Wednesday, December 7, 2016

USA: Mad Dog Mattis on delusional Putin and Russia - not quite on the Trump script during the Presidential Election

General Mattis - New US Defense Secretary his views on Russia

His rare public lecture as a civilian featured some of his most expansive views on global security since his retirement in 2013 after leading U.S. Central Command. 

He talked about Russia and Ukraine .

“There is the potential, I believe, that Putin has unleashed forces that he will be personally unable to control,” the former four-star general said.

He raised the possibility that Mr. Putin is “delusional” and “breaks all the rules” 

Democracy and Class Struggle says Trump in domestic policy far from draining the swamp put the foreclosure alligator of Mnuchin in as Treasury Secretary -  with Mattis ( General Dynamics man) he has put another military industrial complex alligator in charge of US Defense (War)  - Trump's words have no real value but his actions speak volumes.

Mattis on Iran and the military option.