia into the new world order alongside European Union is conditional on Russia supporting anti Iranian actions and also turning the EU anti Iranian or breaking it up.

The Question of China sees the extension of the Asian Pivot policy to stage two with the questioning one China policy and the militarization of Japan - again continuity not rupture from Obama policy.

The paradoxical role of Xi Jingping as the saviour of "global" capitalism is in contradiction to the more national capitalist views expressed by Trump.

This role of China was anticipated by Minqi Li in his book The Rise of China and the Demise of the Capitalist World-Economy

Kissinger is capable of integrating the two views in his head but integrating them in reality is an altogether different task.

The material contradictions between China and USA are serious and are rooted in reality of different strategic objectives particularly in Asia Pacific and are the type of antagonistic contradictions that can lead to military conflict.

Soft neo Confucian options from China are over - if China wants to avoid the humiliations that a Trump Presidency has in store for China.

We recommend you listen to this Kissinger interview and listen for the silences - this is US Imperialism in a new phase of decline fighting to retain hegemony with all the duplicity it can muster and hence more dangerous than ever.